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Season 2 picks up immediately after Season 1 ended. No time has passed. The whole season covers a five month period in Rosewood. Between the mystery of Ian’s missing body and the search for ‘A’, the second season of Pretty Little Liars is even more addictive than the first. (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


Pretty Little Liars
PLL Rosewood Observer – Season 2, episode 1. “Ian Thomas Still Missing”.


Episode 2.01     “It’s Alive”

What is “the Jason thing” that Jenna and Garrett were talking about? (They gave Jason a note saying “I know what you did” knowing Jason was under the influence and wouldn’t remember the night of Ali’s death.)

What happened to Maya’s family when Jason moved back into the Dilaurentis house? (Maya’s family moved to Radford, they were only renting short term.)

What did ‘A’ take from Ezra’s apartment? (His college degree.)

Why is Hanna asking Ms. Sullivan about her shoes? (Hanna always notices shoes and clothes. It also helps later identify Ms. Sullivan when she was “buried”.)

Who is texting Melissa’s phone pretending to be Ian? (A= Mona.)

Ending: While the realtor is showing Emily’s room to a so-called prospective buyer, the client deletes Emily’s entire hard-drive, while wearing the familiar black leather gloves.


Episode 2.02     “The Goodbye Look”

Who broke into Emily’s garage and stole camping gear? (Mike Montgomery.)

Why is Jason back in Rosewood? (To get answers from Spencer’s dad about him being his real father, and to look for clues in Ali’s death.)

Who broke into Spencer’s house and pushed Aria down? (Aria’s brother Mike. He’s breaking in other homes around town also.)

Why were Melissa’s shoes and coat wet? (Went outside to meet her ex-boyfriend Wren.)

What is Jason trying to keep out of his house? (He is upset with Peter Hastings.)

Ending: When everyone leaves Jason’s house, the puppy comes back to the front yard, and a black leather-gloved figure is petting it.


Episode 2.03     “My Name is Trouble”

Who is Melissa on the phone with, when she says she has to be alone? (Wren.)

Whose shadow is in the window at Jason’s house? (Jason currently lives alone but at the ending of the last episode ‘A’ is seen in front of Jason’s house petting the dog that was bothering him earlier.)

Where was Jason the night Alison was killed? (Jason was blacked out, but he did not have anything to do with Ali’s disappearance/death.)

Where is Melissa’s engagement ring? (Lost. Later found behind the toaster.)

Why did Spencer pawn Melissa’s engagement ring? (To surprise Toby with a truck.)

What did Wren give Melissa? (Pain medication for Ian.)

Ending: In the pawn shop, we see a black-gloved figure giving cash to the pawn shop owner, to buy Melissa’s ring that Spencer had pawned.


Episode 2.04 “Blind Dates”

Where is Ian hiding? (Injured Ian hides in Rosewood after falling off the bell tower, but shortly after he commits suicide.)

Did Ian commit suicide, and write a suicide note? (Ian did commit suicide, but he did not write the note, the note was written by A= Mona.)

Where has Mike been after school the last couple months? (Breaking into homes.)

Who trashed Dr. Sullivan’s office? (A= Mona.)

Ending: A gloved hand is seen putting Ian’s phone into Spencer’s purse.


PLL Jason Dialurentis


Episode 2.05 “The Devil You Know”

What was Melissa trying to tell Spencer before getting interrupted? (That she lost the baby after seeing Ian’s dead body.)

Does ‘A’ tell Melissa that Spencer pawned her ring? (No. Threats only.)

Why is Mike Montgomery breaking into homes around Rosewood? (Mike suffers from chronic depression, which his Uncle Scott also had, but the family has not realized yet that he is acting out.)

Ending: The girls go to the cemetary and a projetor plays footage of Ali, they go in search of the projector, but a black-hooded figure unseen by the girls walks away, projector in hand.


Episode 2.06     “Never Letting Go”

Why did Jason Dilaurentis text Aria? (They end up meeting up in his car and Jason ask’s her not to tell her friends what he told her about thinking he may of killed Ali.)

Why was Spencer’s dad Peter Hastings yelling at Jessica Dilaurentis? (Peter is Jason’s real father and does not want people to find out.)

