PLL Charlotte Murder Timeline

Charlotte’s Murder Timeline

Updated: March 15, 2016 


PLL Aria & Ezra see Charlotte walk in
Aria &  Ezra see Charlotte walking into the church.



Murder Timeline


  • Charlotte was released from the hospital into Alison’s care.
  • Charlotte went home with Alison, and stayed up late talking. Alison admitted to Charlotte that her and Dr. Rollins had fallen in love, and Charlotte just blankly stared at Alison.
  • Mona called Alison’s home from the Two Crows Diner the night of Charlotte’s murder. Alison says Charlotte must of answered downstairs as she did not hear the phone ring, the call lasted for 3 minutes. Mona says she asked Charlotte to meet her at the diner, and that she agreed but stood her up.
  • Ezra and Aria saw someone who looked like Charlotte get out of a white SUV and go into the Church sometime between 3am and 4:00am.
  • Charlotte’s dead body was thrown from the Church Belltower around 4:00am.


The Murder Weapon

Rosewood PD, says the murder weapon was a “metal rod” that struck Charlotte on her spine. It was metal, hollow, cut with a rectangle in it, and made an impression on the skin of her neck. The Liars think the murder weapon is a broken piece of Melissa’s luggage.


In 6×12 we see Charlotte’s autopsy which states, “the flower was placed in her hand to make it look like a suicide and the fingernails and hands were wiped clean” (which made Spencer realize this sounds very close to a paper she wrote in college, screenshot pictured below).

Other Details

The police state Charlotte’s death was most likely premeditated. Spencer mentions she wrote a criminology paper while in college that sounds incredibly similar to the way Charlotte died.


PLL Spencer Criminology Paper
Photo Credit: Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars. Spencer’s Criminology Paper.



Murder Suspects & Alibi’s


    • Aria Montgomery left The Radley hotel at 3:12am with Ezra, and got back to the hotel alone at 4:28am.


    • Ezra Fitz picked Aria up at The Radley hotel at 3:12am, and they walked around Rosewood talking. Aria and Ezra see Charlotte walk into the church. Ezra was upset that Charlotte was so easily walking around, and then he told Aria to head back to the hotel. Aria drives away, and Ezra is left standing alone outside of the church. Ezra says he left right after Aria and talked to a trucker at a diner, before running into Aria’s parents.


    • Dr. Rollins told Tanner he was at Alison’s the night of Charlotte’s murder, but then tried to back step and said not the whole night. It seems he was with Alison the whole night. In the Season 6b finale it is revealed that Dr. Rollins was in love with Charlotte and is only using Alison for her inheritance money.


    • Melissa Hastings may have got into town earlier than she says, and is a possible suspect in the murder of Charlotte Dialurentis. Hanna mentions her flashback of seeing Melissa in London, and Melissa was crying that her and Wren broke up after Charlotte called Wren. Did Melissa kill Charlotte as revenge? Anything is possible in Rosewood! Our #1 suspect.


    • Mona Vanderwaal seems pretty sketchy this season, but that’s normal…  Mona originally didn’t want Charlotte to get out of the hospital, and had a sudden change of heart deciding at Charlotte’s hearing that she felt Charlotte should be released. This leaves us questioning if Mona was being kind-hearted, or had another agenda. We find out in episode 6×19 that Mona called Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner and asked her to meet up but Mona says Charlotte never showed up.


    • Sara Harvey is an unlikely suspect on our list, but we thought we’d include her anyways since we know some of you think she may be Charlotte’s killer. The police also mentioned that her hand injury eliminates her from being a suspect, although she could of had someone helping her.


    • Alison Dilaurentis is Charlotte’s family member and seems devastated about her death at first, but then we don’t get to see much of Ali during 6b, so it’s a possibility. In the 6b finale Ali runs to the church after Mary & Elliott team up against her, and she tells Emily: “I knew they wouldn’t follow me here. I deserve it. This is my punishment.” Is Ali referring to being punished for being happy, or possibly being punished for a part in Charlotte’s death?


    • Mary Drake is revealed as Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister who is Charlotte’s real mother but gave her up for adoption to Jessica because Mary herself was in Radley Sanitarium. Mary is now messing with Alison’s head to try and get access to the Carissimi Group money and to avenge her daughter Charlotte’s death.



6x11 Charlotte Roses Clue
Did anyone else notice the rose petals in Charlotte’s hand when the Coroner came for her body? Looks like the same color roses that were in Alison’s home.



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