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It has been 5 months since Maya’s murder, and Mona’s original “A” reveal. The whole season covers about a two month period in Rosewood. The first half of this season is questioning if Garrett Reynolds was involved in the murder of Alison DiLaurentis, and who killed Maya St. Germain in the season two finale. The second half of the season we find out there is another ‘A’ texting the girls. Is “Big A” connected to Mona? (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


Big A = Cece Drake = Charlotte Dialurentis
“Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. –A.”

Episode 3.01     “It Happened ‘That Night'”

Why was Emily at Alison’s grave? (Emily was drugged in her flask by Lucas. Mona and Red Coat were both at the grave.)

Where is Alison’s body? (‘A’ has it in a freezer on the Halloween train.)

Who dug up Alison’s grave? (Red Coat.)

Who called Emily from a blocked number at 11pm? (‘A’ called Emily from Spencer’s phone.)

Whose car backseat was Emily in the night Alison’s grave was dug up? (Jenna Marshall.)

Who really killed Maya? (Her ex-boyfriend Lyndon who was stalking her.)

Who keeps calling Spencer from an unknown number? (Garrett from jail.)

Why has Lucas been acting weird since the ball? (Mona’s been blackmailing him.)

Garrett said he would tell Spencer the truth, what is it? (About the hockey stick.)

Who is helping Mona? (Toby and Lucas. Toby is trying to help Spencer, and Lucas is being blackmailed by Mona. Red Coat also seems to be helping Mona.)

Who is the new “Big A”? (Mona is still on the A-team, but the new ‘A’ is Cece Drake= Charles/Charlote Dilaurentis.)

Ending: As Spencer’s car alarm goes off outside, they rush out and all four girls receive a text from a new “A” and see photos taken of them when they were set up at Ali’s grave.


Episode 3.02     “Blood is the New Black”

According to Garrett, someone Spencer knows well has fooled her, who? (Melissa. She lost her baby after seeing Ian’s dead body but pretended to still be pregnant afterwards.)

Whose medical records will help Spencer know the truth? (Melissa’s.)

If the earrings did not belong to Meredith, then who? (Alison planted the earrings the night her and Aria trashed Byron’s office.)

Where is the other earring? (Found in Paige’s bag, planted by ‘A’.)

What changed Veronica Hastings mind about helping Garrett? (Protecting Melissa.)

If Jenna can see, why is she pretending she is still blind? (She thought someone was after her.)

Ending: Red Coat is seen buying black hoodies and gloves for her workers. The store owner says, “So, are you buying this for a team?”.


Episode 3.03     “Kingdom of the Blind”

Where is Melissa’s baby? (She lost the baby.)

Why is Jenna meeting H. Cobb at 4:15? (She is going to a gun store for protection.)

Is Garrett the father of Melissa’s child? (No.)

Why is Lucas visiting Mona? (He was being blackmailed.)

Is Mona faking being crazy? (No.)

Why was there no record of Melissa being in the hospital on June 10th? (That’s when she was at a spa resort. She had already lost her baby by this point but kept it hidden.)

When did Melissa lose her baby? (The day after she saw Ian’s body.)

Why is Mona holding the queen of hearts card in bed? (Halloween costume.)

Ending: ‘A’ pours herself a drink as she make’s another necklace, and puts the vodka bottle in the freezer next to a bodybag.


Episode 3.04     “Birds of a Feather”

Why was Melissa at the ball as the black swan? (Someone was blackmailing her.)

Who is Jason going to meet in the parking lot to give the $50,000 check to? (‘A’ = In Episode 3.08 ‘A’ is seen collecting a large sum of money from the bank.)

Why is Maya’s cousin Nate in town? (He is lying about his idenity. He is Maya’s stalker, and killer.)

Why does Detective Wilden visit Mona in Radley? (He has a court order to question her about Alison’s grave being dug up and the missing remains.)

Why is Mrs. Hastings defending Garrett? (Because Garrett’s public defender had a list of witness names that included the private investigator that they hired to watch Melissa/Spencer after Ali’s disappearance.)

Ending: ‘A’ is at the airport, hacking the Radley Sanitarium computer system to allow Mona to have visitors.


Episode 3.05     “That Girl Is Poison”

Is Garrett’s mom sick only as a plan to get him released? (Garrett’s mom isn’t faking it, but he does leave a note in his mothers hand at the hospital.)

What did the note say that Garrett gave to his mom? (“You didn’t give up on me I won’t give up on you.”)

What does Lucas want back from the photography studio? (His camera negatives, and sleeping pills.)

Why were sleeping pills found in Paige’s system? (Emily’s flask was drugged the night of Ali’s grave being dug up.)

What are the negatives on Lucas’ personal film of? (Yearbook pictures.)

What proof does April Rose have (found in hospital bracelet)? (Ali’s missing anklet at a store.)

