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Updated: March 15, 2016 (After the Season 6b finale!)


PLL Finale



Season 1 Mid-Season Finale
“Keep Your Friends Close” 1×10

  • Mona has her birthday glamping party in the woods, and publicly un-invites Hanna.
  • Hanna gets ran over while spying on the party. (Revealed: Mona.)
  • Aria and Ezra secretly make out in the woods in his car.
  • Someone see’s them and writes “I See You” on Ezra’s back windshield. (Revealed: Noel.)
  • An arrest warrant is issued for Toby after his sweater is found in Ali’s home with blood on it.
  • The liars are shown a small piece of a video showing Ian at the kissing rock with Ali the night of her disappearance.


PLL 1x10 Hanna Ran Over by Mona
Mid-Season Finale 1×10 – The Liars



Season 1 Big Finale
“For Whom the Bell Tolls” 1×20

  • The girls now know whats on Ian’s flash drive, and have watched the videos.
  • The girls watched Jenna’s video blackmailing Toby.
  • Jenna reveals Alison threatened her the morning of her disappearance using the Toby tape.
  • Pregnant Melissa, and sister Spencer get into a car accident.
  • Ian corners Spencer at the church to confront her about the flash drive.
  • Ian almost kills Spencer but a mystery person (Alison) pushes Ian off the ledge instead.
  • Spencer thinks Ian is dead, but his body is suddenly missing.


PLL Finale 1x20
Season 1 Finale 1×20 – Ian Thomas and Spencer Hastings.


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Season 2 Mid-Season Finale
“The First Secret” 2×13

  • This episode is a prequel to the Halloween before Alison’s disappearance.
  • Alison tells a scary story about twins that sounds similar to the PLL books.
  • Alison fixes the school election for Spencer to win.
  • We see Jenna and Alison the first time they met at the costume shop.
  • Alison was also getting texts from “A” before her disappearance.
  • Alison plays a trick on the Liars to try and scare them, but Noel doesn’t show up as planned and someone actually attacks Alison.


PLL Halloween Prequel
Mid Season Finale 2×13 – Halloween Prequel – Jenna and Alison first meet.



Season 2 Big Finale
“UnmAsked” 2×25

  • Spencer & Aria discover Alison checked in the Lost Woods Resort as Vivian Darkbloom.
  • “A” has a room next to the one Alison originally stayed in, with a peep whole to watch her.
  • Jenna Marshall can see.
  • Mona tells the girls she saw Alison in Brookhaven dressed as Vivian Darkbloom.
  • The Liars attend the Masquerade Ball at Rosewood High.
  • Spencer and Mona leave the dance to go back to the Lost Woods Resort for more clues.
  • At the Resort Spencer and Mona go into room 2, and find “A’s” lair.
  • “A” is revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal.
  • Mona tries to kill Spencer, but ends up falling off a small cliff.
  • Dr. Sullivan is alive and returns, “A” threatened her son, which is why she left.
  • Mona is sent to Radley mental hospital.
  • At the end Mona says that this is what “they” wanted, and their plan worked out just right.
  • Maya is found dead, and Emily is heartbroken.


Pretty Little Liars Finale 2x25
Season 2 Finale 2×25 – A’s Lair at the Lost Woods Resort


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Season 3 Mid-Season Finale
“This is A Dark Ride” 3×13

  • PLL Halloween Special where the girls are on the Halloween Train.
  • Garrett Reynolds is killed by Darren Wilden.
  • Garrett and A are dressed as the Zombie Baby Doll Stalker.
  • Mona snuck out of Radley Sanitarium.
  • Mona and Caleb are both dressed as the Phantom Of The Opera.
  • Someone disgused as the Queen of Hearts spikes Aria’s drink.
  • Garrett tells Spencer the truth about making Jenna think he killed Ali, when he didn’t.
  • Alison and Byron had a conversation/argument the night of her disappearance.
  • Aria is trapped in a box with Garrett’s dead body.
  • Wilden, while dressed in the Queen of Hearts costume tries to choke Spencer.
  • Aria stabbed someone with a screwdriver she found in the box she was trapped in.
  • The stolen remains are revealed to be hidden in a prop casket.
  • We see a flashback to the night Alison was buried alive, and see her hand emerging from beneath the dirt, in attempt to escape the fresh grave.


