PLL Alison Dilaurentis

Ali’s Disapperance Timeline


Alison Dilaurentis Disappearance Timeline



PLL Alison's disappearance timeleine


Before: Alison and ‘A’ exchange messages using the newspaper to arrange a meeting. (2.24)

Before: Mona saw Ali one week before she went missing in Brookhaven. (2.25)



September 1st


Alison was at Hilton Head sharing a room with Ian for the weekend, and Melissa found out and stormed in their room that morning. Alison listened to their conversation from the bedroom and overheard Ian tell Melissa that Ali means nothing to him. Upset Alison copy’s the NAT club videos off of Ian’s computer and leaves. (4.24)

PLL Alison Hilton Head






Alison calls Duncan Albert to come pick her up in his airplane from Hilton Head, SC. He lands in a field nearby Philly. Ali was secretly in town 6 hours before the girls knew. (2.23)


After, Alison checks into the Lost Woods Resort room #1 under the name, “Vivian Darkbloom”. (2.25)


Alison then goes to finally confront ‘A’ on Spruce Street in front of the creepy Doll Hospital in Brookhaven, because of the messages in personal ads. (2.24)


Alison in Brookhaven

At an unknown time Ali was believed to have called the police on a payphone on the junction of Spruce street. (4.14)


Alison visits Jenna at the hospital and shows her the video of her and Toby together and blackmails Jenna into keeping “The Jenna Thing” a secret, stating that if Jenna ever returned to Rosewood, or sends her another text, Alison would bury her. Alison tells Jenna that the video will be kept “under lock and key.” Alison walks out and gets a text from “A”, and Alison realizes Jenna is not “A”. (1.22 & 4.24)

PLL Jenna & Toby video







She then went to buy a storage locker to hide the flash drive with Ian Thomas NAT club videos, including the video of Jenna and Toby, inside one of her old lunch boxes. (1.21)




Alison Disappearance


Alison returns home. The girls are waiting for her as she pulls up in a taxi, thinking she is just returning from her summer vacation at her grandma’s in Georgia. Spencer sees the Hilton Head resort tag on Alison’s luggage. (1.12)

Alison goes home, and opens a gift from her mother containing the infamous yellow top. Alison puts it on, and turns around noticing writing on her mirror in lipstick: “I’m everywhere. And soon, you’ll be nowhere. -A”. (4.24)


She then visits Emily and gives her a snow globe (which had the locker key hidden inside.) Then leaves. (1.21)


Alison has dinner with her family before the sleepover. (2.06)


Mrs. DiLaurentis is upset on the phone with someone (finding out Charlotte and Bethany Young escaped Radley). She says “How could this have happened? Please send someone!”. Alison is about to leave, but her mother tells her she now can’t go. Alison sneaks out with some of her mom’s sleeping pills heading to the sleepover anyways. (1.01)



The Sleepover

PLL Pilot Episode

Alison arrives at Spencer’s barn for their sleepover. (Toby calls Ali but she doesn’t answer. Ali sits down and drugs the girls alcoholic drink in order to eliminate the possibility of them being ‘A’. When the girls fall asleep Ali goes back outside alone. 1.01 & 4.24)


Alison meets up with Toby outside of Spencer’s barn, and borrows his sweater. Toby thanks her for helping him be free of Jenna’s manipulations. (1.10)

Ezra and Alison that night
Then Alison get into a car with Ezra, who is mad because she lied about her age. Ali’s bracelet falls off, she puts it on the other wrist. Ezra ends their relationship and drives away alone. (4.24)


Alison meets with Ian at “the kissing rock”. Alison teases Ian, “I know you want to kiss me.” Ian replies, “Come closer.” A struggle appears to occur, and the camera falls to the ground, Alison’s hand falls into view of the camera and grabs some leaves and dirt, before going limp. Alison then giggles and gets up. Ian kisses her. After the video, Alison threatens Ian with the videos. Ian warns her not to tell anyone, and storms off. (1.13 & 4.24)


Ian and ALison at the kissing rock
Alison goes back to the barn. All the girls are asleep except Spencer. Spencer says “I’ve been waiting for you.” They leave the barn to argue. Alison pressures Spencer to tell Melissa about her and Ian, or she will. Spencer tells Alison that she’s sick of her games, and, “You are dead to me already.” Alison then leaves with Spencer angry trying to go upstairs but Spencer decides to go outside instead of her room. Someone takes a picture of Alison in front of Spencer’s barn, with Spencer’s shadow in the shot. (1.15)


CeCe/Charlotte went to Alison’s house after escaping Radley, and sees Spencer fighting with Alison. (4.21)


Spencer follows Alison, and yells at her to stop walking, and grabs a nearby shovel. Alison tells her to put the shovel down before she hurts herself. She tries to attack Ali but collapses, Spencer’s ADHD pills fall out of her pocket. Spencer begged Ali to not tell anyone. Ali agreed, and sends Spencer back to the barn to sleep. (4.24)


Spencer grabs the shovel while upset with Alison
Melissa watches Spencer and Alison fight and sees Spencer walk away with the shovel. (5.11)


Afterwards Ian arrives at Ali’s house before Ali can get home, and he meets up with Garrett and Jenna who are in Alison’s bedroom looking for the NAT club videos that Ali had stolen. While searching, Melissa arrives distressed and looking for Alison (possibly because she thought Spencer hit Ali). (2.21)


