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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale Questions & Answers

Posted: March 19, 2013


For every episode of Pretty Little Liars we write a list of questions we have for each episode, and as the series goes on we fill in the answers one by one to give you a complete list of PLL Questions & Answers for every Season! If you ever decide to go back and watch Pretty Little Liars from day 1 make sure you pull up our Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Q&A first! If you know all of the answers as you are watching you can truly concentrate on the mystery and clues in each episode! Amazing, right!? Now, check out the PLL 3×24 finale Q&A below!



Episode 3.24     “A dAngerous gAme”


Who is Jenna talking on the phone to, that she wants to see today? (Shana.)

What does Shana know she has to do on Friday when they’re all together? (Follow Spencer.)

Is Jenna going to loose her eyesight permanently? (Yes.)

Why is Melissa talking to Jenna and Shana? (See who Spencer was meeting at the lodge.)

Who are the people in the plane? (Pilot= Nigel, and Red Coat= Cece Drake.)

Mona say’s Big A is going to get what she always wanted, what did she want? (To see Alison.)

Who was Toby following before Nigel knocked him out? (Jenna and Shana.)

Who was the guy with the compass lighter “NW”? (Nigel.)

Who started the fire? (Shana.)

Who pulled the girls out of the burning lodge? (Alison, and Red Coat= Sara Harvey.)

Is Ali really red coat or was that a hallucination? (There are 3 blondes that all have the red coat. Alison, Cece Drake, and Sara Harvey.)

Who pulled Wilden’s car out of the lake? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

How does Jenna know Wilden? (She met him when she first moved to Rosewood before Ali’s disappearance.)

How does Jenna know Shana? (Ali sent Shana to watch Jenna but Shana ends up falling in love with Jenna and disliking Alison.)

What is in the trunk of Wilden’s car? (A pig.)

Whose hand is helping the buried hand out of the dirt? (Mrs. Grundwald the psychic.)

Does Mona know who red coat is? (No.)

Why did Mona make a deal with Big A? (Mona said it all started at Radley. She made a deal with the devil because red coat gave her a way in and out of Radley.)

Did Mona recruit Toby into the A team? (Yes. Mona thought it was fun having a partner. Toby said he is working with Mona=A to keep Spencer safe.)

Ending: A hand reaches out from the dirt, and another hand starts pulling the trapped person (Alison) out.


PLL Season 3 Alison Dilaurentis
Season 3 Finale – Was Alison at the lodge the night of the fire?



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