Why does Lucas have the same sleeping pills that were found in Emily’s flask? (Mona’s blackmailing Lucas, and making him do some ‘A’ tasks.)

What does ‘A’ want from Maya’s bag? (Maya’s phone to plant in Paige’s bag.)

Ending: ‘A’ goes through Maya’s purse, finding different things belonging to Maya.


Episode 3.06      “The Remains of the ‘A'”

Who is going to show up at the church per Hanna’s note? (Detective Wilden.)

Why does Ezra have a large amount of cash in his sock drawer? (Sold an old car of his family’s.)

Why did Emily’s memory start to come back at the diner? (She saw a tattoo.)

Who has the tattoo on their wrist that Emily saw in the diner? (It was a stamp for a party.)

Whose party had that stamp to get into? (Noel Kahn’s party’s.)

Whose blood was on Alison’s anklet? (Hanna’s and Alison’s blood.)

Ending: ‘A’ looks at rooms for rent in the newspaper, and dials a number.


Episode 3.07     “Crazy”

Was Cece Drake really Alison’s friend? (Yes. Cece and Ali hung out the summer before her disappearance.)

Why does Cece sound just like Alison? (Cece was doing her best Ali impression to get the girls attention. Cece is Alison’s sibling but Alison did not know.)

What does “Maya knew” mean? (She knew of her stalker Lyndon.)

What does stand for? (Maya’s website/blog.)

Who is not safe? (Assume the stalker was dangerous)

Is Mona trying to help or hurt the girls? (Hanna believes helping but Mona is working for Big A.)

What items were put into Ali’s grave? (Aria= earrings, Hanna= Ouija board pointer, Emily= postcards, Spencer= ?)

What did the Ouija board say? (That Alison was alive, but this is when Mona and Hanna were playing, and Mona secretly knew that Alison was alive.)

What did Hanna do that made Ali’s family upset, especially her dad? (Said Alison was alive, after Hanna thought she saw Ali, but a couple days later Ali’s body was found.)

First time the liars meet Cece Drake.

Jason is drunk driving and Spencer covers for him after crashing into a parked car.

Ending: ‘A’ is in the Children’s Ward and pulls off the head of a porcelain doll that Mona was brushing earlier to reveal a voice recorder. Aria’s and Hanna’s voices are heard begging Mona to tell them who ‘A’ is.


Episode 3.08     “Stolen Kisses”

Has Mona been giving Lucas her pills when he visits her? (Either him, red coat, or Toby.)

What does Paige mean when she said Emily was with her that night she was drunk? (She was Emily accidentally and they hung out for a little bit.)

Why would the case against Garrett fall apart if Veronica cracks Bart? (He saw Maya get in the car with Garrett.)

What is Maya afraid of and needs to face her fears? (Her stalker Nate/Lyndon.)

Ending: ‘A’ collects a large sum of money from the bank.


Episode 3.09     “The Kahn Game”

Did Cece really give Steven, Spencer’s UPenn application? (Yes.)

What does ‘A’ need a key for? (Her new lair.)

Were Maya and Noel Kahn friends? (Yes. Maya went to a couple of the Kahn parties.)

Where did Jenna and Noel actually pick Emily up? (At a diner, not on the street.)

Ending: ‘A’ receives a key for “Unit A”, from a woman obsessed with cat’s.


Episode 3.10     “What Lies Beneath”

What did Maya want to tell Emily? (Lyndon show’s Emily the video.)

Was Maya staying at the Kahn’s cabin when she ran away? (Yes.)

Whose initials “L J” are on the pocket knife? (Lyndon James. Maya’s stalker and killer.)

Who locked Hanna and Emily in the Kahn’s cabin? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ watches the news as they’re hanging up black hoodies.


Episode 3.11     “Single Fright Female”

Is Paige trying to hurt Emily because she hated Alison? (No. A is trying to set Paige up.)

Is Paige ‘A’? (No. Paige is a good person.)

What did Hanna and Spencer find in Paige’s bag? (The other earring that Aria had, but it was planted.)

Who is Jenna talking about when she tells Emily that she needs to be careful who she hangs out with? (Nate= Lyndon.)

Where is the knife that was in Maya’s bag? (Nate= Lyndon has it.)

Ending: ‘A’ plays on the jukebox as she hands over a key to another black-gloved ‘A’.


Episode 3.12     “The Lady Killer”

Who was killed and being taken away? (Nate= Lyndon.)

Why is Hanna crying? (Caleb was shot.)

What was A’s change of plans? (Nate getting in the way of meeting her at the cemetery.)

Who told Emily on the phone that she only has one minute to get out? (A.)

Why didn’t Nate send Emily’s letter to Maya’s family? (Because he lied about being Maya’s cousin, he is Maya’s stalker/killer.)

Was Nate Maya’s stalker? (Yes. Nate=Lyndon.)

