PLL Season 7 break down!

Hello, Dolls! We hope you are absolutely LOVING Pretty Little Liars season 7, just like we are!!! We can’t even imagine what we are going to do once PLL ends… except maybe re-watch all seasons one more time! Soooo just in case you missed anything here is a PLL Season 7 break down!

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PLL S7 Hanna

PLL 7×01

  • Hanna is being held captive in an abandoned barn.
  • The Liars have 24 hours to turn in Charlotte’s killer in order to save Hanna.
  • The Liars are seen in a flash forward burying a body.
  • The Liars think that the night of Charlotte’s death they may have seen Alison going into the church in a red sweater – and not actually Charlotte.
  • Veronica and Peter Hastings may have known Mary Drake.
  • The Liars come to believe that Alison is the most likely one to have killed Charlotte.
  • The Liars tell A.D. that Alison killed Charlotte.




PLL 7×02

  • Mary Drake picks up Hanna at the ending of the last episode and brings her to Spencers house.
  • Alison is in danger at Welby Sanitarium and Emily is trying to help her.
  • Hanna and Aria both end their relationships with Jordan and Liam.
  • Hanna signs papers to co-owning a building with Lucas.
  • The Liars realize Elliott and Mary Drake know each other.
  • Aria and Ezra are back together.
  • Dr. Rollins is seen drugging Alison and possibly taking her somewhere.



PLL 7x03

PLL 7×03

  • Aria finds bruises and burns on Hanna’s skin.
  • Elliott is torturing Alison and the Liars are trying to save her.
  • Caleb tries to convince himself and Spencer that he is over Hanna.
  • Elliott has medication and surgery tools hidden in a trunk.
  • Hanna and Aria visit Amish Country where Elliott & Charlotte use to go and make-out.
  • Dr. Rollins is not who he says he is, and is stealing his idenity.
  • Hanna accidentally runs over Elliott when trying to save Ali.



PLL 7x04

PLL 7×04

  • The Liars finish burying Dr. Rollins body in the woods.
  • Caleb relives old memories of “Spaleb” while Hanna is secretly listening.
  • Aria sneaks Alison back into Welby mental hospital.
  • Alison admits to seeing Charlotte at the church before her murder.
  • Spencer gets wasted and makes out with a guy she meets at the bar named Marco.
  • The bloody car that the Liars hide goes missing.
  • Later revealed that Mona took the car – Mona to the rescue.
  • Jenna Marshall is back in town.
  • The Rosewood Police start an investigation on Dr. Rollins.
  • Mona and Hanna find Dr. Rollins secret burner phone.
  • Mona answers the burner phone and Jenna Marshall is on the line.
  • Dr. Elliott Rollins real name is Archer.



PLL 7x5 Noel Kahn

PLL 7×05

  • Noel Kahn is back in Rosewood, and sharing a drink with Sara & Jenna.
  • AD submits a college exam for Emily.
  • Emily & Aria search “Archer’s” secret apartment.
  • Aria answers Ezra’s phone and the caller ID says “Nicole”.
  • Ezra proposes to Aria.



PLL 7x06 Sara Harvey dead

PLL 7×06

  • Jenna reveals she helped Archer get into Welby as a favor to Charlotte.
  • Sara Harvey almost slips out something important in front of Emily.
  • Alison is attacked by a masked man dressed as a police officer.
  • AD might of filmed the Liars digging up Elliott’s grave.
  • Sara Harvey is found dead, most likely murdered.



PLL 7x07

PLL 7×07

  • Jason Dilaurentis is back in Rosewood.
  • We see a flashback of Jason and Aria having a relationship sometime during the last 5 years.
  • Jessica Dilaurentis had a lair in her sister Carol’s storm cellar where she was trying to find Alison while she was missing.
  • Jessica also had all of her twin Mary Drake’s medical records.
  • Mary Drake’s medical records reveals she had two children while at Radley.
  • Ezra’s missing ex-girlfriend Nicole might be alive.
  • Aunt Carol’s storm cellar is torched.



PLL 7x08


PLL 7×08

  • The episode opens with Hanna dreaming of Caleb.
  • Alison goes back to work as a teacher.
  • Emily might apply to be a swim coach at Rosewood High.
  • Paige is back in town applying for swim coach also.
  • Mrs. Grunwald (the psychic) visits Hanna after sensing she’s in trouble.
  • Aria & Spencer visit the Doctor who delivered Mary’s children in Radley.
  • Revealed that Noel Kahn pushed the college girl down the stairs in the past.
  • Hanna thinks Noel Kahn is AD and the one who tortured her.
  • Aria gives Ezra a plane ticket to Columbia to look for Nicole.
  • Hanna has a plan to kidnap Noel Kahn and rents a motel.



PLL 7x09

PLL 7×09

  • Hanna makes a videotape for the police just in case her kidnapping doesn’t go correctly.
  • Aria & Jason go to the courthouse looking for more info on Mary’s last adoption.
  • Hanna catches Noel Kahn throwing away Sara Harvey’s cell phone.
  • Emily & Spencer breaks into Noel Kahn’s cabin.
  • Em & Spencer find a comp file proving Noel was helping Charlotte during the Dollhouse (photo above).
  • Hanna meets Noel at a bar to start her plan to kidnap him.
  • Emily reveals to Paige that A is back.
  • Hanna successfully kidnaps Noel.



PLL 7x10 Finale

PLL 7×10

  • Hanna cuts Noel and sends his blood to a specialist to see if he is a Dilaurentis.
  • Caleb and Hanna hook up. #HalebEndGame
  • Alison is pregnant.
  • Alison and Emily kiss and spend the night together.
  • Nicole and Ezra reunite in Columbia.
  • Spencer kisses Toby “goodbye”.
  • Noel & Jenna send the Liars a text to meet at an abandoned hospital.
  • Noel & Jenna try to kill the Liars but unsuccessful except for one shot at Spencer.
  • Mary Drake reveals she is Spencer’s mother.
  • Spencer is Mary’s second child that was secretly adopted from Radley.
  • AD steals Jenna from the abandoned hospital.




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Wow! The finale was amazing! We were definitely NOT disappointed – thank you PLL! So much love, drama, and death! Now we can’t wait until the FINAL 10 episodes that will start in April 2017 and finally reveal Uber A. PLLarmy, don’t forget to check back every week for more Pretty Little Liars season 7 details! 


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