Who ruined the video tribute to Alison? (A= Mona.)

Ending: ‘A’ buys a pair of black women boots online.


Episode 2.07     “Surface Tension”

Who sent Hanna and Emily the gift basket? (A= Mona.)

What was Melissa’s field hockey stick doing buried in the back yard? (Garrett hit the tree with it the night of Ali’s disappearance.)

Why is Spencer’s dad Peter acting weird about the hockey stick? (He thinks Melissa, or Spencer may have been involved with Alison’s disappearance.)

Why did Garrett have Jenna’s pottery? (They’re secretley together.)

Mike is arrested for breaking and entering.

This is the first time we see Hanna’s bedroom.

Ending: ‘A’ injects steroids into Emily’s lotion.


Episode 2.08     “Save The Date”

Why is an undercover cop following Caleb? (Caleb’s birth mom hired a private investigator to check on him.)

Why is HGH showing up in Emily’s test results? (‘A’ put HGH steroids into Emily’s lotion.)

Who is the undercover cop talking to about Caleb, stating he does not want to see them? (He’s talking to Caleb’s mom.)

Did Jason kill Alison? (No.)

Where is page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report? (Garrett gave it to Jenna.)

What was the “curved blunt object” that killed Alison? (A shovel killed the body in Alison’s grave.)

Jason kisses Aria. #TeamJaria

Ending: In the morgue, after the janitor passes by, ‘A’ rises under the sheets, revealing to be in the room at the same time as the Liars.


Episode 2.09     “Picture This”

Why is Jason taking pictures of Aria? (It was an old roll of film belonging to Alison that Jason developed.)

Why does Jason have all that surveillance equipment? (In highschool he was in the video club. NAT club.)

Where did Aria’s pictures, and all of the equipment go from the dark room? (Jason moved them to make sure no one stole his stuff.)

Ending: ‘A’ develops a photograph of Spencer and Emily entering Jason’s shed in Jason’s darkroom.


Episode 2.10     “Tounched by an A-ngel”

Who messed with Emily’s cereal? (A= Mona.)

Does Jackie still like Ezra? (Yes, but Ezra does not know.)

What is the N.A.T. Club? (Ian, Jason, & Garrett’s video club from highschool.)

Who gave the massage to Emily? (Lucas is on the A team, only because Mona is blackmailing him.)

What secret does Garrett and Jason have? (The videos.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen talking to the girls therapist, Dr. Anne Sullivan.


Episode 2.11     “I Must Confess”

Why was Spencer’s dad at Jason’s house? (About Jason being Peter Hastings son, and his grandma’s will.)

What did ‘A’ do to Dr. Sullivan? (Dr. Sullivan figures out who A is, so Mona blackmails her to leave town.)

Ending: ‘A’ removes the files and the bug from Dr. Sullivan’s office.


Episode 2.12     “Over My Dead Body”

Why are the girls all dirty? (Trying to find Dr. Sullivan who they think is buried alive.)

Who dragged Emily out of the barn? (Alison.)

Was Emily seeing Alison a hallucination? (No. We find out in Season 4 Alison was buried alive, but escaped, and is on the run.)

Who did Garrett tell they shouldn’t be at the police station? (Jenna.)

Did Garrett or Jenna kill Alison? (Garrett pretended to kill Alison while blind Jenna was with him. He actually hit the tree with a hockey stick, and Alison pretended to be dead for Jenna.)

What is Garrett referring to when he say’s “there is nothing else to link him and Jenna to the night? (Garrett put a note in Jason’s hand when he is passed out that says “I know what you did”, to make him think he hurt Alison.)

Is Garrett or Jenna ‘A’? (No.)

What did Dr. Sullivan do that ‘A’ asked her to do? (Leave Rosewood, don’t speak with the girls, and diagnose Mona.)

What is Jenna going to do with page 5? (Turn it into the police.)

Ending: ‘A’ meets Dr. Sullivan at a diner and gives her an envelope after Dr. Sullivan claims to have done everything ‘A’ has asked her to, and leaves.


Episode 2.13     “The First Secret”

Who was texting Ali and sending her a package as ‘A’? (Mona.)

Who was the person in the baby face mask?

