PLL Season 7 – Only 2 weeks left until the #PLLseason7 premiere!

Posted: June 9, 2016


The new Pretty Little Liars season 7 poster was just released and it is amazing! The girls looking gorgeous with their same shots from season 6b – but they are now shown in front of a police line up. Hmmm… will the girls have to go down for murder in order to save Hanna? Is that our hint? We’re not sure, but we’re definitely excited to find out! Now, a lot of fans are getting nervous that Hanna is not shown in the poster. We do not think Hanna is dead, and we do not think Hanna will die – but we do think the show producers want to scare us a bit! Don’t worry Dolls, there is no way our Liars would allow anything to happen to Hanna! 



Things we know about PLL season 7 so far:

  • Hanna was kidnapped by Uber A.
  • Uber A gives the Liars a time limit to #SaveHanna
  • There will be at least one murder in season 7
  • The Liars might end up being involved in a murder
  • Alison was just checked into Dr. Rollins psychiatric hospital
  • Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake are after Alison for her inheritance money
  • Emily is going to be checking in on Alison & hopefully launch mission #SaveAli
  • We will be seeing a lot of old faces including Jason, Jenna, Noel, and Wren
  • Confirmed, one of the Liars will be getting married
  • Uber A’s identity will be revealed in season 7
  • Season 7 might be the final season of Pretty Little Liars



PLL season 7 poster
Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Returns June 21, 2016



pll s7




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Hello, Dolls! Do you love the new Pretty Little Liars season 7 poster as much as we do? Do you have any PLL season 7 theories or spoilers? What do you wish would happen in PLL season 7? Let us know by commenting below! 


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