PLL is Mona alive?

Pretty Little Liars: Is Mona dead?


Posted: August 26, 2014


Pretty Little Liars promised a fatate finale, and a fatale finale was delivered in “Taking This One to the Grave” episode 5×12!


There’s crime scene tape surrounding the door to the Vanderwaal home. A lot of Mona’s blood is found, but there is no way Mona can be dead, right? The Liars receive a text from “A” letting them know, “It’s all your fault” (referring to Mona’s alleged death) in the beginning. The episode then flashes back to 36 hours earlier… The Liar’s show up at Mona’s and in her bedroom a French record plays, and a large collection of dolls are sitting on Mona’s shelves. Mona tell’s the girls how truly scared she is now that Alison is back… then after some snooping on Alison’s lie detector results and making a trip back to Radley for some details on Bethany Mona is murdered. The cops do not find Mona’s body – only blood, but we do see Mona appearing to look very dead in the back of a car.


What do you guys think? Can Mona actually be dead?


PLL Mona fainted


Now we admit she totally looked dead, but remember in episode 5×10 when Hanna and Mona were auditioning in choir class and Mona fainted? Seems like Mona is up to another one of her plans – maybe it failed or maybe it’s right on time? Let us know what you guys think about Mona’s death by commenting below!


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