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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale Questions & Answers

Posted: March 24, 2015


For every episode of Pretty Little Liars we write a list of questions we have for each episode, and as the series goes on we fill in the answers one by one to give you a complete list of PLL Questions & Answers for every Season! If you ever decide to go back and watch Pretty Little Liars from day 1 make sure you pull up our Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Q&A first! If you know all of the answers as you are watching you can truly concentrate on the mystery and clues in each episode! Amazing, right!? Now, check out the PLL 5×25 finale Q&A below!


PLL Dollhouse Clues
Photo Credit: Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars TV Series 5×25



Episode 5.25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”


In the season 5 finale of Pretty little Liars the girls are sent to jail, but instead wake up locked in A’s “dollhouse”. Mona is alive, and has been locked in A’s dollhouse all this time. Alison tells Veronica and Peter Hastings the truth about ‘A’; and in the end the girls finally make it outside, but realize that they’re still trapped by an electric fence in the middle of nowhere.


What does “Big A” shoot into the police van? Sleeping gas.


Where is the dollhouse? Underground.


Why is Mona pretending to be Alison? Big A is forcing Mona.


What do the four chimes mean at the dollhouse? Game time.


Does “Big A” bring the liars boyfriend’s to the dollhouse? No.


What do the loud sirens mean at the dollhouse? Go back to your room.


Does Spencer really know “Big A’s” real name? Yes. Charles Dilaurentis.


Why does “Big A” want the liars to recreate an old prom? It would of been Charles prom also as he and Jason were only a year apart.


Is “Charles” at the fake prom? Yes.


Who’s in the video of Mrs. DiLaurentis with the two toddler boys at Campbell Farm? Jason and Charles Dilaurentis, both are Jessica’s sons. Charles is 15 months older than Jason.


Do the liars escape the dollhouse using the materials from prom? Yes, but when they get outside they realize they’re surrounded by an electric fence in the woods.



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Hello, Dolls! What did you guys think of the amazing Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale that aired tonight?? It was so action packed and filled with mystery, we absolutely loved it! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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