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Pretty Little Liars *Clues*

Updated: August 13, 2o15 – This page has been updated each season, and was last updated after the Charles “A” reveal August 2015.




PLL Clues – Season 1

S1E1 – Mona is seen here texting under her desk secretively. Aria receive’s an “A” text during this same class.

Pretty Little Liars Questions Answers


S1E1 – Spencer gets a message from “A” referencing Wren and Ian.

PLL Wren Kingston and Spencer


S1E5 – Toby’s drawings. (We are not sure if this will be a clue, but just in case.)

PLL Season 1


S1E6 – Spencer has her Tarot cards read but realizes “A” has tampered with the cards. The tarot reader says, “When this card is reversed it indicates something from which you are running away. The Lovers is a joyful card, but paired with Judgement it means there is something wrong with this couple. It’s a bad match. Here (points) there’s darkness in him, maybe even violence or vengeance.” We think this is one of the biggest #UberA clues we have received, and we think the tarot reader was referring to Wren Kingston when she say’s “him”.

PLL 1x6


S1E9 – Anonymous video sent to to the Rosewood Police of Alison.

PLL Rosewood Police Dept




PLL Clues – Season 2


S2E5 – Someone left Jason Dilaurentis a note the night Alison went missing that read, “I know what you did”. Who wanted Jason to feel guilty for Alison’s death? (Garrett.)

PLL Season 2


S2E13 – Halloween Special. We find out there was someone after Ali before her disappearance.

PLL 2x13


S2E24 – At the Doll Hospital in Brookhaven we meet a creepy little boy named Seth. Seth’s grandma says he is gifted, and see’s things. Seth gives the Liars a warning stating: “There are people who wanted to hurt her [Alison]. A man and a woman. [She has] dark hair, like yours.” We think Seth is referring to Mary Drake and Uber A.

PLL Seth




PLL Clues – Season 3


S3E3 – Why is Jenna Marshall meeting H. Cobb at 4:15 on Wednesday? (A gun store for protection.)

PLL H Cobb Clues


S3E7Cece Drake‘s photo in the Rosewood High yearbook. Was Cece really Prom Queen?

Season 3 Cece Drake


S3E14 – The girls find Alison’s diary in the janitor’s closet (the creepy new janitor from The Lost Woods Inn that is somehow attached to Mona; The diary is how Mona knew so many of the liars, and Alison’s secret’s).

PLL Alison Dilaurentis Diary


S3E20 – The error code “307320” on Spencer’s sauna might be a huge clue. Season 3 eisode 7 is the first time Cece Drake is introduced “307”, and 3:20 is the exact time into the episode that Cece appears.

PLL Spencer Sauna


S3E22 & S3E23 – At Radley Sanitarium an employee named Eddie Lamb tells Spencer that someone on the staff had been attached to an issue with the badges, which we later find out is Wren Kingston. Then in the next episode Eddie admits to Spencer that he has a bad gut feeling about Wren since the moment he came. Why is Wren working at Radley, and why was he making exceptions for Cece Drake??

pll eddie lamb wren kingston clues



PLL Clues – Season 4


S4E1 – Who is the new guy Nigel Wright that is with Jenna Marshall at Darren’s funeral??

S4E1 Nigel Wrght and Jenna


S4E3 – The Rosewood Police suspect board for Darren Wilden‘s murder. (Wilden was paid off by Mrs. Dialurentis to cover up things in the past, could Alison or her family be connected to Wilden’s death?)

PLL Rosewood Police Board


S4E4 – Dr. Palmer tells Toby to tell his mom not to see “that blonde girl” anymore, because the air was wrong around her. (Dr. Palmer was Toby’s mother’s doctor at Radley but now his memory quickly comes and goes. Dr. Palmer was most likely talking about former Radley patient Bethany Young.)

PLL Season 4


S4E7 – Toby and Caleb go to a flight store while searching for more info on the lodge fire, and find Nigel Wright working there (the same Nigel that was with Jenna at the funeral!). Nigel says he was paid to fake a flight plan that night. When asked who paid him he said CeCe Drake.  (This is weird why would Nigel be dating Jenna and working for Cece? Especially since Jenna is afraid of Cece??)

S4E7 PLL Clues


S4E8 – Eddie Lamb’s police report that Spencer found. Some information is different than the official report. Eddie admits to Spencer that Wilden was paid off to lie about the nature of Marion Cavanaugh’s death.

