PLL 6x20 Finale Spoilers

PLL Season 6×20 Finale

Updated: March 13, 2016 


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Who has a twin on PLL?

Who is related to BigBad?

Is Jessica Dilaurentis really alive?

What is going on with our ship’s?

Who goes missing?


These questions and more will be answered Tuesday March 15, 2016 during the Pretty Little Liars Season 6b Finale!


In the Pretty Little Liars 6B finale the stalker is now threatening to kill all of the Liars if they do not give up Charlotte’s killer by Mrs. Hasting’s election. There is going to be a ton of romance in this episode. It’s even rumoured that each of our original ship’s Ezria, Haleb, Spoby and Emison will most likely all have a scene together or a moment in general. We’re excited!



PLL 6x20 Finale Images Pretty Little Liars
Is Jessica Dilaurentis the mysterious caller?


PLL 6x20 Promo


“By the end of 6B, you will pretty much know who or who’s related to this big bad.”
– I. Marlene King (Revealed to TVLine December 8, 2015)


PLL 6.20 Mona & Spencer
Mona and Spencer look to be sharing an intense conversation.


PLL 6.20 Spencer FInale
Spencer at her mother, Veronica Hasting’s, political campaign.


PLL 6.20 Finale Spoilers
Spencer and Toby must work together to try and catch Sara Harvey, which leaves his fiance Yvonne confused.


PLL 6x20 Finale Images
Pretty Little Liars 6×20 Finale – The Lost Woods Resort.


pll caleb finale 6x20
Caleb tries to find a way to keep Hanna safe, and they think of what could have been. Does Haleb’s plan work?


PLL Ezria
Aria comforts Ezra after finishing his book, knowing he’s ready to say goodbye to Nicole. Will Ezria get back together?


Meanwhile, Alison experiences strange visions and starts to question her sanity; Emily keeps tabs on her to make sure she’s okay. (Could Ali’s new husband Dr. Rollins be drugging her?)


IMK Instagram
Instagram imarleneking: Watching @lucyhale on the big screen for the #PrettyLittleLiars finale playback. #Twisted #Epic #mindblowingending #OMG #gorgeousLucy


A few months ago I. Marlene King put this image of the Pretty Little Liars finale on her Instagram page.


I Marlene King PLL Tweet 2016
March 1, 2016 – PLL Show Producer heavily hints at Ezria reunion!



“Sneak Peak” Pretty Little Liars Season 7  is part of a two season renewal by Freeform and will have 20 episodes, which is rumored to start airing mid 2016. I. Marlene King has revealed the idenity of BigBad will be revealed by the end of Season 7! The actor who plays Wren Kingston has promised fans he will be back on the show before the end of Season 7 (fueling the Wren theories).



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Thank you for checking out our Season 6b finale spoilers! Do you guys have any spoilers that we didn’t list? Let us know! What do you think is going to happen in the finale? What do you think of the 5 year time jump so far? Comment below, and keep reading every week!



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