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Amazing Pretty Little Liars Fan Art Winners

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Winners announced below!


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the Pretty Little Liars fans who submitted their interest in the Pretty Little Answers March 2016 Social Media PLL fan art & fan edit’s contest! We LOVE the #PLLarmy, each fan is so amazing in their own way, but you are definitely the best group of friends we have ever known! We absolutely love reading through all of your #PLL ideas, theories, and comments! So please, keep them coming! Now, we know you are all just as excited as we are for tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 6b FINALE! So we thought we would help fill your time with some amazing fan art!


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Josi (Insta @Maaya_Kitsune)
who submitted this absolutely amazing fan art of the beautiful Aria Montgomery! We could stare in those big green eyes all day long! Gorgeous!

PLL Fan Art Instagram Maaya_Kitsune
Photo Credit: Instagram @Maaya_Kitsune


Here is another piece of beautiful fan art by @Maaya_Kitsune. This one is for all of the Emison shippers! Alison and Emily sharing a sweet embrace! #ShipGoals #EmisonEndGame

PLL Fan Art Instagram Maaya_Kitsune
Photo Credit: Instagram @Maaya_Kitsune



Thank you to #PLLarmy member Fox (Insta @SanySketches)
who submitted this awesome fan art of our favorite Liars looking at their reflection (look carefully at each reflection for a surprise). Isn’t this just amazing? #LiarsReflect

PLL Fan Art Instagram SanySketches
Photo Credit: Instagram @SanySketches


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Alice (Insta @DrawTheLiar)
who submitted this very artisitic fan art of Aria Montgomery. The image reads, “Two Can Keep A Secret if One of Them is Dead. -A”. We love the design, beauty, and skill put into this beautiful fan art!

PLL Instagram DrawTheLiar
Photo Credit: Instagram @DrawTheLiar


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Alex (Insta @THG.ScreamsFor.PLL)
who submitted this hilarious Season 6b fan edit of our favorite sister’s Melissa and Spencer Hastings! We have to admit this moment was our favorite this season so far! Sorry Spence, we still love you!

PLL Fan Edit THG.ScreamsFor.PLL
Photo Credit: Instagram @THG.ScreamsForPLL



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Again we would like to say a GIGANTIC thank you to every Pretty Little Liars fan that submitted to this contest, or who is a reader of our website! We appreciate you, and can’t wait to see the new finale of Pretty Little Liars tonight so that we can report back to you!! What do you think of the fan art, and fan photo edits on this page? We think they are soooo amazing. Let us know below! Also, if you love any of these images do not forget to follow each of these PLL fans on Instagram!


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  1. “Really. Cause I know how you like to shop out of other people’s carts.”

    This Melissa quote was LOL Hilarious!

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