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Pretty Little Liars Season 6b Finale Questions & Answers

Posted: March 15, 2016


For every episode of Pretty Little Liars we write a list of questions we have for each episode, and as the series goes on we fill in the answers one by one to give you a complete list of PLL Questions & Answers for every Season! If you ever decide to go back and watch Pretty Little Liars from day 1 make sure you pull up our Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Q&A first! If you know all of the answers as you are watching you can truly concentrate on the mystery and clues in each episode! Amazing, right!? Now, check out the PLL 6×20 finale Q&A below!


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PLL 6×20 Finale Q&A “Hush Hush, Sweet Liars”


Does Dr. Rollins really have to leave town for a conference? (He says he is leaving to catch a plane, but he is lying to Alison.)

How does Caleb know how to build an electric fence? (He googled it.)

Why does Ezra seem upset after finishing his book? (He finally came to terms that Nicole is truly gone, the book was a way of saying goodybe, and he is thankful that Aria helped him overcome the hard place he was in.)

Is Alison going crazy? (No. Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake is setting Alison up in hopes she will admit herself to the hospital.)

Did Alison see Mrs. Dilaurentis when she was looking at her music box? (No. She saw Mary Drake, her mother’s twin sister that she doesn’t know about.)

Who called Alison and said, “Did you miss me?”? (Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister Mary Drake.)

Who was watching Alison and Emily through Ali’s window? (Dr. Rollins.)

Why is Mona randomly showing up to help Spencer? (She says she wants to help Veronica’s campaign, now that she has been fired. She assures Spencer she is no longer the enemy. Still out to question what Mona’s true intentions are!)

Why did Liam and Aria break up? (When Liam read Aria’s new pages for her and Ezra’s book, he could tell that Aria is still in love with Ezra.)

Did Alison really see Detective Wilden? (No. Dr. Rollins is setting Alison up, he is wearing a mask pretending to be Wilden and most likely drugging Alison.)

Was Charlotte really adopted? (Yes. Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister named Mary Drake is Charlotte’s birth mother, but Mary was in Radley Mental Institute so Jessica and Kenneth secretly adopted Charles/Charlotte.)

Why does Alison’s husband Dr. Rollins, and Jessica’s twin sister Mary Drake, want Alison to admit herself to the hospial? (So they have control of Alison, and all Alison’s inheritance money from Charlotte’s death.)

Why did Caleb and Hanna originally break up? (We see a flashback of their breakup in New York. Hanna was incredibly busy with work and Caleb was feeling alone and ready to go to Europe. Caleb begged Hanna to go with him but assuming everything would work out Hanna left their apartment, and Caleb left. Hanna reveals that she came right back to the apartment for him – to let him know he was right and she loved him, but he was already gone!)

Does Hanna regret her and Caleb’s breakup? (Yes. She tells him she went back for him, and she never stopped loving him!)

What do Toby and Spencer find when they search the Radley building? (They find out that Charlotte was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth! The birth mother is Mary Drake, another patient at Radley, and also Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister.)

Does Hanna and Caleb’s plan work? (No. Someone does get through Caleb’s electric fence, and from security footage is later revealed to be Mrs. Dilaurentis – which only the viewers currently know is her twin sister Mary Drake. Hanna is taken and currently missing.)

Who is Mary Drake? (Jessica Dilaurentis twin sister. She was in Radley when she got pregnant with Charlotte, so Jessica secretly adopted Charlotte from Mary.)

Is Hanna going to die? (No. We have already seen Hanna in the Season 7 promo where her and the Liars go into Alison’s classroom to let her know “he’s here”.)

Who is A.D.? (Uber A.)


Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake are helping Uber A, trying to avenge Charlotte’s murder… but we do not think they are the actual Uber A, only accomplices in an attempt to get revenge for Charlotte’s murder.


What we found out in the PLL Season 6b finale: 

  • Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin sister, Mary Drake.
  • Mary Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis’ (Cece Drake) birth mother.
  • Mary Drake was in Radley when she had Charles/Charlotte.
  • Jessica & Kenneth Dilaurentis adopted Charles/Charlotte.
  • Dr. Elliot Rollins is in love with Charlotte.
  • Alison’s husband, Dr. Rollins, is most likely drugging her.
  • Alison checked herself into Dr. Rollins hospital thinking she’s crazy.
  • Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins want the money that Alison inherited.
  • Mary Drake wants revenge for Charlotte’s death.
  • Hanna wrongly confessed to Charlotte’s murder.
  • Hanna was kidnapped by Uber A, leaving the initials A.D.
  • The initials A.D. belong to Uber A.



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