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In the Pretty Little Liars Season 6b finale we find out Alison’s mother, Jessica Dilaurentis, has a secret twin sister named Mary Drake! Mary Drake has spent a good amount of time in Radley Sanitariuum and while she was at Radley she got pregnant with a son (Charles) that was secretly adopted by her twin sister Jessica.


PLL Mary Drake
Adoption paper’s proving Mary Drake is Charles/Charlotte’s birth mother.


Mary Drake has made a secret plan to take the money that was left to Alison after Charlotte’s death, from Charlotte’s secret bank account at the Carissimi Group. Dr. Rollins was Charlotte’s doctor, and possibly Mary’s too. Elliott Rollins is working with Mary Drake and revealed he was in love with Charlotte and only married Alison as part of their plan to take what they feel is theirs.


PLL Dr. Rollins clues
Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins are most likely working with Uber A to revenge Charlotte’s death.


Radley Sanitariuum patient Mary Drake – Preliminary Examination paperwork reads: “All laboratory and test results are normal. The patient is introverted and will not speak to anyone. The patient has random violent outbursts, lashing out and throwing objects.”


PLL Mary Drake


After Hanna is kidnapped the Liars view the security footage hoping for answers. The Liars are shocked when they see someone that looks exactly like the deceased Jessica Dilaurentis. The viewers now know that this was actually Jessica’s twin sister Mary Drake.


PLL Mary Drake Security Camera


What do we know about Dr. Elliott Rollins?


Dr. Rollins (portrayed by Huw Collins) is a new character to Pretty Little Liars season 6b. Dr. Rollins was introduced as Charlotte’s doctor during the 5 year time-jump when she was a patient at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital. Now even though Dr. Rollins character is new to viewers, he may have been a small clue/hint in the past. In #PLL season 2 episode 11, we see Dr. Sullivan looking through her patient files for Mona Vanderwaal and on one of the pages Mona’s primary care physician is listed as Dr. RollinsElliott and Wren are both british, and we highly suspect that they are bothers or related!


PLL Dr Rollins



Mary Drake & Dr. Rollins clues:


  • Mary Drake is Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister.
  • Mary Drake spent a lot of time at Radley Sanitariuum.
  • Mary Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis’ birth mother.
  • Mary Drake & Dr. Rollins are NOT Uber A.
  • Mary Drake & Dr. Rollins are working for Uber A.
  • Mary Drake & Dr. Rollins want Alison’s share of the Carissimi money.
  • Dr. Rollins is secretly in love with Charlotte Dilaurentis.
  • Dr. Rollins married Alison to retrieve control of her share of the Carissimi Group.


Older Mary Drake clues:


In Pretty Little Liars Season 2 we meet a creepy little boy named Seth from a Doll Hospital [store] in Brookhaven. Seth’s grandma says he is gifted, and see’s things. Seth gives the Liars a warning stating: “There are people who wanted to hurt her [Alison]. A man and a woman. [She has] dark hair, like yours.” We think Seth is either referring to Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins, or Mary Drake and Wren Kingston!


PLL Seth
PLL Seth from the Doll Hospital in Brookhaven.


In Pretty Little Liars Season 4 episode 2 (the same ep. that Spencer had dirt inside her bed) Spencer looks out her bedroom window, and we see who we think is Jessica Dilaurentis in Spencer’s room behind her, but then Veronica Hastings walks in and Jessica disappears. We now know this is the 1st, and only time we have seen Jessica’s twin sister Mary Drake before PLL Season 6b!



PLL Season 4 twin
Jessica Dilaurentis’ secret twin sister Mary Drake.


In Pretty Little Liars Season 5 episode 13, “How the A stole Christmas”, Alison falls asleep and one of the people who visits her dreams is her dead mother Jessica Dilaurentis. Mrs. D warns Alison that, “They are coming for you”. We think she was referring to her twin sister Mary Drake and Uber A.


PLL Jessica Dilaurentis warning



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