PLL Season 7 Quotes

Hello, Dolls! We hope you are loving #PLLseason7 as much as we are!! Every week we are closer to finding out who Uber A is! The mastermind behind it all!!! OMG! While you’re waiting for the next PLL episode come check out our favorite Pretty Little Liars season 7 quotes below!¬†


PLL season 7 quotes
Pretty Little Liars 7×01


“There is no other way Emily. It was a well thought out plan, but when it ends like this, it’s called first degree murder.” Spencer Hastings – PLL 7×01 Quote



PLL season 7 quotes
Pretty Little Liars 7×02


“Many families have secrets. Most families, in fact. And sometimes, those secrets are actual people.” Mary Drake – PLL 7×02 Quote



PLL season 7 quote
Pretty Little Liars 7×03


“He had her strapped down to the bed like an animal.” Emily referring to Dr. Rollins &¬†Alison – PLL 7×03 Quote



PLL 7x04
Pretty Little Liars 7×04


“Archer, it’s Jenna… Jenna Marshall.” Jenna Marshall – PLL 7×04 quote



PLL 7x5 Jenna Quote
Pretty Little Liars 7×05


“I think a few of the girls you know, are a few of the girls I know.” Jenna to Sara Harvey – PLL 7×05 quote



PLL 7x06 Mary Drake
Pretty Little Liars 7×06

“Jessica took my child from me. She took my baby just like she took everything else.” Mary Drake to Alison – PLL 7×06


PLL 7x07 Ending
Pretty Little Liars 7×07

“If you find out who I am before I find out who killed Charlotte, YOU DIE.” A.D. to the Liars – PLL 7×07


PLL 7x08 Mrs. Grunwald
Pretty Little Liars 7×08

“Well in this case the dream left me quite unsettled. The sense was strong enough that I felt compelled to come here. A darkness around you and Caleb. Are the two of you alright?” Mrs. Grunwald to Hanna – PLL 7×08


PLL 7x09 Aria and Jason
Pretty Little Liars 7×09

“I can’t imagine there’s anyone better than you.” Jason to Aria – PLL 7×09

PLL 7x10 Quotes
Pretty Little Liars 7×10

“Spencer, I would never hurt you… I am your mother.” Mary Drake to Spencer – PLL 7×10




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