PLL A's Dollhouse

PLL: A’s Dollhouse

Updated: August 13, 2o15 – This page has been updated each episode that the dollhouse was shown, starting with the Season 5 finale, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, and was last updated after the Charles “A” reveal in the Season 6a finale which aired August 2015.



PLL Dollhouse Clues


“Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Buenos Dias! Please Enter and Follow the Lighted Pathway.”


PLL Dollhouse Location
The Dollhouse is located in Tyler State Park.


“A” kidnaps Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer in “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5×25.  They awake in bedrooms that look nearly identical to their own and we find out that this is a dollhouse made specifically for them. Mona is alive and has been held prisoner in the dollhouse since she went missing, and she is being forced to pretend to be Alison. Alison is still in jail and finally admits to Spencer’s parents that “A” is real, and still a major threat. In the game room Spencer notices a child’s toy blocks that spell out “Charles”. Later “A” makes the Liars re-create the Rosewood High School Prom that had the same theme as Melissa Hastings prom. During the fake prom planning the Liars devise a plan to attempt escaping from the dollhouse, and on the search for a way out Spencer ends up in A’s vault and watches film of Mrs. Dilaurentis with the two toddler boys in a farm called the Campbell Farm where the girls used to go apple-picking. The girls do find a way out but realize they are fenced in an electric fence once they make it outside, and they are literally in the middle of no where. Nothing but trees.


PLL Wren
The Dollhouse – Room Decor “Love Thy Neighbor” – Same saying on a sign at Wren’s house in Season 2.


pll finale season 5
The Dollhouse hallway has a dimly lighted path.


pll welcome to the dollhouse
Mona is alive, but being held prisoner at the dollhouse, and forced to pretend to be Alison.


PLL Dollhouse Clues
In the Dollhouse they have a set “Tea Time”.  (Wren Clue: Wren is from London where tea is the drink of choice.)


PLL Game time
The Dollhouse “Game Room” – In Ep. 2×21 you see a photo with the same green-pink-blue pattern at Wren’s apartment, as the skeleton photo at the top of this photo.


Dollhouse vs Radley
The Dollhouse has board games just like Radley Sanitarium. Episode 3×23 vs. Episode 5×25.


PLL Season 6
A’s “security” room where they’re able to watch any room in the Dollhouse.


PLL Dollhouse Finale 5x25
The Dollhouse “Prom Committee” being watch by “A” on camera.


PLL Finale Mona
Alison’s room in the Dollhouse, where Mona sleeps until Alison’s arrival.


PLL 5x25 Charles Blocks
Blocks seen in the Dollhouse game room that spell out “Charles”.


PLL Charles Prom
The Dollhouse Prom. Why did”A” want to re-create Melissa’s prom? Old boyfriend perhaps?


PLL Charles?
The Dollhouse Prom – Is this Charles Dilaurentis or Wren Kingston?


PLL Dollhouse Secret Room
The Dollhouse. A fake family, and more of the blue-red-green artwork.


PLL DOllhouse
The Dollhouse. “A” and Spencer come face to face. Spencer says s/he seem’s familiar.


PLL Dollhouse
The Liars escape the Dollhouse to find out it’s in the middle of no where, and they’re trapped by an electric fence.


“Game On, Charles” (6×1)


PLL Sara Harvey
In 6×1 we see a new face, a blonde girl wearing the same yellow top as Ali the day she disappeared. (Sara Harvey)



PLL Game on Charles
Waking up outside the Dollhouse, inside of the electric gates.


PLL Dollhouse Morgue
The Dollhouse Morgue


6x1 Dollhouse Room
The Liars realize Mona is missing, and it appears “A” is getting ready for Alison’s arrival to the Dollhouse.


Monas note PLL
Mona’s note to the Liars in the Dollhouse. “He’s going to kill me. M”‘


Pretty Little Liars Season 6
The Dollhouse Solitary = The Whole; Mona is placed in “the whole” while “A” get’s ready for Alison’s arrival.


As Dollhouse PLL
The Dollhouse. A’s special room has a photo of two Dilaurentis boys (Jason and Charles Dilaurentis).


Dollhouse Charles Room
The Liars decide to ruin A’s special room in the Dollhouse, and A watched them on camera.


PLL 6x1 Dollhouse
A watching the girls ruin their special room, while at the same time Alison arrives.


The Liars escape the Dollhouse and find Alison, Caleb and Ezra outside.
The Liars escape the Dollhouse and find Alison, Caleb and Ezra outside.



Dollhouse Flashbacks 


The dollhouse - pll
The Dollhouse – Torture tactics. This game where you choose which friend to shock was forced upon all the Liars.


PLL Dollhouse Spencer
In a flashback of the Dollhouse, Spencer reveals she woke up covered in blood (which was not her own).





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