PLL 3x13
Mid Season Finale 3×13 – The Pretty Little Liars on the Halloween Train



Season 3 Big Finale
“A dAngerous gAme” 3×24

  • Spencer is released from Radley.
  • Toby is alive, and reveals he only joined the A-team to try and protect Spencer.
  • Toby and Spencer reunite. Aria and Ezra break up.
  • Melissa, Jenna, and Shana are possibly working together on something.
  • The Liars confront Mona in the lodge while Toby and Spencer look for Red Coat.
  • Someone traps Mona and the Liars in the lodge and sets it on fire.
  • Spencer sees Red Coat get out of the plane and it looks like Alison.
  • Toby is follwing someone (Jenna) in the woods, and gets knocked out (by Shana).
  • Red Coat saves the Liars and Mona from the lodge fire.
  • Red Coat is revealed to be Alison DiLaurentis (there is more than one red coat).
  • Mona reveals that Red Coat has a mask that looks like Alison’s face also.
  • Wilden’s muddy car is left in front of the Rosewood church. The video of Ashley running him over plays, with an added clip of Jenna and Shana showing up.
  • Jenna and Shana picked up Wilden after Ashley ran him over.
  • Mona reveals that Red Coat approached her for a partnership when she was in Radley, but she never actually saw her face and does not know he true identity.
  • All five girls receive the same text that reads: ‘You’re mine now. Kisses -A’.
  • We see a hand reaching out from the dirt and another grabs it and starts pulling the trapped person out.


PLL 3x24 Season 3 Finale
Season 3 Finale 3×24 – The Lodge Fire


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Season 4 Mid-Season Finale
“Grave New World” 4×13

  • PLL Halloween Special, and an introduction to the PLL spinoff “Ravenswood”.
  • The Liars go to a costume party in Ravenswood.
  • There is a high reference to blonde twins in this episode.
  • We see an unknown person dressed in a gas mask and costume watching Alison and the Liars.
  • Spencer and the guy in a gas mask get in a scuffle, and A’s right hand was cut by Spencer.
  • Mrs. Grunwald tells the girls, “One of you has been touched by the one that Alison fears the most”.
  • Alison is alive wearing her Red Coat, and is frightened that someone is after her.


PLL 4x13 Halloween Special
Mid Season Finale 4×13 – Who was wearing the gas mask in Ravenswood?



Season 4 Big Finale
“A is for Answers” 4×24

  • Melissa knows who killed Bethany Young, and whispers it in her fathers ear.
  • Cece Drake is brought in for police questioning in the case of Wilden’s murder.
  • Cece asks Holbrook if he wants to make a deal, and reveals Alison is alive.
  • Alison threatened Jenna the morning of her disappearance but realize Jenna wasn’t A.
  • Alison gave her mother, and the Liars sleeping pills to try and eliminate them as A suspects.
  • Alison saw Toby, Ian, and Ezra the night of her disappearance.
  • Spencer and Alison got into an argument but Ali left her back at the barn asleep.
  • On Ali’s way home from Spencer’s barn she is struck in the head with a rock.
  • Alison’s mom saw what happened and thinking Ali was dead, she buried her body.
  • Luckily, Mrs. Grunwald pulled Alison out of the ground which saved her life.
  • After, Ali runs into Mona and they stay at the Lost Woods Resort where Mona convinces her she us unsafe, and must run away.
  • Alison admits she was the mystery person that pushed Ian off the bell tower.
  • Alison admits she was at the lodge the night of the fire, and that although she saved Hanna from the fire, someone else saved the other girls.
  • Alison used Ian’s tape to try and find out who “A” was.
  • Alison pushed Ian from the bell tower but he was still alive when she left.
  • Alison pulled Hanna out of the lodge on the night of the fire and when she arrived, Mona, Aria and Emily were already pulled out by someone.
  • Jessica Dilaurentis is murdered, and we see her body being buried.


PLL 4x24 Finale
Season 4 Big Finale 4×24 – Cece being questioned by the police, and Mrs. D murdered.