Is Nate going to try and kill Paige and Emily? (Try, yes.)

Who is ordering tickets to the Halloween train? (Mona.)

Ending: ‘A’ orders two tickets to the Halloween Train event.


Episode 3.13     “This Is a Dark Ride”

Who is in the queen of hearts costume? (Detective Wilden & Melissa Hastings.)

Who is in the baby face costume? (Garrett.)

Who is in the other opera mask costume? (Mona.)

Who is trying to push Aria/Garret off the train? (It was Wilden and Melissa.)

Who did Aria stab with a screwdriver? (Wilden.)

Did Byron kill Ali because she was blackmailing him? (No.)

Who killed Garrett on the Halloween train? (Wilden.)

This is the Halloween special.

Ending: A flashback scene shows where Alison was buried, and a hand shoots out of the ground. The hand is wearing Alison’s bracelet.


PLL Season 3
Garrett found murdered on the Halloween Train.


Episode 3.14     “She’s Better Now”

Who is Toby trying to run over? (Lucas was in the skateboarding accident with a car.)

Did Aria stab Lucas with the screwdriver & that’s why he’s limping? (No. He was hit with a car.)

Why is the Lost Woods Resort owner (Harold) a janitor at Rosewood? (Mona’s the reason why.)

Who set off an explosion in the shed with Meredith in it? (Lucas trying to get Mona.)

Did Aria stab Jason with the screwdriver? (No. Wilden was trying to push her off the train.)

What caused Jason’s side wound? (It is not revealed, but in episode 3.19 Jason leaves Rosewood scared that someone may be after him.)

Who was the guy that “A” messed with their bike? (The Decathlon Captain.)

Why is Jason talking to Mona? (He thought she may be the link to Alison’s killer.)

Who put the brain in Mona’s locker? (Caleb.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen messing with someone’s bike wheel, the owner falls off afterwards.


Episode 3.15     “Mona Mania”

Who took the pages of Alison’s diary from Aria’s room? (Byron.)

What were Byron and Meredith arguing about at home? (Byron was going through her purse.)

Why did Lucas move Mona’s stuff out of the Janitors closet? (Mona is blackmailing him.)

‘A’ ending: ‘A’ buries the Queen of Hearts and the Alison masks in the wood.


Episode 3.16     “Misery Loves Company”

What is Toby and Mona’s plan for tomorrow night?

Why does Emily and Spencer want Toby’s keys? (Surprise anniversary dinner at Toby’s.)

Who is Caleb talking on the phone about “protecting Hanna”? (Paige.)

Is Meredith really helping Aria? (No.)

What did ‘A’ drop at Hanna’s fake job? (Storage unit key.)

Where is A’s new trophy room? (The apartment room Spencer finds in 3.18)

Is Meredith really drugging Aria? (Yes.)

Did Melissa have something to do with Ali’s death? (Yes. Melissa thought Spencer killed Alison. When she saw the body which was actually Bethany not Ali, she buries the body trying to protect Spencer.)

Mona says that she is not the one calling the shots, who is she referring to? (Big A= Cece Drake, but Mona doesn’t know Big A’s idenity either.)

Why does Toby have an ID card for Radley? (He visited Mona.)

Ending: Spencer tricks Toby and catches him in the black hoodie when he searches for the key in Spencer’s kitchen. Spencer is left heartbroken and confused.


Episode 3.17     “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno”

Who was Alison writing back and forth with in the biology books? (Cece Drake.)

Who is “beach hottie”? (Detective Wilden.)

Was Alison pregnant? (No.)

Did the beach hottie kill Alison? (No. But Detective Wilden was paid off by Ali’s mom to hide certain things.)

Who is Spencer meeting up with that no one could know about? (Miles, she hired him to find answers.)

Is Paige cheating on Emily? (No.)

There is a picture of Cece and Ali at Cape May and another separate one of Wilson and his 2 friends.

Ending: Red Coat uses a blow torch to burn a bobblehead Hanna doll.


Episode 3.18     “Dead To Me”

What did Miles find out about the key Spencer gave him? (It goes to an apartment room.)

Why is Ezra’s brother Wes acting paranoid at Ezra’s house? (Trying to get kicked out of school.)

Did Emily kill Ali? (No, she just mixed up the nightmares.)

Is Jamie Caleb’s birth father? (Yes.)

Was detective Wilden really the beach hottie? (Yes.)

Was Red coat there the night Emily was taken to Ali’s grave? (Yes. She is blonde.)

Ending: ‘A’ buys whiskey in a store.


Episode 3.19     “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”

Why did Cece lie about knowing Wilden? (Ali just wanted a ride on the boat.)

Did Caleb’s dad really steal money from the church? (No. A set him up.)

Who tried to kill Jason in the elevator? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

What were Melissa and Cece talking about that night? (Melissa asked Cece to help her get the videos back from Alison.)

