PLL Season 4 Q&A


Season 4 picks up immediately after the lodge fire. No time has passed. The entirety of the season covers only a few weeks in Rosewood time. (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


PLL Detective Wilden
Rosewood Observer: Detective Slain


Episode 4.01     “A is for A-l-i-v-e”

Are Shana and Jenna in love? (Shana was trying to help Alison figure out who is after her originally, but ended up truly falling in love with Jenna.)

Why are Shana and Jenna both afraid of Melissa?

Who killed Wilden? (Cece Drake.)

Why is Jessica resetting up Alison’s room exactly how it use to be? (Because she misses Ali.)

What did “A” put in Wilden’s casket? (Ashley Marren’s cell phone.)

Who is black veil at the funeral? (Sara Harvey, the missing girl from the next town who is helping Big A= Cece Drake.)

Is Wilden actually dead? (Yes. Wilden is dead on the street while police are going over the scene with his car. He was shot multiple times and the body was moved to a different location.)

Why is a red coat found by a firefighter at the burnt down lodge? (Both Red Coat’s = Sara Harvey and Alison Dilaurentis were there that night)

Why is Jessica Dilaurentis moving back into their home? (Most likely to be closer to her secret daughter Charlotte Dilaurentis now that she has had time to process what happened to Ali and possibly forgive her.)

“Big A” has officially taken over and usually signs the text’s, “Kisses, -A.”

Ending: The Black Widow is in the ‘A’ lair. As she lifts up her veil, we see that she is wearing a burned Alison mask.


Episode 4.02     “Turn of The Shoe”

Why are Ashley’s black heels muddy? (She was by the lake with Wilden when he took her gun.)

What is the bird singing? (A phone number.)

Whose phone number is the bird singing? (Number from the sorority house. Leads to Mrs.Grunwalde.)

Whose footprints were the other pair that was with Wildens where he was killed? (Ashley’s heel prints.)

Did Toby’s mom really jump out of the window to commit suicide? (No.)

Was Toby’s mom murdered? (Yes. Murdered by Bethany who is another patient at Radley and was killed the same night as Ali was buried.)

Who was staying with Ali at their Cape May rental? (Cece Drake.)

Did Ashley kill Wilden? (No, she was set up.)

Who is board shorts? (Ezra, but Ezra is not A.)

Who tries to strangle Mona, but she escapes, and tries to run over Mona, Aria, & Emily? (Big A = Cece Drake.)

Ending: ‘A’ feeds dinner to a caged Tippy, as Tippy continues to speak in Alison’s voice.


Episode 4.03     “Cat’s Cradle”

Was Ashley in New York when Wilden was killed? (No, she visited Tom and asked for money.)

Why is Melissa at the police station? (Answering questions for the new investigator.)

Why does Ali have a mask of herself? (She modeled for an ad, and kept a mask for herself.)

Why does Melissa have a mask done from the same place Ali did? (She followed Ali one day.)

Did Ashley take Tom’s gun? (Yes. For protection against Wilden.)

Why did Ashley want a large amount of money from Tom? (She wanted to pay Wilden to leave town.)

Who called CPS on Emily’s family? (Her doctor.)

Ending: ‘A’ looks at Emily’s x-ray of her shoulder.


Episode 4.04     “Face Time”

Is Melissa the new “A”? (No.)

Dr. Palmer Told Toby to tell his mom to stay away from a blonde girl, Who is that? (Bethany)

Why does Melissa think that Ali is still alive?

Did Melissa kill Wilden? (No. Cece Drake killed Wilden.)

Tom’s gun is a 38, did that weapon kill Wilden? (Yes.)

Why did Melissa go to Hector’s place? (To smash her face mask, and throw them in the pond.)

Melissa said she has been protecting Spencer the whole time, from what? (Melissa thought Spencer killed Alison, she buried the look-alike body to protect Spencer.)

Ending: ‘A’ holds a broken mask of Melissa as ‘A’ glues the broken pieces together.


Episode 4.05     “Gamma Zeta Die”

Who is the house mother Carla Grundwald? (Someone who is trying to protect Ali from “him”. Also the person why saved Ali the night she was buried alive.)

Who called and talked to Ali from “the panic” room in the sorority house? (Mrs. Grundwald.)

Who set Hanna up which loeads to her arrest? (Hanna is arrested at Cicero College while trying to dispose of the gun that killed Wilden. Big A= Cece Drake set up Hanna.)

Ending: ‘A’ drinks a cup of tea while looking at a picture of Carla Grunwald, the house mother of the sorority.


Episode 4.06     “Under The Gun”

Ashley said someone is setting her up, is she telling the truth? (Yes.)

What does E. Lamb know about Toby’s mom? (Wilden changed the interview and seems crooked. He also thought their was possibly a cover up around her death.)

Was Ali calling the sorority house and talking to Ms. Grundwald? (Yes.)

Why is everyone in Ravenswood gathered at the statue with wings? (The Ravenswood episode is a spin off for a new show called Ravenswood where the town is haunted.)

What is Shana doing in Ravenswood and then jumped into Jenna’s car? (Shana now goes to Rosewood High.)

