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Rosewood is the perfect small town, much smaller than all the secrets it holds. In Rosewood we find five best friends: Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. The show starts 1 year after the disappearance of Alison Dilaurentis, the leader of the group. A mean and sassy girl who had someone going by the name ‘A’ harassing her before the night of her disappearance. All the sudden the four friends start receiving these threatening ‘A’ messages as well, which ends up bringing the group back together and stronger than ever! Through each season only one thing is sure, the four girls left will always be there for each other. Season 1 picks up one full year after Alison Dilaurentis disappears from Rosewood. The whole entire season takes place over a two month period.
(Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


Pretty Little Liars
Alison Dilaurentis Still Missing


Episode 1.01     “Pilot”

Is Alison alive? (Her body is found – but we later find out the body belongs to Bethany. Both girls were buried alive that night but Ali made it out.)

How did Alison die? (The body in the grave was hit in the head with a shovel, and buried alive.)

What is Byron’s secret? (Aria’s dad Byron had an affair with his student Meredith.)

Why is Jenna at Alison’s funeral? (Alison visited her in the hospital. Now that Ali is gone Jenna feels safe to return home to Rosewood.)

Who is ‘A’? (Mona is A in season 1 & 2.)

Ending: The girls receive a text that says, “I’m still here bitches. And I know everything -A”.


Episode 1.02     “The Jenna Thing”

What is the Jenna thing? (Alison threw a firecracker causing Jenna to go blind, then blamed Jenna’s step brother Toby. The girls feel partly responsible because they were there when it happened, and kept the truth a secret.)

Who is Maya St. Germaine? (Maya’s family rented Alison’s house the summer after her disappearence. Maya also becomes Emily’s first girlfriend.)

Who was Alison seeing that summer? (Ian, but they wern’t exclusive.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen listening to Jazz music as she prints copies of the photos Maya and Emily took in the photo booth at Noel’s cabin party.


Episode 1.03     “To Kill a Mocking Girl”

What was Alison using against Toby? (He and his step sister Jenna were intimate.)

Who scares Emily in the locker room? (Her boyfriend Ben. Toby comes in to protect Emily.)

Who stole the pictures of Maya and Emily from the photo booth? (A= Mona.)

Why are the girls scared of Toby? (Alison did not like Toby. She set him up to take the fall for “the Jenna thing”, he was sent to juvi for a year.)

Ending: ‘A’ listens to jazz music as she print’s copies of the pictures of Emily and Maya in the Photo Booth.


Episode 1.04     “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Why is Hanna’s dad calling her after so long? (To tell her he’s engaged.)

Who sent Aria’s mom Ella a note revealing Byron’s affair? (A= Mona.)

Who put the picture of Emily and Maya in Emily’s school book? (A= Mona.)

When Spencer is escorting Wren to his motel room, ‘A’ calls in a song dedication to the radio station, to which Hanna is listening.


Episode 1.05     “Reality Bites Me”

Why does Ezra break up with Aria? (Aria forgets her phone and Ezra see’s a text from ‘A’ about their relationship, which makes him assume Aria told people.)

Who videotaped the girls reading the ‘A’ note in lipstick? (A= Mona.)

Why was Jenna in the same building as Hanna’s dentist? (Talking to Toby’s therapist.)

Who sent Hannah the photo of Emily & Maya kissing? (A= Mona.)

Keegan Allen (Toby) revealed in an interview that Toby was supposed to die in this episode but Marlene changed her mind.


Episode 1.06     “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”

What does Toby’s tattoo, “901 free at last” mean? (9-01 stand’s for the day Toby ended his relationship with Jenna; It is also the day Alison disappeared.)

What is the truth about Toby? (His step sister Jenna forced Toby into an intimate relationship. Ali found a video of Jenna and Toby.)

What is in Jenna’s File (actually Toby’s file)? (Toby’s details of his relationship with Jenna.)

What did Jenna know about “the Jenna thing”? (She knows it was Alison and the girls who blinded her, not Toby.)

Why did Melissa chaperone the dance? (To irritate Spencer, she’s upset over her relationship recently ending with Wren because of Spencer.)

Who win’s homecoming queen? (Hanna.)

Ending: ‘A’ spray’s over the town sign and changes the population to one less number.


Episode 1.07     “The Homecoming Hangover”

Where did Toby go? (He ran away. During his disappearance he joined the A team to try and get answers, and try to protect Spencer.)

What did Alison tell Jenna when she visited her at the hospital? (Jenna pretends they made up – but the truth is Ali visits to show Jenna a video of her and Toby together to blackmail Jenna into keeping “The Jenna Thing” a secret. She also tells Jenna if she ever returned to Rosewood that she would bury her.)