Was Ali really being attacked in the house when she believed it was Noel? (Yes, by Mona.)

Is the ‘A’ that’s currently texting the girls, also harassing Alison? (Yes. Mona was texting Ali prior to texting all the girls.)

This is the Halloween Special which is a prequel to the pilot.


PLL Halloween Special
The Halloween Special is a Prequel to the Pilot


Episode 2.14     “Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares”

Why are Emily and the other girls mad at each other? (They are pretending to try and set up A.)

Who almost stabs Emily with a tool in the greenhouse? (A= Mona.)

Whose black phone did the girls find? (A= Mona.)

Ezra and Aria reveal their relationship to Aria’s parents.

Ending: ‘A’ punches the car in anger and glass shatters from the window and side view mirror when realizing she lost her cellphone.


Episode 2.15     “A Hot Piece of ‘A'”

Who was the person Jenna and Garrett brought in to help them, but caused trouble?

Why is Lucas acting weird? (He lost all of Caleb’s money on a basketball bet and is nervous to tell him.)

Who was on the crisis hotline the night of the greenhouse incident? (Lucas.)

What does Lucas have to do the night of Caleb’s birthday? (Tell Caleb and Hanna that he lost Caleb’s money.)

Who was Lucas going to hurt forever? (Caleb.)

Is Lucas dead? (No.)

Is Lucas on the A team? (Yes. A= Mona blackmailed him.)

Ending: ‘A’s’ shown in a dark sweatshirt and gloves, fishing Lucas’ shoe out of the lake.


Episode 2.16     “Let the Water Hold Me Down”

Who put lake water in Hanna’s water bottle? (A= Mona.)

Where is Lucas really at? (Selling his comic books to get money for Caleb.)

What is the address to on the reciept in Spencer’s lake house attic? (Smitty’s newsstand across from the school for the blind.)

Who is texting Maya which is making her upset? (Ex-boyfriend/ stalker.)

Did Noel and Mona really break up? (Yes. Mona says she went skinny dipping just to keep his attention. Noel is seen with Jenna in the next episode.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen loosening the hinges on a bolt.


Episode 2.17     “The Blonde Leading the Blind”

Who was in Ali’s room the night of her disappearance? (The NAT club & Jenna, were in Ali’s room the night she went missing searching for the videos Ali stole.)

Is Holden gay? (No.)

Is Caleb able to crack A’s phone? (No.)

What’s in the secret compartment in Alison’s doll? (Threatening notes signed by ‘A’.)

Best moment: Aria and Ezra kiss in the rain.

Ending: ‘A’ is seen cutting up a picture of Spencer and Toby and burning it. ‘A’ does the same with Ezra and Aria’s picture cutting it in half.


Episode 2.18     “A Kiss Before Lying”

Why did Ali need an ID that didn’t look like her? (She was trying to figure out who ‘A’ was.)

Why does Holden have a big bruise on his side? (Martial arts class.)

Why did Alison pretend to be Vivian Darkbloom? (To try and spy on ‘A’.)

What does Alison have at the dry cleaners? (Her red coat.)

Who stole the gun from Spencer’s house? (A= Mona.)

Ending: ‘A’ breaks into Peter Hastings’ office and steals a gun out of his desk drawer.


Episode 2.19     “The Naked Truth”

What fell out of Holden’s bag? (Pain medication.)

Whose phone number was found in the coat? (A guy who worked for the phone co. that Ali had spoke with when trying to find “A”.)

What is Holden doing when Aria and him are on their “date”? (Martial arts tournament.)

Who sent the photo of Kate from Hanna’s phone? (Kate, she was trying to set Hanna up.)

Rosewood High host’s a “Truth Day”, an anti-bullying sleepover.

Ending: ‘A’ is seen approaching a sleeping Caleb during the night and taking his laptop.


Episode 2.20     “CTRL: A”

Why do the police take Caleb’s laptop? (A= Mona set him up, and put stolen school files on Caleb’s computer.)

Did Peter Hastings pay Alison to be quiet about who Jason really was? (No.)

Where did Alison get $15,000 from? (Ali was blackmailing Aria’s dad Byron and he gave her the money.)

