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Our Favorite Witchy Movies

Posted: Thursday October 1, 2015


Hello Dolls! We must say it has been absolute torture waiting for Pretty Little Liars season 6b! We are sad there will not be a PLL Halloween special this year so we decided we would give you our list of favorite witchy movies to watch this Halloween season!




Witchy Movie Recommendations



The Covenant – Four best friends, young warlocks of the same coven who all share the same secret: magic powers, suddenly have to protect themselves from a stranger. This movie is one of our favorites… gorgeous guys, an easy watch, magic, and love. (Highschool Paranormal Thriller Rated PG-13.)


The Craft – A teen girl moves to a new city with her family to start a new life. She meets interesting girls at her new school who are interested in the occult and together, the four of them have a seemingly unstoppable power. This is one of the original highschool bad-ass chick flicks and a must watch for all bad-ass girls. (Highschool Drama Thriller Rated R.)


Beautiful Creatures – Ethan Wate is obsessed with leaving the small town of Gatlin, SC behind, until a mysterious girl begins to inhabit his dreams. Lena is new to school this year, and rejected by the rest of her classmates for being the granddaughter of Macon Ravenwood, whom the town’s superstitious residents consider to be a devil-worshiper. (Paranormal Romance Movie Rated PG-13.)


The Sisterhood of Night – When a teenage girl says she’s the victim of a secret network called The Sisterhood of Night, a quiet suburban town becomes the backdrop for a modern-day Salem witch trial. (Highschool Thriller Rated PG-13.)


Chocolat – When a single mother and her six-year-old daughter move to rural France and open a shop across the street from the local church, they are met with some skepticism. But as soon as they coax the townspeople into enjoying their delicious products, they are warmly welcomed – but not by everyone.  (A must watch for the whole family. (Drama Romance Rated PG-13.)


Practical Magic – Sisters Sally and Gillian have a special bond with each other despite being different in personality and outlook. Having grown up with their spinster Aunts Frances and Jet in the long time Owens family home on an island off the coast of Massachusetts following the death of their father and then their mother, they are the latest in a long line of witches. Starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  (Drama Movie Rated PG-13.)


The Witches of Eastwick – Three single women in a picturesque village have their wishes granted – at a cost – when a mysterious and flamboyant man arrives in their lives. Daryl manages to be able to tap into the innermost emotions of the three friends, and as such manages to seduce each. (Comedy Fantasy Movie Rated R.)


The Witches – A young boy, recently orphaned, is taken to England by his grandmother. At a hotel in which they are staying, a group of witches have gathered to prepare a plot to rid England of all children. (Comedy Fantasy Movie Rated PG.)


The Skeleton Key – A young woman (portrayed by Kate Hudson) helps care for an elderly man in New Orleans and finds herself caught in the middle of morbid going-ons centered around a group of Hoodoo practitioners. (Mystery Thriller PG-13.)


Rosemary’s Baby – Modern 4 hour mini-series adaptation of the classic novel by Ira Levin focusing on young Rosemary Woodhouse’s suspicions that her neighbors may belong to a Satanic cult who are hell bent on getting one thing: the baby she is carrying. Starring Zoe Saldana. (Thriller Rated TV-14.)


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – The siblings Hansel and Gretel are left alone in the woods by their father and captured by a dark witch in a candy house. However they kill the witch and escape from the spot. Years later, the orphans have become famous witch hunters. When eleven children go missing in a small village, the Mayor summons Hansel and Gretel to rescue them. (Paranormal Action Movie – Rated R.)


The Gift – When Jessica King goes missing, all eyes turn to Annabelle Wilson. Not as a murder suspect, but as a clairvoyant. Many of the towns folk go to Annabelle for help, and Jessica’s fiancée, Wayne Collins, turns to Annabelle for possible guidance. Annabelle feels that she can’t help, but this doesn’t stop her from constantly getting visions of Jessica’s fate. Amazing movie starring Cate Blanchett and Katie Holmes. (Drama Thriller Rated R.)


Maleficent – A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled land. We loved this Disney re-make starring Angeline Jolie and Elle Fanning. Absolutely gorgeous movie visually – with a great touching story. (Family Fantasy Movie Rated PG.)


Hocus Pocus – After centuries, three witch sisters are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, and it is up to two teenagers, a young girl and an immortal cat to put an end to the witches’ reign of terror once and for all. Classic Halloween movie that will go on for all time!! (Disney Family Movie Rated PG.)


Snow White & the Huntsman – In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. Starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron. (Young Adult Movie Rated PG-13.)


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Balthazar (Nicolas Cage) is a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath. Balthazar can’t do it alone, so he recruits Dave Stutler, as his reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic, and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. (Adventure Family Movie Rated PG.)


The Good Witch – A darkly beautiful and mysterious woman comes in to town and inhabits the local haunted mansion, making everyone wonder if she’s a witch or “The Grey Lady”. This is one of our favorite Hallmark movies, and we can watch it over and over again! (Family Movie Rated TV-PG.)


Bewitched – Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell) a tall, charming actor is trying to get his career back on track.  Jack as an egocentric actor unknowingly gets a real witch (Nicole Kidman) cast in an upcoming television remake of the classic sitcom Bewitched. (Family Romantic Comedy.)


You Cast a Spell on Me – Matt, the son of a prominent witch family, is expected by the Witches Council, to marry his good friend LIZZIE. But when Matt meets SARA, a psychiatrist, his magic fails him and Sara discovers that she suddenly has gained magical powers. A very cute Hallmark movie! (Family Romantic Comedy.)


Teen Witch – Louise is not very popular at her high school. Then she learns that she’s descended from the witches of Salem and has inherited their powers. At first she uses them to get back at the girls… This is one of the best teen movies of the 80’s. (Teen Movie Rated PG-13.)


Halloweentown – On Halloween, while Marnie is arguing with her mother Gwen, the kids’ grandmother Aggie comes to visit. Aggie wants to start Marnie’s witch training before her 13th birthday or Marnie will lose her powers forever. But there is another reason for Aggie’s visit. Something dark & evil is growing in Halloweentown & Aggie wants help to defeat it. (Family Movie – Rated TV-G)


Sabrina the Teenage Witch – Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, well, of course the movie is about Sabrina, a teenage girl who is sent to live with her two strange aunts. While there, on her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina finds out she’s a witch. (Teen Family Movie – Rated PG)


Twitches – Two teen witches who were separated at birth and were adopted by two different families meet on their 21st birthday and must use their powers to save the world in which they were born, where their birth mother still lives. (Teen Disney Movie Rated TV-PG)


The Sword in the Stone – A poor boy named Arthur learns the power of love, kindness, knowledge and bravery with the help of a wizard called Merlin in the path to become one of the most beloved kings in England history. (Animated Family Movie Rated G)



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Thank you for reading our witchy movie ideas! We hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to comment below!



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