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PLL: What we found out in the 6b Finale!

Posted: March 15, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Season 6b Finale Synopsis & Images! 


Hello Dolls! What did you think of the PLL Season 6b Finale? We think this may be our favorite finale so far! So much questions, answers, original ship action, and lots of thrills the whole way through! If you haven’t seen the finale yet, run, now! (Warning: Finale Spoilers Below!)


PLL Finale 6x20 Squad goals


The Pretty Little Liars season 6b finale episode opens with the 4 Liars shown with Caleb and Ezra receiving a text from “BigBad” telling Hanna, “If you’re lying I shoot all of you”. Hanna replies, “I need one more day”, and BigBad frighteningly says, “It will be your last”. Wow! We hope Caleb keeps her safe!


PLL 6x20 ALison Dilaurentis


Elliott Rollins is leaving town and kisses Alison goodbye. After Elliott is gone, Alison hears her old music box start playing in her bedroom.


PLL 6b Finale Jessica Dilaurentis

Alison goes to investigate, and suddenly see’s a creepy looking Mrs. Dilaurentis in her door way. She then quickly looks down at her broken music box but when she looks up no one is there. She walks out of her room and the phone begins to ring, when she answers someone sounding like her mother says, “Did you miss me?”.
Pretty Little Liars 6b Finale Images


Ezra finally admits to himself that he will never see Nicole again, and that she really is gone. Aria thinks he should be proud that he has written such a beautiful love story for her, and Ezra thanks her for pushing him to finish. The next day Ezria ends up kissing, and one thing leads to another! Woah! #Ezria fans rejoice!


PLL Toby 6.20 Finale


Toby and Spencer talk french to each other for a moment, aww old Spoby feelings tingling. Then Spoby checks out the Radley floor plans and Toby promises to help Spencer deal with this issue. Later, Toby goes to tell Yvonne what’s going on, but she doesn’t understand and Toby isn’t able to say much.  Uh Oh! Yvonne isn’t happy.


PLL Spoby 6x20 Finale


Toby leaves to meet Spencer at The Radley and look through old files. Spoby along with Mona find out Charlotte was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth Dilaurentis. Charlotte’s birth mother was named Mary Drake who was also a patient at Radley. 

Revealed: Charlotte was adopted!



pll 6.20 mary drake season 6b finale


Emily goes to check on Alison who isn’t feeling completely right, and is happy Emily is there. For a moment we see someone secretly gazing in at them through the window. Alison goes to sleep, and we see Emily and Aria talking on the couch. Suddenly Alison screams and we see a flash of dead Wilden in her bed. The girls do not see anyone, and Alison is scared something may be wrong with her.  The next day Emily leaves Alison to quickly go vote, and Alison see’s her dead mother through her window, and then when she turns around suddenly the dead Officer Wilden appears again. Scared, Alison leaves her house.


Revealed: Mary Drake and Elliott Rollins are playing mind games with Alison and pretending to be the ghost’s of Jessica and Wilden.


PLL Haleb Kiss for the Season Finale 6.20


Caleb tells Emily he googled how to disarm an electric fence. Google is just amazing isn’t it. Later, Hanna and Caleb team up and start to work on their plan. When she see’s him she has a flashback of the night they broke up in New York. Haleb ends up talking about the night they broke up, and Hanna reveals that she went back for him that night but Caleb had already left. Hanna truly wanted to stay with Caleb, but since she was a few minutes late she was never able to tell him, and finally we see Hanna and Caleb kiss! Unfortunately, when the scene later returns back to the room Haleb was in, we quickly find out Hanna is missing!!

Caleb to Hanna: “You’re really brave do you know that”.


PLL 6x20 Finale Emison


Towards the end of the episode Alison admits her self to the same hospital Charlotte was in previously, worried she may need help due to her possible visions. Emily goes with her to try and change her mind but Alison is sure this is what she should do.

Revealed: Dr. Rollins wanted Alison to commit herself to his hospital so he can have control of her money, and ties to the Carissimi group.


PLL 6x20 Finale


At the end of the episode we see Mrs. Dilaurentis’ twin sister Mary Drake telling Elliott that he is the only person her daughter Charlotte truly loved. Elliott tells Mary that Alison has signed the papers, and that he now owns half of the Carissimi group, revealing this is all just part of their plan. Mary Drake tells Elliott, “I’m finally going to take back what was suppose to be mine, and that is what our Charlotte would of wanted”.


PLL Twin Reveal =
Jessica Dilaurentis and her twin sister Mary Drake.


Revealed: Dr. Rollins was in love with Charlotte!


The episode ends showing the Liars and guys outside and they receive a text saying, “Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go.”  -A.D. Wait a minute, who is A.D.?? Uber A that’s who!! #PLLsaveHanna



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What did you think of the PLL Season 6b finale? Let us know in the comments below!




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3 thoughts on “PLL: What we found out in the 6b Finale!

  1. OMG! I hope that Hanna is alright! I’m not even kidding when I say this, if Hanna dies, I’m done watching. I can’t live without my favorite liar on the show! It would be too sad. She would be mentioned too much and it would make me cry every single episode (even though I already have been the last 10 episodes XD) because every single episode would be a reminder that she is gone I’ve been waiting all of 6B for Haleb to happen and it finally happened!!!!! Ezria tho But back to Haleb! I knew all of 6B just by the way Hanna was acting and how she was looking at Caleb that she NEVER STOPPED LOVING HIM!!!! Caleb still loves Hanna because HE went in for the kiss, she kissed back! And also Caleb didn’t say “I love you too” to Spencer!!!!! Thank the lord Spaleb is GONE! Now let’s just wait for Spoby to kiss!!! Mary Drake and Elliot!!!! Omg I was expecting it!!!! I LOVED the finally! I feel so bad that Alison is where Charlotte was because Alison wasn’t seeing things! It was all just mind games that Elliot and Mary were doing!!! But overall the person that really deserves all OUR prayers is HANNA MARIN!
    Hanna, we love you and hope your alright! I know Caleb will save you!

    1. We loved reading your comment Alex, and we feel the same way! That finale was amazing and PLL without Hanna would be unbearable in our opinion!! Luckily, we have already seen Hanna in the Season 7 promo (remember all the girls going into Alison’s classroom to let her know “he is coming”). So we have no worries about Hanna dying from this stunt due to that one huge clue! When it comes to Haleb vs Spaleb we kept seeing the same signs from Hanna as well, we definitely were not buying Hanna’s story that she was over Caleb. It seemed like she wanted to allow him to make his own decisions on his happiness – which, sounds like true love right!? The Haleb kiss was seriously needed!! It seems like Haleb will end up together now, we are keeping our fingers crossed! We still love Spencer, and want her to be happy but we didn’t feel Caleb was right for her, we hope to see Spencer with someone amazing, and just for her – not someone that started out liking her friend or family member. We think she deserves more than that. Lastly, we also feel bad for Alison currently. Fiinally she has her chance at a normal life and family- just to have everything ripped away from her AGAIN, but life is like that – luckily she has her amazing friends! We can’t wait to see Hanna and Caleb back in Season 7! What’s going to happen next!? We will be reading lots of fan theories during the break for sure!

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