Where did Jason disappear to from the hospital so quickly? (Texted saying he was with friends, he left because he thinks someone is after him. Later revealed he tried to go stay at his Aunt Carol’s house but his mother ran him off because she was hiding someone in the house.)

Jasons tells Emily he had a flashback to the night of Alison’s death where he thought he saw Melissa talking to Cece, who was dressed in Ali’s yellow top.

Ending: ‘A’ plays “spin the bottle” with pictures of the liars on whiskey bottles, to which the flask points on Aria, but another ‘A’ turns it to Spencer and the ‘A’s drink the whiskey.


S3 What Becomes of the Broken-hearted
Jason thought he saw Melissa talking to Cece, who was wearing Ali’s yellow top on the night of Alison’s disappearance.


Episode 3.20     “Hot Water”

Did Ashley kill Detective Wilden when she hit him with her car? (No.)

Where did Detective Wilden’s body go? (He is alive.)

Who took the photo of Cece, Wilden, and Ali on the boat at Cape May? (Melissa.)

Cece believes Wilden got Alison pregnant and may have killed her.

Ending: ‘A’ cuts up pink roses for a wreath, which has a ribbon reading, “With Deepest Sympathy”.



Episode 3.21     “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Where is Mona going to meet someone? (The woods.)

Who put Wilden’s car in Hanna’s garage? (Mona.)

Spencer see’s a body on the ground with a free at last tattoo, is Toby dead? (No.)

Spencer is admitted into Radley Sanitarium.

Ending: ‘A’ watches a man fishing up a cap from the Rosewood Police.


Episode 3.22     “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”

Does Spencer really have amnesia? (No.)

Who on the Radley staff was causing problems for the visitors passes? (Wren.)

Mona offered Spencer to be on the A-team, did Spencer accept it? (Yes, but only to find information that she wants.)

Who was Toby pretending to be to get into Radley? (Eddie Lamb.)

Who has most of Ali’s diaries? (Mona.)

Ending: ‘A’ drives off in a RV with things from ‘A’s lair.


Episode 3.23      “I’m Your Puppet”

Did Jamie get a cheaper bell for the church and make a profit? (No, A framed him.)

Why would Wren mess with the visitor passes? (Thought it would be helpful to Mona.)

Who picked up Malcolm from Karate? (Malcolm said “Alison” but it was Spencer.)

What was the star on Mona’s board game? (Mona’s staff pass and Cece’s visitors pass.)

What did Ali do to get Cece get kicked out of the university? (Cece and Alison pushed a girl down the stairs.)

Why did Melissa call Cece to tell her Mona was at Radley?

At the end there was a body with a tattoo like Toby’s except smudged, who is it? (Police find a body and it is a missing camper. Random person.)

Ending: At Radley, Spencer pulls out a black hoodie, and two carnival tickets from her pillow.


Episode 3.24     “A dAngerous gAme”

Who is Jenna talking on the phone to, that she wants to see today? (Shana.)

What does Shana know she has to do on Friday when they’re all together? (Follow Spencer.)

Is Jenna going to loose her eyesight permanently? (Yes.)

Why is Melissa talking to Jenna and Shana? (See who Spencer was meeting at the lodge.)

Who are the people in the plane? (Pilot= Nigel, and Red Coat= Cece Drake.)

Mona say’s Big A is going to get what she always wanted, what did she want? (To see Alison.)

Who was Toby following before Nigel knocked him out? (Jenna and Shana.)

Who was the guy with the compass lighter “NW”? (Nigel.)

Who started the fire? (Shana.)

Who pulled the girls out of the burning lodge? (Alison, and Red Coat= Sara Harvey.)

Is Ali really red coat or was that a hallucination? (There are 3 blondes that all have the red coat. Alison, Cece Drake, and Sara Harvey.)

Who pulled Wilden’s car out of the lake? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

How does Jenna know Wilden? (She met him when she first moved to Rosewood before Ali’s disappearance.)

How does Jenna know Shana? (Ali sent Shana to watch Jenna but Shana ends up falling in love with Jenna and disliking Alison.)

What is in the trunk of Wilden’s car? (A pig.)

Whose hand is helping the buried hand out of the dirt? (Mrs. Grundwald the psychic.)

Does Mona know who red coat is? (No.)

Why did Mona make a deal with Big A? (Mona said it all started at Radley. She made a deal with the devil because red coat gave her a way in and out of Radley.)

Did Mona recruit Toby into the A team? (Yes. Mona thought it was fun having a partner. Toby said he is working with Mona=A to keep Spencer safe.)

Ending: A hand reaches out from the dirt, and another hand starts pulling the trapped person (Alison) out.


PLL Season 3 Alison Dilaurentis
Season 3 Finale – Was Alison at the lodge the night of the fire?


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