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Posted: February 12, 2016

PLL Fan COntest



Winners announced below!
Thank you to all of the Pretty Little Liars fans who submitted their interest in the Pretty Little Answers February 2016 Instagram PLL fan contest. We LOVE the #PLLarmy, each fan is so amazing in their own way, but you are definitely the best group of friends we have ever known! We absolutely love reading through all of your #PLL ideas, theories, and comments!


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Valeria (Insta @Halebbbb)
who submitted this amazing fan art of the infamous Red Coat! We absolutely love this!

Pretty Little Answers Winner
Photo Credit: Instagram @Halebbbb


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Belle (Insta @Rosewood.High.School)
who submitted this picture perfect PLL photo edit! #smart #loyal #admiring #compassionate

Pretty Little Answers Winner
Photo Credit: Instagram @Rosewood.High.School


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Alex (Insta @THG.ScreamsFor.PLL)
who submitted this haunting edit of Charlotte Dilaurentis’ funeral, we absolutely love that the image features all of our favorite girls, even Alison! #RIPcharlotte

Pretty Little Answers 2016
Photo Credit: Instagram THG.ScreamsFor.PLL


Thank you to #PLLarmy member Morgan (Insta @Pretty_Little_Lying_Bitches)
who submitted this super cute handmade fan painting! Maybe we will make one too!

PLL Fan photo


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A HUGE thank you to every Pretty Little Liars fan that submitted to this contest, or who is a reader of our website! We appreciate you, and can’t wait to see the new episode of Pretty Little Liars next week to report back to you!! What do you think of the fan art, and fan photo edits on this page? Let us know below! Also, if you love any of these images do not forget to follow each of these PLL fans on Instagram!


4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Instagram Contest

  1. These make me want to make cool edits to. I tried the drawing before but mine don’t look good. I’m going to follow them all!

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