PLL Eddie Lamb Police Report


S4E10Hanna goes over to the Dilaurentis home and doesn’t notice Red Coat standing behind her. Why was Red Coat at the Dilaurentis home? (Is #RedCoat related to the Dilaurentis family?)

PLL Who is Red Coat? Cece Drake.


S4E10 – At the end of the episode Wren Kingston is shown coloring an image of a family farm. #Creepy (Does Wren know about Red Coat? Why did Wren show Mona this picture? How is Wren attached to everything? Update: In Season 6A we see an image of the Dilaurentis family almost identical to this drawing.)

PLL drawing farm


S4E10 & S4E11 – The first image is from 4×10 and Wren is with Mona at Radley and asks her how she “feels” about the farm photo he has (which looks a lot like the photo of Jessica Dilaurentis with Charles that we see in Season 6a). The 2nd photo is right after Hanna asks Wren about Cece, and then he makes a strange call to an unknown person and sounds incredibly guilty about something (we think he was calling Cece). The 3rd photo is 4×11 and Cece is calling an unknown person asking where they are and sounds frantic, then in the same episode we find out Wren went home to London. (Why would Wren leave his job suddenly?) The last picture is also 4×11 after Wren leaves to London we see Shana searching his house. (Did Shana know something about Wren?)

PLL Clues 4x10 4x11


S4E11 – Cece Drake is wearing the famous black hoodie. (#PLLboss, I. Marlene King tweeted that we have seen “A” wearing the black hoodie in plain sight.)

PLL Black Hoodie


S4E11 – There is now 5 dolls. Most likely meaning Mona is completely kicked off the “A-Team”. Did Mona do something wrong? Is “Big A” after Mona now too?

PLL Dolls


S4E14 – A website for a girl that went missing the same day as Alison named Sara Harvey. Sara came from a nearby town, and resembled Alison. (Sara Harvey is definitely a different actress when she is introduced in Season 6A. Is this just a cast change?)

PLL Sara Harvey


In September 2013, Marlene tweeted “There’s a B in the box. #PLLclues. (Bethanys’ name starts with a “B” and as we now know, Bethany Young was the one buried in Alisons’ grave.)


S4E17 – Spencer see’s Ezra at The Hart and Huntsman bar, and is shocked to find out he’s ordering BoardShorts Ale and Boysenberry Pie. Is Ezra Boardshorts from Ali’s diary? (YES!)

PLL Board Shorts is Ezra


S4E18 – Someone leaves a note for Shana reading, “You’re now leaving Rosewood. Don’t come back again.” Looks like “A” wants to get rid of Shana fast. But Why?

PLL Don't come back to Rosewood


S4E22 – Spencer wakes up with dirt in her bed. Inside the pile of dirt is a letter from “A” stating, “I know you dug her grave. Now I’m digging yours.” (Hmm… an “A” note in Spencer’s bedroom, and Mrs. Dilaurentis secretly seen in her bedroom both in the same episode?)

PLL Season 4 Kisses A


S4E22 – At the end of the episode (the same ep. that Spencer had dirt inside her bed) Spencer looks out her bedroom window, and we see Jessica Dilaurentis in Spencer’s room behind her, but then Veronica Hastings walks in and Jessica disappears.  #WTF Why was Mrs. Dilaurentis secretly in Spencer’s bedroom?? Could Mrs. Dialurentis be the one with a twin? (Revealed: This was Jessica’s secret twin Mary Drake).

PLL Jessica Dilaurentis


S4E24 –  Cece Drake is at the police station being questioned for Wilden’s murder, and possibly makes a deal with Detective Holbrook. Afterwards Cece see’s Jessica Dilaurentis and they give each other an interesting look. Cece’s also wearing the same top that Ashley Marin recently found newly bought in Alison’s old bedroom. If you re-watch this episode notice how Jessica looks almost disappointed in Cece. Is Cece Alison’s secret twin?

S4E24 Cece Drake Jessica Dilaurentis



PLL Clues – Season 5


S5E5 – The girl who was buried in Alison’s grave is identified as Bethany Young, a 17 year old girl who escaped from Radley Sanitarium the same night that Alison disappeared.

S5E5 – Cece didn’t stay in Paris long. Was Cece the one meeting Sydney, Mona, and Jenna?