Where did Ezra go? Why wasn’t he at school teaching? (Ezra went to a New York school for an interview.)

Is Toby dead? (No.)

Ending: ‘A’ fishes up the documents the girls threw in the river, containing files of Toby Cavanaugh.


Episode 1.08     “Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”

Was Alison scared of Spencer? (No, but Spencer was the smartest, and hardest to lie to.)

Why would Toby call Alison the night she disappeared? (Ali didn’t answer. They ended up meeting that night instead. Toby thanked her for helping him be free of Jenna’s manipulations.)

Why are there two Alison bracelets? (‘A’ made a duplicate.)

Who destroyed Alison’s memorial? (Lucas – because Ali bullied him before her disappearance, and meanly nicknamed him “hermie”.)

Why does Jenna want to speak at Alison’s funeral? (She says it’s because Ali helped her, but it’s actually because she is afraid of the girls, and also trying to get on Jason’s good side.)

Why did Alison tell Jason it was Spencer who did the Jenna thing? (Ali liked to play games, and always tried to protect herself.)

Ending: Alison’s memorial is being badly trashed by someone in black.


Episode 1.09     “The Perfect Storm”

Where was Emily the night before the SAT? (At Alison’s memorial.)

Why is Emily dirty with muddy shoes? (She went to Alison’s memorial during the storm to ask for forgiveness. When Emily arrives the memorial is already destroyed by Lucas.)

Why is Lucas’s shoes muddy? (He went to Ali’s memorial and destroyed it.)

Why does Mona call Lucas “hermie” and “shim”? (That’s what Alison called him, and Mona is secretly obsessed with Ali.)

Why does Detective Wilden corner Emily in the locker room? (He saw Emily’s muddy shoes. He was also paid off the night Ali disappeared to keep the truth hidden, and would rather the girls go down, than him.)

Ending: ‘A’ sends a file containing partial video footage of Alison the day she disappeared, to the Rosewood Police Department.


Episode 1.10     “Keep Your Friend’s Close”

Who is Alison with in the video at the kissing rock? (Ian Thomas.)

Who did Alison get in the car with? (Board Shorts= Ezra Fitz.)

Did Toby kill Alison? (No. He had nothing to do with her disappearance.)

Who called the cops on Toby? (His step sister, Jenna.)

Who wrote on Ezra’s car “I see you” when him and Aria were inside? (Noel Kahn. He originally wanted to playfully scare the girls at Mona’s birthday, but then saw Aria with Ezra accidentally.)

Who does Hanna think ‘A’ is? (Hanna thinks Noel is A, but he is not.)

What is the clue about ‘Wright’s Playground’? (“Alison + Ian” is carved into a tree with a heart around it.)

Who hit Hanna with the car? (A= Mona.)

Why was Ali wearing Toby’s jacket the night she was buried alive? (He gave it to her to wear since it was cold after going to thank her for freeing him of Jenna.)

Ending: ‘A’ looks at the video of Alison at the Kissing Rock and it is revealed that Ian Thomas was with her.


Pretty Little Liars Season 1
S1 E10 “Keep Your Friends Close”

Episode 1.11     “Moments Later”

Did Hanna really see Alison in the hospital? (Yes. Ali was buried alive but in season 4, it’s revealed that she is alive, and hiding out from ‘A’. Every once in awhile she secretly checks up on the girls to make sure they’re safe.)

Who wrote on Hanna’s cast? (A= Mona.)

Why did Noel lie to Aria about being at Mona’s glamping birthday party in the woods? (Noel saw Aria kissing Mr. Fitz, and he thinks Ezra might be forcing Aria.)

Why did Melissa and Ian elope? (Melissa and Ian are highschool sweethearts. They are still in love. He also know’s all of her secrets, and makes her feel protected.)

Why did Noel get in trouble? (A= Mona plants the answers to three midterm exams in Noel’s locker because he was going to tell the principal that Aria and Ezra were dating.)

Ending: ‘A’ burns the part of the tree which had the carving of Alison and Ian’s name on it.


Episode 1.12     “Salt Meets Wound”

Who took the money in the pasta box at Hanna’s? (A= Mona.)

Were Alison and Ian both at Hilton Head? (Yes. Alison, Ian, and Melissa were all there.)

Does Ezra change Noel’s grade? (Yes. Noel blackmails him with his knowledge of him and Aria.)

Does Noel turn Mr. Fitz in for kissing a student? (No. ‘A’ ends up setting Noel up.)

Emily has Maya over for dinner with her parents.

Ending: ‘A’ puts the stolen hundred dollar bills into a clown piggy bank.


