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Updated: March 1, 2016 (Section: Ezria)



Hanna & Caleb = Haleb


Okay guys we must admit that we are total #Haleb fans! They are even super cute off camera. BTW have you bought your Haleb shirt yet!? Ashley & Tyler already have theirs! The moment it all began? THE SHOWER. Literally this moment gave us butterflies! Have you noticed how much Hanna smiles around Caleb, and doesn’t he always seem to help her feel relaxed when no one else can? We loved when Hanna told Caleb that their last year together was the best year of her life on a voicemail after they broke up. She really just put it all out there in the name of true love! All of the friendships, and relationships through out the show are amazing, but Haleb will always hold a special spot in our heart! Our very own Romeo & Juliet. #RelationshipGoals


PLL hanna & caleb haleb


“Most of my life I’ve felt alone, even when I was with people. That was until I met you.”
-Caleb to Hanna


PLL Haleb Season 1



Aria & Ezra = Ezria

Ezra wrote and published a poem for Aria named “B-26”, which stood for the song they both liked at the bar the day they met. Wouldn’t we all just love to have a poem written for us? It was incredibly hard not to fall for Ezria in Season 1. Their easy & romantic summer fling. The incredibly sweet, smart, and funny college guy that had all the right words, and loved black and white movies! Of course no one can forget that steamy first kiss in the bar bathroom! #Yum. Speaking of kisses they had the absolute best kissing in the rain scenes too! Plus, who doesn’t want to hang out and eat pie all day? We do! #Ezria has also been deemed the most popular shipper of the fans!


PLL Ezria


“You’re the one, you always have been.”
-Aria to Ezra


S2E7 Ezria Kiss in the rain


I Marlene King PLL Tweet 2016
Update: March 1, 2016 – EZRIA fans rejoice! There is definite hope for an Ezria reunion this season!



Spencer & Toby = Spoby


In Season 1 Spencer and Toby play Scrabble, and Toby beats Spencer, which is huge knowing how smart and competitive Spencer is! That is the moment we began to fall for #Spoby! We also loved when Spencer & Toby fell asleep holding hands after being romantic at the hotel, so sweet. Then super-handy Toby built a wooden chair for Spencer completely handmade #HusbandMaterial. In Season 4 Toby gives Spencer a “S” scrabble piece necklace as a reminder of the first night they spent together! Lastly, Toby’s body in the super cute Christmas scene where all the liars significant others dressed up in sexy santa outfits. #Hot. We don’t think Toby is end game for Spencer but they are the perfect first love!


PLL Season 1 Spoby


“Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”
-Toby to Spencer


PLL Spoby Smokin Hot



Emily & Paige = Paily


Paige was raised in a very strict family so she’s a little slow at showing her true feelings at first… but we still love Paige, and we remember highshool was hard and at times confusing. Our favorite Paily moment was definitely when Paige surprised Emily by signing her up to sing karaoke at the bar! We loved seeing Emily having fun, and just so happy in general! Good job Paige! There was also the time that Paily danced the night away looking incredibly cute in their cowgirl get’up! We also love how protective Paige is of Emily even though she isn’t usually able to help. It’s the thought that counts! We don’t think #Paily will be end game, but we love Paige and think she’s a normal girl with good intentions… we don’t think Paige will ever be tied up in any of the “A” business.


PLL Paily swim


“With all these terrible things in my life right now why do I feel so lucky?”
-Emily to Paige


PLL Season 4 shipper Paily



Alison & Emily = Emison

We love how
Alison continues to save Emily, and that kiss after Emily was trapped in a barn made us wonder. Could Alison have feelings for Emily too? Well it looks like that might be! Ali was Emily’s first kiss, and it definitely wasn’t the last that they shared! We will never forget the make out session Emison shared in Ali’s pink bed #OMG the steam was pouring out of our television!! AND do you remember in the Halloween prequel episode how jealous Alison seemed when Emily was looking at Jenna (dressed in the same Lady Gaga constume)? Even Mrs. Dilaurentis is an Emison shipper… remember when she told Emily, “You loved her as much as I did. I wish that Ali could’ve returned those feelings. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to love her than you.” #Emison shippers unite!


Alison saves Emily PLL


“I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided, that wasn’t true. Those kisses weren’t just for practice.”
-Alison to Emily


PLL wow kiss



Mike & Mona = Mina


OK so when we first saw Mona hanging around Mike we were weary of this relationship, but like many we have grown to absolutely love #Mina. The way they have stuck together through their hard moments, and Mike is seriously getting more adorable, and irresistible day to day!




“There will never be anyone like her. Ever.”
-Mike about Mona


PLL Mike & Mona



Update: Since the 5 Year Time Jump began (January 12, 2016) the relationships are all completely upside down, but we understand most couples wouldn’t be together once highschool ends and distance, growing, and life all get in the way. It’s completely healthy to get out on your own and find yourself before you find the love of your life… but we still have hope. What will happen once the girls return to their hometown after 5 years? Now that the girls have lived and learned a little more… will some of the couples end up together once again? Are some bonds truly made for a lifetime? We are hopeless romantics, and always believe there is hope! (Hey #PLLfans would YOU like to check out the new Pretty Little Liars Season 6b episode questions and answers? If so, please click here!)



So, we revealed our favorite #PLL couple is #Haleb. Although, we love them all!! But now it’s your turn. Who is YOUR favorite shipper? We would love to know! Please tell us in the comments below. 


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