Garrett and Jenna leave Ali’s through her backyard. Alison confronts them, and reminds Jenna of the promise she made about not coming back to Rosewood. Jenna tries to attack Alison but she pushes Jenna who falls over a lawn chair. Jenna grabs a nearby field hockey stick, and goes for Alison but Garrett grabs the stick from Jenna. He then pretends to hit Ali with the field hockey stick, but was really hitting a tree. Jenna asks if she’s dead, and Garrett says he took care of it and the two then run away. (3.13)


A little bit later, Garrett comes back to see if Alison is okay, and is surprised to see her talking to Aria’s father Byron. Alison says “If you don’t pay for your mistakes, how do you become a better person?”. Byron replies, “You say all these grown-up things, yet you’re still a child.” Alison smirks, “You know what I’m capable of.” Garrett makes a noise and the conversation is interrupted. He runs off leaving Alison and Byron wondering who was there. Byron tells Ali he didn’t bring any money. Alison threatens Byron, and he says if Alison tells Ella it will really hurt Aria, and he doesn’t believe she’s that horrible of a person. Alison says he clearly doesn’t know her that well. (3.13 & 3.16)


Byron Montgomery PLL
Byron begins to walk away, and Alison threatens him again saying it’s his last chance to save himself. Byron replies, “Yes it is”. Alison screams back “You made your bed Mr. Montgomery,” (4.24)


Byron turns back and sees Melissa coming out from the DiLaurentis’ back door talking on the phone. She seems upset, and says into the phone, “What do I have to do, call 911 to get your attention?”. Then Byron leaves. (3.16)


Melissa, after walking out of the porch, sees Cece and talks to her, begging her to talk to Ali to get the stolen videos back. Cece left to find Ali. (Cece told Emily 3.20)


S3 What Becomes of the Broken-hearted
Jason Dilaurentis drunk/stoned stumbles out onto his porch. He goes to take a drink from a garden hose, and sees Melissa and Cece talking about something and Cece is seen wearing the same yellow top as Alison. Afterwards, Jason passed back out. (Jason’s flashback 3.19, but in episode 6.10 Charlotte says that Jason possibly saw Bethany instead of her, who was also blonde wearing the same top.)


Sometime after Garrett slipped a note to Jason that said, “I know what you did”, in order to make him believe he hurt Alison, since Jenna thought Garrett had killed her. (2.12)


Alison then goes back to wait in the barn while her friends were sleeping. She waits for a text from ‘A’ but did not get one, so Alison went home, thinking she won because ‘A’ didn’t try to kill her. (4.24)


She then sees her mother angry in the window. Suddenly, her moms anger turned into shock and terror. Alison was then hit behind the head with a rock by Cece/Charlotte and collapsed. The bloody rock fell to the ground, and her mother covered her mouth in horror. (4.24)


Ali’s mom, Jessica Dilaurentis, then buried Alison where the gazebo was being constructed, thinking she was dead. She screamed to CeCe, “What have you done?! What have you done?!” Alison attempts to tell her mom she’s still alive, but cant move due to temporary paralysis. (4.24)


Jessica Dilaurentis burying Alison alive
Charlotte is sitting under a tree, crying as her mother yells at her. She begs her to forgive her, to believe her when she says she thought it was Bethany, not Alison. (6.10)


Some time later, Alison reaches her arm out of the dirt to try and free herself. Mrs. Grunwald (a psychic Alison knew) has a bad feeling and goes to Alison’s backyard, and see’s her hand. She pulls Alison out of the ground, then drives her to a hospital, but Alison runs away when she went inside to get help. (3.24)


Around this same time or after, Bethany Young (who escaped from Radley) wanders onto the DiLaurentis backyard. (6.10) (Bethany possibly talked to Melissa herself, the topic unknown.)


Mona ends up attacking Bethany from behind with the same shovel Spencer had earlier. She’s hit so hard that it makes an indentation on her skull and she falls unconscious next to the gazebo area. (Mona was the original A who wanted to kill Alison, and thought Bethany was Alison when she hit her. 6.10)


Shortly after, Melissa finds her lying facedown with a gash in her head next to the empty grave. Bethany is dressed the same as Alison. She thinks Spencer must of killed her while they were fighting, and to protect her sister, Melissa pushed Bethany into the pit where Alison had been and buries her alive. (5.11)

PLL Who killed Bethany? Mona & Melissa.


Aria, Hanna, and Emily wake up to find Alison and Spencer gone. Spencer then appears and says she has looked everywhere but cannot find Alison and that she thinks she heard a scream (most likely Bethany). (1.01)


After Ali ran away from Mrs. Grunwald, a car pulls up. It’s Mona, who’s very surprised to see Alison alive. She checks Ali into the Lost Woods Resort, as Vivian Darkbloom. She convinces Ali that she needs to fake her death, in order for ‘A’ to leave her alone. Alison is then seen sleeping, and Mona is secretly in her lair, in the next room. (4.24)


The next morning (September 2)

Pretty Little Liars

Mona helps disguise Alison with a dark wig and clothes so she can disappear. Before Alison leaves she gives Mona tips on how to dress, and be the person she wants to be. Alison gets in her car to leave Rosewood. (4.24)




The video below is a video I found on Youtube showing most events of Alison’s disappearance. I thought it was a fun watch and wanted to share with you all! Enjoy.



You know us, we love listing all the details in one page to make PLL as easy as possible… since we all know it can have several storylines running at once! What do you think of Alison’s crazy night? They sure did fit quite a lot in there to try and confuse us right!? Is there anything that needs to be changed or updated? Let us know in the comments below! 


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