Episode 1.13     “Know Your Frenemies”

What was Melissa secretly telling Ian? (In the beginning of this episode we see the newlyweds Melissa and Ian whispering. Spencer tries to sneak up to listen but when she runs away Melissa freaks out thinking someone may of her what she told Ian. We believe she is admitting what her part in “that night” was to Ian now that they’re married and he can’t be called to testify against her.)

Why is Noel and Aria’s brother Mike hanging out? (Noel was telling him a rumor about Mr. Fitz.)

Who set Noel up at school? (“A” set Noel up right before he was about to tell on Ezra & Aria. “A” calls the shots, and doesn’t want anyone else pulling the strings.)

Did Ian hurt Alison at the end of the video tape from the kissing rock? (No.)

Were Alison and Ian together the weekend she disappeared? (Yes. Ali spent the weekend with Ian at Hilton Head Resort in SC — but Melissa showed up in a jealous rage. Ian convinced her that Ali meant nothing to him while Ali listened from the other room. While Melissa and Ian spoke, Ali stole the incriminating N.A.T. Club videos from Ian’s computer — including the video of Jenna sexually harassing Toby. She then left back to Rosewood before Ian can stop her. Later that night she met Ian at the kissing rock.)

Maya goes to True North rehab, after Mrs. Fields finds marijuana in her things.

Ending: ‘A’ decides to give the girls a longer video of Alison and Ian at the kissing rock.


Episode 1.14     “Careful What U Wish 4”

Who has Spencer’s laptop? (A= Mona. She wants Spencer to think Ian stole her laptop.)

Who is the shadow in the picture following Alison the night she disappeared? (Spencer, she woke up the night Ali disappeared and had a chat with Alison, but doesn’t remember.)

Ending: ‘A’ receives their black jacket and gloves from Ella Montgomery at the dance-a-thon.


Episode 1.15     “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again”

Who took the picture from Alison’s room of a “shadow” following Alison? (Most likely Jason. The shadow is Spencer.)

Who’s the person who has interesting eyes talking to the bracelet lady? (Toby. He’s on the ‘A’ team trying to find answers. Toby doesn’t know Mona is A. A tells him to put Spencers name in the book.)

Why does Caleb leave detention early? (He wants to disable Aria’s mother’s car so that she’s not able to make it to Philadelphia, because Hanna mentions she doesn’t want her to go.)

Ending: ‘A’ visits the bead lady and drinks tea as the lady tells her she has done what A told her to do.


Episode 1.16     “Je Suis Une Amie”

Whose mailbox was destroyed? (The Cavanaugh house. Where Toby & Jenna live.)

Who is breaking into the school at night, and stealing from the vending machine? (Caleb.)

What does the paper that Toby gave Spencer say? (The number “214”.)

Ending: ‘A’ listens to a French tutorial while arranging different objects.


Episode 1.17     “The New Normal”

What does 214 mean? (Jenna wrote down Caleb’s locker combo, but A makes Spencer think it is a hotel room number.)

Why is Ashley Marin nervous when she meets James Leland? (Hanna’s mother Ashley stole the money from Mrs. Potter’s security box.)

Is James Leland really Mrs. Potter’s nephew or relative? (No. “James” came to claim the money from Ashley Marin’s bank. Caleb found out he was an impostor.)

Who was Jenna talking to about Spencer (per Toby)? (Caleb. Jenna hired Caleb to find info on the girls because she desperately wants the video of her and Toby back, and thinks the girls may have it. Caleb quit once he started to fall for Hanna, and gave Jenna the wrong information.)

Ending: ‘A’ places flowers on top of Mrs. Esther Marie Potter’s grave.


Episode 1.18     “The Badass Seed”

What did Ian give Jenna in the bag at school? (I don’t believe this has ever been stated but the same bag is later used to trick Spencer.)

How does Ian and Jenna know each other? (Ian is head of the N.A.T Club, and Jenna knows he took videos of her. Jenna want’s the video of her harrassing Toby back.)

Was Ian involved when the girl fell at the frat party with Alison? (No. It was Alison and Cece.)

What is Ian’s trophy doing in the prop box at school? (A= Mona planted it.)

Whose blood is on the trophy? (Rat blood.)

Did Ali know Jenna was in the garage when she threw the firecracker? (No, but she also had no remorse for it happening.)

What can’t Caleb be apart of, or do anymore? (Jenna want’s Hanna’s phone log.)

There were several flashbacks in this episode.

Ending: ‘A’ watches footage of the girls receiving her texts while eating popcorn, and replays the video.