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Season 5 Mid-Season Finale
“How the A Stole Christmas” 5×13

  • This is the Christmas special, the Liars attend the Ice Ball.
  • Ali makes a grand entrance with four masked girls, later revealed to be Cindy, Mindy, Jenna, and Sydney.
  • Ali is seen kissing a man in a Santa suit, possibly Officer Holbrook.
  • Ali receives a secret visit from Cece Drake.
  • Hanna and Spencer leave the dance to sneak into Alison’s home. Hanna finds another of Ali’s fake passports, and a letter to Bethany. (The letter either proves Ali knew Bethany, or ‘A’ planted the letter.)
  • The letter to Bethany showed Ali luring Bethany to Rosewood “that” weekend.
  • Spencer finds out Alison was communicating with someone through ads in the Rosewood Observer.
  • ‘A’ shows up at Alison’s house with a knife, and Hanna gets knocked out.
  • As the Liars celebrate Christmas, Ali is seen looking at them, alone, through a window. #heartbreaking


PLL 5x13
Mid-Season Finale 5×13 – Alison and Cece at the Ice Ball.



Season 5 Big Finale
“Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5×25

  • The Liars are on their way to jail, but A hijacks the van and kidnaps the girls.
  • The girls wake up in look-a-like bedrooms, inside A’s dollhouse.
  • Mona is alive and locked in the Dollhouse since her “death”.
  • Mona is being forced by A to pretend she is Alison.
  • Alison tells Veronica and Peter about A.
  • Caleb, Ezra, and Toby team up to try and find the girls.
  • A makes the Liars re-create the Rosewood High School Prom that Melissa and Ian attended.
  • When Spencer went to A’s vault, she watches footage of Mrs. DiLaurentis with two toddler boys at Campbell Farm where the girls used to go apple-picking.
  • A is revealed to be Charles DiLaurentis, who is presumed to be Alison and Jason’s brother.
  • The Liars switch the electricity off temporarily in order to escape from the dollhouse. The girls are unable to escape since they are fenced in and the electricity comes back on and the fence becomes electric.


PLL Season 5.25
Season 5 Big Finale 5×25 – A watching the dollhous’e rooms on security camera’s.


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Season 6 Mid-Season Finale
“Game Over, Charles” 6×10

  • We hear Charles/Charlotte’s story, and “Big A” is revealed as Cece Drake, who is truly Charlotte Dilaurentis.
  • Charlotte is Alison and Jason’s sibling, but was sent to Radley mental instituition as a child.
  • Sara Harvey is working with Charlotte, and is one of the Red Coat’s.
  • Sara Harvey is also the black widow that we saw at Wilden’s funeral.
  • Bethany Young killed Toby’s mother Marion, and blamed Charles/Charlotte.
  • Charlotte hit Alison with the rock the night she was buried alive, but thought she was Bethany.
  • Mrs. Dilaurentis buried Alison to protect her other child Charlotte.
  • While Mona was drugged up at Radley she told Charlotte everything about the girls, thinking she was Alison.
  • Charlotte is arrested and sent to a different hospital for mental care and recovery.


PLL 6x10 Finale
Season 6 Mid-Season Finale. Charles Reveal.


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Season 6 Big Finale
“Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars” 6×20

  • Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin sister, Mary Drake.
  • Mary Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis’ (Cece Drake) birth mother.
  • Mary Drake was in Radley when she had Charles/Charlotte.
  • Jessica & Kenneth Dilaurentis adopted Charles/Charlotte.
  • Dr. Elliot Rollins is in love with Charlotte.
  • Alison’s husband, Dr. Rollins, is most likely drugging her.
  • Alison checked herself into Dr. Rollins hospital thinking she’s crazy.
  • Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins want the money that Alison inherited.
  • Mary Drake wants revenge for Charlotte’s death.
  • Hanna wrongly confessed to Charlotte’s murder.
  • Hanna was kidnapped by Uber A, leaving the initials A.D.
  • The initials A.D. belong to Uber A.


PLL Season 6b Finale Images
Season 6b Big Finale – Jessica Dilaurentis secret twin sister Mary Drake.


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Hello Dolls! What did you think of all the Pretty Little Liars finale’s that have been aired so far? Have you been satisfied, or still wanting more? We personally love that PLL always leaves us wanting more… the anticipation can be quite exciting! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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