Who switched the video that Emily dropped off at the police of the car’s security cam? (“Big A”)

Who had on the Shark’s hoodie and smashed Connor’s car?

Were bullets missing from the gun Hanna was trying to bury? (Yes. 2 bullets were missing.)

How did Ashley lose the gun? (Wilden grabbed the gun Ashley had, and she ran.)

Why was Ashley arrested for murdering Wilden? (Her finger prints were on the bullets.)

Ending: ‘A’ hot-wires a car while wearing an Emily mask.


Episode 4.07     “Crash and Burn Girl”

Did Mike vandalize Connor’s car? (No. Big A set him up.)

Who is Nigel Wright? (The employee at the flight center and owner of the lighter.)

How did Nigel know it was foggy the night of the fire? (He was paid to make the flight plan.)

Whose phone number is 212-555-0100 that Nigel called a lot? (CeCe Drake.)

Who did Nigel call right after Caleb and Toby left? (Assume it was Jenna)

Is Cece “A”? (She is big A. Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Did Cece kill Wilden? (Yes.)

Who was the blonde girl Dr. Palmer was talking about? (Bethany.)

What is Nigel and Jenna’s connection?

Who crashed the car into Emily’s house? (Big A= Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Who did Nigel say he was hired by to do the flight plan? (Cece Drake.)

Ending: ‘A’ is in a hardware store buying house fixing supplies addressed to Emily Fields.


Episode 4.08     “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”

Why did Spencer take that Radley file? (For Toby. It’s an interview Wilden took of E. Lamb the night Toby’s mom died.)

Did someone pay Wilden off to lie about how Toby’s mom died? (Yes. Mrs. Dilaurentis paid Wilden off.)

How did Wilden go from patrolling to a detective? (Alison’s mother pulled strings.)

Why is Mona willing to turn herself in? (For Hanna.)

Whose floor boards is “A” drilling holes into? (The Dilaurentis home.)

What did Wilden do to the report of Toby’s mom’s death? (Wilden changed the facts of how Toby’s mom died. Official report = window, Wilden wrote = roof.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen drilling holes in the floor of the DiLaurentis house.


Episode 4.09     “Into The Deep”

Who paid Ashley’s bail? (Pastor Ted.)

What should Jenna have told the cops about Alison? (That she is alive.)

Shana wanted more time to figure out where “she” is, who? (Cece Drake.)

Why does Mona seem to be happy that she is back in Radley? What’s her plan?

Why is Jenna afraid of Cece? (We believe Jenna and Shana knew Cece was A, it’s also possible that Shana figured out who Cece was working with or for.)

Who hit Jenna causing her to fall into the lake? (Cece Drake.)

Ending: Wren is at Radley, coloring in a picture of a happy family at a farm. He colors the woman’s coat in red.


Episode 4.10     “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Whose address is on the phone bill that belongs to the NY #? (Cece Drake.)

Is Mona really on the girls’ side? (She is mostly on their side.)

Where are Wren’s loyalties? (Mona tells Wren she didn’t realize where his loyalties lie, we suspect this means he is on Charlotte’s team.)

What is Wren hiding? (We think Wren is Uber A.)

Who was the “young blonde” who went to visit Mona at Radley? (We think Wren was lying to cover up the fact that he knows Cece Drake better than he wants us to know.)

Who is Wren talking to on the phone when he tells them he will take care of his end? (Right after Hanna asks him about Cece, Wren makes this mysterious call to an unknown person and sounds incredibly guilty. We think he called Cece upset that people are noticing they know each other, he shortly later leaves back to London. Why are you running away Wren?)

Was Ali’s mom really at Radley in the past? (Ali’s mom Jessica Dilaurentis was on the board at Radley.)

Who is Wren talking to about Veronica on his phone? (He gave Veronica Hastings the anonymous tip that makes Ashley Marin lose her as a lawyer.)

Who used the Dilaurentis’ basement as a temporary home? (A= Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Was Cece kicked out of college because Ali pushed the girl at the frat party? (Yes.)

Ending: ‘A’ takes Ashley’s muddy shoe and throws it in the pile of Emily’s collapsed house.


Episode 4.11     “Bring Down The Hoe”

Who was the guy in the hall at the lockers watching Hanna? (Travis, called to tow out Wilden’s car.)

Why was the envelope filled with money (from where Cece worked)? (Cece Drake is Big A.)

Who put money in Hanna’s locker? (Travis. He got it from someone to keep quiet about what he saw.)

Who was in Mrs. D’s house poking the knitting needle thought the peep hole? (“A”=Cece Drake. = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Whose car did ‘A’ send Toby a photo of? (Dr. Palmer’s old car.)

Alison broke up with a boy for her friend & he pulled out a gun on her, who was he? (Someone who went to their school.)

Who was Cece talking to on the phone? (We think Cece is talking to Wren. She asks someone where are you, and we find out in the same episode Wren went to London.)

Is Cece redcoat? (One of them. Alison, Cece, and Sara Harvey all have the same red coat.)

