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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Questions & Answers

Hello Dolls! As you know we have a complete list of questions & answers for every single season of Pretty Little Liars. This page has only one question and answer per episode with images but you can find the full list of PLL Season 1 Q&A here. If you have not yet seen the full list’s of questions and answers – it is definitely a must see!


“Pilot” 1.01

Why is Jenna at Alison’s funeral? (Alison visited her in the hospital. Now that Ali is gone Jenna feels safe to return home to Rosewood.)

PLL 1x1



“The Jenna Thing” 1.02

Who was Alison seeing that summer? (Ian, but they wern’t exclusive.)

PLL 1x2 Alison Dilaurentis


“To Kill a Mocking Girl” 1.03

Why are the girls scared of Toby? (Alison did not like Toby. She set him up to take the fall for “the Jenna thing”, he was sent to juvi for a year.)

PLL 1x3



“Can You Hear Me Now?” 1.04

Who sent Aria’s mom Ella a note revealing Byron’s affair? (A= Mona.)

PLL 1x4



“Reality Bites Me” 1.05

Why does Ezra break up with Aria? (Aria forgets her phone and Ezra see’s a text from ‘A’ about their relationship, which makes him assume Aria told people.)

PLL 1x5


“There’s No Place Like Homecoming” 1.06

What does Toby’s tattoo, “901 free at last” mean? (9-01 stand’s for the day Toby ended his relationship with Jenna; It is also the day Alison disappeared.)

PLL 1x6


“The Homecoming Hangover” 1.07

What did Alison tell Jenna when she visited her at the hospital? (Jenna pretends they made up – but the truth is Ali visits to show Jenna a video of her and Toby together to blackmail Jenna into keeping “The Jenna Thing” a secret. She also tells Jenna if she ever returned to Rosewood that she would bury her.)

PLL 1x7



“Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone” 1.08

Why would Toby call Alison the night she disappeared? (Ali didn’t answer. They ended up meeting that night instead. Toby thanked her for helping him be free of Jenna’s manipulations.)

PLL 1x8



“The Perfect Storm” 1.09

Why does Detective Wilden corner Emily in the locker room? (He saw Emily’s muddy shoes. He was also paid off the night Ali disappeared to keep the truth hidden, and would rather the girls go down, than him.)

PLL 1x9


“Keep Your Friend’s Close” 1.10

Who wrote on Ezra’s car “I see you” when him and Aria were inside? (Noel Kahn. He originally wanted to playfully scare the girls at Mona’s birthday, but then saw Aria with Ezra accidentally.)

PLL 1x10


“Moments Later” 1.11

Why did Melissa and Ian elope? (Melissa and Ian are highschool sweethearts. They are still in love. He also know’s all of her secrets, and makes her feel protected.)

PLL 1x11



“Salt Meets Wound” 1.12

Who took the money in the pasta box at Hanna’s? (A= Mona.)

PLL 1x12



“Know Your Frenemies” 1.13

What was Melissa secretly telling Ian? (In the beginning of this episode we see the newlyweds Melissa and Ian whispering. Spencer tries to sneak up to listen but when she runs away Melissa freaks out thinking someone may of heard what she told Ian. We believe she is admitting what her part in “that night” was to Ian now that they’re married and he can’t be called to testify against her.)

PLL 1x13



“Careful What U Wish 4” 1.14

Who is the shadow in the picture following Alison the night she disappeared? (Spencer, she woke up the night Ali disappeared and had a chat with Alison, but doesn’t remember.)

PLL 1x14


“If at First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again” 1.15

Why does Caleb leave detention early? (He wants to disable Aria’s mother’s car so that she’s not able to make it to Philadelphia, because Hanna mentions she doesn’t want her to go. Aww Haleb!)

PLL 1x15



“Je Suis Une Amie” 1.16

What does the paper that Toby gave Spencer say? (The number “214”.  Jenna wrote down Caleb’s locker combo, but A makes Spencer think it is a hotel room number.)
PLL 1x16


“The New Normal” 1.17

Who was Jenna talking to about Spencer (per Toby)? (Caleb. Jenna hired Caleb to find info on the girls because she desperately wants the video of her and Toby back, and thinks the girls may have it. Caleb quit once he started to fall for Hanna, and gave Jenna the wrong information.)

PLL 1x17



“The Badass Seed” 1.18

Was Ian involved when the girl fell at the frat party with Alison? (No. It was Alison and Cece.)

PLL 1x18



“A Person of Interest” 1.19

Why is Paige so scared of being seen with Emily? (Paige’s father is loud about his opinion, and very traditional and very strict. She is scared to come out to her family.)

PLL 1x19



“Someone to Watch Over Me” 1.20

Why does Jenna have an owl pendant that looked like the one Caleb had? (It’s her pendant to begin with. Jenna gave it to Caleb to put the info she wanted – which was Hanna’s phone log, but Caleb gave her something else because he started to get to know Hanna.)

PLL 1x20



“Monsters in the End” 1.21

What is in the storage unit? (Emily finds a storage key in her snowglobe from Alison. Inside the storage is Ali’s lunch box, and inside is a flash drive with Ian’s videos of all the girls. Including a video of Jenna harrassing Toby.)

PLL 1x21



“For Whom the Bells Toll” 1.22

What is Ian’s motive for trying to kill Spencer? (Spencer said she would not leave the Ali thing alone. Ian know’s Melissa buried Ali’s body after she thought Spencer hit Ali the night of the disappearance. Ian is trying to protect Melissa and their unborn baby, and *thinks* that Melissa will understand.)

PLL 1x22



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