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PLL: Season 7 Spoilers and Details



Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will premier Tuesday June 21, 2016 and end in March 2017. The first episode 7×1 will be named Tic-Tock, Bitches will premier June 21, 2016 and end in March 2017. The 7×1 title is most likely referring to Hanna as she was just kidnapped by Uber A in the Season 6 finale and her time may be running out!


PLL Save Hanna Season 7
Pretty Little Liars 6×20 Finale Ending – #SaveHanna

Are we worried about Hanna’s fate?
Truthfully, no… Only because we have already seen her in one of the Season 7 promo where all the Liars (including Hanna) goes into Alison’s classroom to warn her that “he is coming”. Also, in the new Season 7 trailer (shown above) we do see a very scared, yet very alive Hanna (below).


PLL 7x1
Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars Season 7 #SaveHanna



What we found out in the PLL Season 6b finale: 

  • Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin sister, Mary Drake.
  • Mary Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis’ (Cece Drake) birth mother.
  • Mary Drake was in Radley when she had Charles/Charlotte.
  • Jessica & Kenneth Dilaurentis adopted Charles/Charlotte.
  • Dr. Elliot Rollins is in love with Charlotte.
  • Alison’s husband, Dr. Rollins, is most likely drugging her.
  • Alison checked herself into Dr. Rollins hospital thinking she’s crazy.
  • Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins want the money that Alison inherited.
  • Mary Drake wants revenge for Charlotte’s death.
  • Hanna wrongly confessed to Charlotte’s murder.
  • Hanna was kidnapped by Uber A, leaving the initials A.D.
  • The initials A.D. belong to Uber A.


“Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go.” -A.D.


Don’t forget that the show producers have promised we will find out who Uber A is by the end of Season 7! Show producer I. Marlene King revealed that Season 7 Episode 1 will begin in a forest (tweet below), and teased that we will have lots of romance to look forward to in season 7 as well! I. Marlene King has also stated that PLL Season 7 will be the most fast-paced season ever! We’re ready! Are you?


PLL Season 7 Spoilers


Will we see anyone in Season 7 that we haven’t seen for awhile? Yes! Jenna Marshall, Jason Dilaurentis, and Wren Kingston will show up in PLL Season 7.


PLL Jason Season 7
PLL Season 7 – The very handsome Jason Dilaurentis returns to Rosewood!


Is Mrs. Dilaurentis’ twin sister Mary Drake “Uber A”?  No, we do not think so. Check out a clip from a recent interview from The Hollywood Reporter with actress Andrea Parker who portrays twins Jessica Dilaurentis and Mary Drake on Pretty Little Liars:


“AD is Uber A. My initials are not AD. Mary is not Uber A, but Mary is working with Uber A.” -Andrea Parker


PLL 6b Finale Jessica Dilaurentis
PLL Twin Reveal. Jessica Dilaurentis secret twin sister Mary Drake.


Is Season 7 the end of Pretty Little Liars? Show producer I. Marlene King has revealed (more than once) that Season 7 will be the end of the Uber A storyline, but will not necessarily be the end of the show.


PLL Tweet - Is PLL ending?


In the Pretty Little Liars Season 7 promo we see Alison in her classroom as she writes her new last name on the chalkboard, Mrs. Rollins, and then suddenly the Liars run in the room to warn Alison that “he is coming”. We think the “he” they are referring to is Alison’s new husband, Elliot Rollins, who we know has bad intentions! Elliot is in love with Charlotte and only married Alison as part of his plan to take the money Charlotte left Alison after her murder!


PLL Season 7 Spoilers
PLL Season 7 – Alison Rollins (Dilaurentis)



PLL Season 7 spoilers
PLL Season 7 Episode 1 “Tick-Tock, Bitches”


“It was a well thought out plan… but when it ends like this, it’s called murder.” -Spencer 7×1


PLL Season 7 Episode 2
PLL Season 7 Episode 2 “Bedlam”



Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode Guide:


PLL Season 7 Episode 1 – “Tick-Tock, Bitches”

PLL Season 7 Episode 2 – “Bedlam”

PLL Season 7 Episode 3 – “The Talented Mr. Rollins”

PLL Season 7 Episode 4 – “Hit and Run, Run, Run”

PLL Season 7 Episode 5 – “Along Comes Mary”

More episode information coming soon!





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Hello Dolls! Are you just as excited as we are to see Pretty Little Liars Season 7? Or are you to scared PLL Season 7 may be the last season, and therefore you’re unable to be properly excited? Let us know in the comments below!



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