PLL Hanna and Caleb


Episode 1.19     “A Person of Interest”

What’s in room 214? (‘A’ set Spencer up to think Jenna was in room 214.)

Why is Paige so scared of being seen with Emily? (Paige’s father is loud about his opinion, and very traditional and seems very strict. She is scared to come out.)

Who is Caleb talking on the phone with? (Jenna, he tells her he will no longer help her.)

Why is Spencer now a person of interest in Alison’s murder case? (The police found out Spencer has kissed Ian before, and thought she may be pushing him as Ali’s killer to disguise herself. The police also found fibers matching the sweater Ali was wearing that night to Spencer’s bracelet that Ali had given her. This is all ‘A’ set up.)

Toby beats competitive Spencer at Scrabble, which is the beginning of #Spoby.

Hanna and Caleb’s “first time”. #HalebForever

Ending: ‘A’ watches footage of the girls receiving her texts while eating popcorn, and replays the video.


Episode 1.20     “Someone to Watch Over Me”

Why does Jenna have an owl pendant that looked like the one Caleb had? (It’s her pendant to begin with. Jenna gave it to Caleb to put the info she wanted on.)

What is on the owl flash drive? (Hanna’s phone log is suppose to be on it, but Caleb gave her something else because he started to get to know Hanna.)

How did the threads from the sweater with Alison’s blood get on Spencer’s bracelet? (A= Mona planted this.)

Ending: ‘A’ smashes a glass heart with Hanna’s name on it, and puts it in a box with a letter to Hanna.


Episode 1.21     “Monsters in the End”

What does the key that Jenna wants go to? (Ali’s storage locker.)

Who is the the picture of the girl on Ezra’s computer? (His ex-fiance Jackie.)

Was Melissa at Hilton Head the weekend of Alison’s disappearance? (Yes, she went to find Ian who was there with Ali. Melissa also says she had her first miscarriage around that time.)

Who locked Spencer up in the maze at the festival? (A= Mona.)

What is in the storage unit? (Ali’s lunch box, and inside is a flash drive.)

What is on the flash drive from the storage unit? (Ian’s videos of all the girls. Including a video of Jenna harrassing Toby.)

How did Alison get ahold of all the videos? (The morning of her disappearance Ali stole the videos from Ian’s computer after hearing Ian tell Melissa that Ali meant nothing to him.)

Who recorded the videos? (Ian. He used the N.A.T. club equipment.)

Are the videos why Ali was killed? (No. The videos are not why Ali ended up being buried alive. Ali was already being harrassed by A, and thought the videos may help her.)

Who vandalized the haunted house by scrawling threatening messages in red paint on the mirrors? (A= Mona.)

Ending: ‘A’ steals the key from underneath Ezra’s doormat.


Episode 1.22     “For Whom the Bells Toll”

Who are the girls texting from the prepaid phone? (Ian.)

Why did Jenna tell Ian the girls found the video? (She wants to get the video of her and Toby back before anyone see’s.)

What is Garrett’s connection to Jenna and the videos? (He was in the N.A.T. Club with Ian, and want’s to destoy the videos so they don’t lead back to him, and he also wants to impress Jenna.)

Did Melissa lose her baby when her and Spencer were in a car accident? (No.)

Where is Ian? (Ian is at the church trying to find Spencer so he can get the videos back.)

Is Garrett really helping the girls? (Garrett is helping himself, and Jenna. The night of Ali’s disappearance Ali ran into Jenna & Garrett. Blind Jenna lashed out at Ali. Garrett then pretends to kill Ali with a nearby field hockey stick, to make Jenna feel protected, but he and Alison both knew she was still alive.)

Who hired Logan Reed to pick up the flash drive? (Ian hired Logan – I’m assuming Jenna called.)

What is Ian’s motive for trying to kill Spencer? (Spencer said she would not leave the Ali thing alone. Ian know’s Melissa buried Ali’s body after she thought Spencer hit Ali the night of the disappearance. Ian is trying to protect Melissa and their unborn baby, and *thinks* that Melissa will understand.)

Did Ian really kill Ali? (No, but he did video tape Ali and her friends for years which still makes him a creep!)

Who knocked Ian off the bell tower? (Alison – admitted in the Season 4 finale.)

Where did Ian’s body go? (Ian was badly hurt but not dead.)

Is Ian really alive? (Yes, but he dies shortly after.)

Why would Spencer throw the flash drive with the videos to Ian? (She was trying to get away from Ian because he was trying to kill her.)

Ending: As the episode comes to an end the girl’s get a text that says: “It isn’t over until I say it is. Sleep tight while you still can, bitches. -A.”


Pretty Little Liars
S1 E22 “For Whom the Bells Toll”



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