What information does Jonah know that he’s expecting $2,000 for? (2 Addresses. One is to a law firm Melissa Hastings use to work for, the important is the 2nd address, a doll repair store filled with creepy dolls.)

Who sent the note to Aria’s father Byron trying to get Aria and Ezra caught? (A= Mona.)

Ending: Emily is in the kitchen while ‘A’ watches her through the window.


Episode 2.21     “Breaking the Code”

Who lives at the address that the guy gives Spencer for $2,000? (It’s a store.)

Why was Melissa in Alison’s room with the NAT club? (To tell Ali to stay away from Ian.)

Why would Melissa get into the car with Garrett instead of meeting Spencer? (To talk.)

Where did Maya go? (She ran away, but was then found murdered.)

Who is messaging Mona? (Mona is pretending ‘A’ is texting her, but Mona is ‘A’.)

Ending: ‘A’ uses Mr. Hastings’ stolen gun for target practice.


Episode 2.22     “Father Knows Best”

Did Peter Hastings kill Alison? (No.)

Did Spencer’s dad lie about giving Alison $15,000? (No, it was for a private investigator.)

Who was Maya with outside of the bus station? (Stalker.)

Why does Peter have a folder with Alison’s pictures? (For the investigator.)

Did Melissa kill Alison? (No, but she did bury a body thinking it was Ali.)

Is there more than one ‘A’? (A= Mona has an A team, but keeps her idenity hidden from most of them.)

Who is the guy that thought Aria was Vivian Darkbloom? (Ali’s friend Duncan.)

Ending: ‘A’ reads a newspaper with the headline showing a picture of Maya who is listed as missing.


Episode 2.23     “Eye of the Beholder”

How is Duncan connected to Alison, guy from Brookhaven? (He flew her around in an airplane several times, including the morning of Alison’s disappearance.)

Did Jenna’s eye surgery work? (Yes, but she keeps it secret.)

Who sent a text from Jason to Jenna telling her to come to his house? (A= Mona.)

Who saved Jenna from the fire at the Dilaurentis house? (Hanna.)

Ending: ‘A’ places a police badge at Jason’s house.


Episode 2.24     “If These Dolls Could Talk”

Was Ali really in Spencer’s house talking to her? (Yes. She also left front door, and pill bottle open.)

Is Aria being sent to an all girls school? (No.)

Who is the man & woman who wanted to hurt Ali according to the boy at the doll shop? (Assuming Mona, and Charles.)

Why is Garrett and Melissa kissing? (They start dating after Ian’s death.)

Why was Garrett arrested? (Police know he took pg. 5 when Jenna turned it in; They now think he may have killed Alison, but he did not.)

Did Garrett kill Maya? (No, he was seen with her at 9pm & she was on camera at 10:30pm. Maya’s ex-boyfriend killed her.)

Did Jenna know what was on page 5 of the autopsy report? (Yes. She was lying to Toby.)

Ending: ‘A’ bribes Martha with an envelope of cash, and Seth the boy who gave the girls false information about Alison, with candy.


Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Finale
Season 2 Finale – The Masquerade Ball. Episode 24: “unmAsked”.

Episode 2.25     “unmAsked”

What would Ali be doing at the Lost Woods Resort? (Spying on A= Mona.)

Who did Jenna meet at the park’s picnic table? (Shana.)

What did Jenna give to the person she met with (blue/white clothing item)? (Scarf.)

Who was Ali watching in the weeks before she went missing? (Trying to watch A= Mona.)

What is in room 2? (A= Mona’s lair.)

Who is in the black swan costume? (Melissa Hastings.)

Why is Lucas and Jenna talking to the black swan? (Melissa was told to distract Jenna.)

Mona says “we want them to sleep with their doors unlocked”, is there an A team? (Yes.)

Toby called for Dr. Sullivan to come back, how did he get ahold of her? (He is A’s helper.)

Who visits Mona at Radley Mental Institute wearing a red coat? (Cece Drake, who we later find out is Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis. Mona was drugged up and thought Cece was Alison.)

Ending: A person in red visits Mona in her hospital room, to which she says to them “I did everything you asked me to.”


PLL Who is A?
Season 2 Finale – Mona is ‘A’ revealed!



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