Pretty Little Liars Season 5


S5E6Bethany Young’s #creepy drawings found in her notebook at Radley Sanitarium.

PLL Bethanys drawings


S5E6 – At the end of this episode “Black Widow” is seen adding a card that says “My deepest condolences. -A” to flowers that are addressed to the parents of Bethany Young. Looks like Black Widow is definitely on the “A-team”!

PLL Season 5 Episode 6 S5E6


S5E8 – Aria finds out from a Radley patient that Mrs. Dilaurentis bought Bethany a horse named Custard. Spencer and Emily go to the horse ranch in Harrisburg and find out Bethany threw a fit and a bucket at Mrs. DiLaurentis after trying to bribe her.

– Hanna found a bunch of Alison’s letters, one of the letters is from Bethany and she realizes that Ali knew Bethany and she invited her to Rosewood on Labor Day weekend – when she was killed. (Did Alison write this letter, or was it planted?)

PLL Alison write letter to Bethany


S5E13 – In the Christmas special, Alison falls asleep and one of the people who visits her dreams is her dead mother Jessica Dilaurentis. Mrs. D warns Alison that, “They are coming for you”. We think she was referring to her twin sister Mary Drake and Uber A.

PLL Jessica Dilaurentis warning


S5E21 – While Alison is still in jail she writes Mona’s name in dust, when she returns a moment later it suddenly says, “Mona, told everything.” What did Mona tell!?

Season 5 PLL


S5E23 – Spencer found a mirror in Mona’s room and found something hidden behind the glass. Beneath the glass was a note, “Chandelier’s rituals. Sister launched lair. A ruler’s list chained.”

PLL Chandlier's Rituals


S5E23 – Alison reveals to Hanna that after her mother, Jessica Dilaurentis’ death, someone bought a tribute ad in the paper, and referenced a book that her mother used to read to her as a baby. Alison responded to the ad and two days later she received another ad with a phone number and started texting the person. The person also claimed that they knew who killed Jessica.

PLL Clues


S5E23 – Varjak’s phone number #727-242-7839 spells out “Sara Harvey”.

PLL Varjak


S5E25 – The “Love Thy Neighbor” photo in the dollhouse room, is very similar to the photo we saw at Wren’s flat when Spencer stayed the night previously. Both photos below:

PLL Charles Dilaurentis


PLL Wren Kingston



PLL Clues – Season 6


S6E1 – It is revealed that there is an unknown girl also in the dollhouse that has been there much longer than any of the other girls. (Sara Harvey the missing girl we first heard of in Season 4.)

Welcome to the Dollhouse - PLL


S6E3 – While searching her mother’s hiding spots Alison finds a photo deep inside a jar at the bottom folded up, of two little boys with Jessica. Is the family photo of Jessica with her 2 sons Charles and Jason?

Jessica, Jason, and Charles Dilaurentis


S6E4 – Radley Sanitarium Sold.

6.4 Radley Sold


S6E5 Lesli Stone shared a room with Bethany Young at Radley. (Mona told the liars that Lesli hated Bethany.)


S6E6 – Kenneth Dilauentis receives a birthday card from Charles.

PLL Charles Dialurentis


S6E7 – The Carissimi Group sends Hanna Marin a check paid from a scholarship fund which makes her suspicious who is behind it. (We later find out this is A’s personal bank account.)

PLL 6x17



S6E8 – Charles is sitting in front of a monitor and watching the gallery, when a doorbell rings. He opens the door and Red Coat walks in and sits down right next to him. They continue to watch the action in the gallery awaiting the big finale.PLL 6x8 Charlotte Sara Harvey


S6E8 – Big A has tickets to Senior Prom.

PLL 6x8


S6E10 – BigAreveal = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurenits (Cece Drake).

PLL 6x10


  • Mona told Charlotte that the Liars were happy that Alison was gone.
  • Red Coat and The Black Widow are revealed to be Sara Harvey.
  • Charlotte hit Ali with a rock the night she went missing, mistaking her for Bethany Young.
  • Mona confessed that she was the one who hit Bethany, thinking it was Alison.
  • Charlotte never intended to drown Alison, but Mr. Dilaurentis thought she did.
  • Bethany Young killed Marion Cavanaugh and framed Charles DiLaurentis for it.



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