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#PLLendgame is right around the corner. Catch up with Pretty Little Liars NEW and final episodes starting Tuesday April 18, 2017 on FREEFORM.



PLL 7×11 Sneak-Peak #2 (first minute of episode)

We see Spencer Hastings in the ambulance speaking with an EMT asking her who her mother is, and then cuts to the Liars talking at the hospital wondering if Noel really is AD – and what it means now that he is dead. We then see Toby at the hospital in a gurney, and the Liars worried about both of their friends.



PLL 7×11 Photo Stills

Photos seen in order:
Veronica Hastings covering up Spencer, Spencer laying on her parents couch at home, The Liars opening a new Gift presumably from AD, The Liars opening a card from the Gift, Holden speaking to Aria and Ezra, Ezra kissing Aria on the cheek and shaking Holden’s hand, Holden & Aria speaking on a park bench, Mona and Hanna having a private lunch.



PLL Sneak-Peak #3

Promo opens with Hanna laying next to Caleb in bed lovingly gazing at him and when he awakes saying, “I’m just making sure you’re real”. Hanna starts to wonder where Jenna is and nervous that Jenna is still out there somewhere. Caleb then turns his attention to Hanna’s fashion job and pushing her towards chasing her dreams instead of Jenna. Aww! We just love Caleb, and Haleb!





Pretty Little Liars season 7B will premiere its FINAL 10 episodes starting on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, on FREEFORM. Read more PLL by clicking below:


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