Ending: ‘A’ makes voodoo dolls of the five liars: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and the newest one, Mona. ‘A’ takes the knitting utensil and stabs the Mona doll.


Episode 4.12     “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”

Did Cece really kill Wilden? (Yes.)

Why is Shanna in Wren’s apartment? (We think Shana found out that Wren and Cece Drake are connected to the blackmail, or Alison issues.)

Where is Mona? (She was visited in Ravenswood by Shanna.)

What was on the paper that Shana dropped on the floor? (About Wren and Melissa in London.)

Are Wren and Melissa really back together? (Yes.)

Where did Emily disappear to? (The sawmill.)

Who are both of the Redcoats? (1=Cece Drake, 2=Sarah Harvey. Alison also still has her redcoat.)

Who is watching the girls from behind the poster?

Is Cece working for board shorts? (Board shorts is Ezra. Ezra is writing a book about Alison’s disappearance and paid Cece Drake for information about that summer. Ezra did not realize Cece was big A.)

Is Ezra really the man behind all of the girls torture? (No.)

Why did Shana meet with Mona?

Who took Emily when she disappeared?

Ending: Someone is dressing up as a World War I era soldier as creepy music plays.


PLL Season 4 Cece Drake
“Now You See Me, Now You Dont”


Episode 4.13     “Grave New World”

Who was in the gas mask?

Who is Mrs. Grunwolde referring to when she says one of the girls has been “touched” by the one Alison fears most? (We think this is referring to Wren kissing Spencer. We believe Wren is the one Alison fears most, and possibly Uber A.)

Who slashed the girls tires?

Why is Caleb staying in Ravenswood with Miranda? (Ravenswood is a new spin off show that Caleb is starring in. After one season Ravenswood was cancelled, and Caleb returned to Rosewood with Hanna.)

Why is Ezra in Ravenswood? (Ezra has an apartment in Ravenswood that the girls find. They think it is A’s secret lair but it is actually where Ezra keeps all of his stuff to keep researching his crime/mystery book about Alison’s death.)

Who is Alison afraid of? (Whoever is after her, she doesn’t know but original A was Mona, Mona was harassing Alison before her disappearance, Mona tried to kill Alison and helped Ali run away just to get rid of her, but new A (Big A) is Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis, Alison’s sibling.)

Why is Caleb’s name on a gravestone at Ravenswood Cemetery? (Caleb’s spinoff show called Ravenswood is about the haunted town. Nothing to do with PLL.)

Ending: Alison is alive. The liars see her looking scared and on the run in Ravenswood.


Episode 4.14     “Who’s In The Box?”

Is Alison ‘A’? (No.)

Does Alison’s brother Jason know she is alive? (No.)

Does Ali’s mom, Jessica Dilaurentis, know she is alive? (No. She think’s she is dead.)

Where did Jason go? (Jessica D says on a cross country trip.)

Why does Mona have Jenna’s mustang? (She bought Jenna’s car.)

Is Sara Harvey the dead body in Alison’s grave? (No. Sara Harvey is one of the red coat’s and black veil. Sara Harvey= A team.)

Who killed Toby’s mother Marion Cavanaugh? (A patient at Radley named Bethany killed Toby’s mother by pushing her off the building.)

What is Ezra hiding in the trapdoor on his floor, basement area? (The computers he used to help him research the girls for the book he was writing about Ali.)

Who was buried in Alison’s coffin? (Bethany. A patient from Radley that was dressed the same as Alison that night. Marlene also tweeted a PLL clue “There’s a B in the box”, which stands for Bethany.)

Ending: ‘A’ is opening a secret basement in Ezra’s cabin.


Episode 4.15     “Love ShAck Baby”

Are Hanna and Caleb done for good? (No. Caleb eventually comes back.)

Why did Spencer’s dad, Peter Hastings, cancel his meeting with Toby?

Why does Ezra see while spying on Emily? (Ali’s diary.)

What is “The Busy Bee” in Alison’s diary? (The Busy Bee Inn in Killingworth.)

What was Peter H. and Jessica D. talking about that Jason didn’t know?

Does Ali meet Emily at the kissing rock? (No.)

Why did Ezra go snooping in Hanna’s room? (Ezra looks through Hanna’s purse and computer.)

Who is “the cradel robber” story about in Ali’s diary? (Hanna kissed Mike.)

Who messed up the GPS in Emily’s car? (Big A.)

Who is the hooded figure that took Alison’s diary from the cabin? (Ezra?)

Is Travis a bad guy or good guy? (He is good guy.)

Ending: ‘A’ hacks into a GPS System, hinting that it might be ‘A’ who messed with Emily’s GPS car settings.


Episode 4.16     “Close Encounters”

Why were Alison’s clothes laying all over The Busy Bee Inn? (A wants the girls to think she got to Alison first.)

Has Jason fallen off the wagon, like Mr. Hastings said? (Peter says Jason got into a bar fight and was arrested. Peter is lying to cover up his conversation with Jessica.)

Is Ezra going to Philly to hang with an old college friend? (No. He is lying.)

Does Aria break up with Jake? (Yes.)

Who is at the church with Emily? (Shana.)

Did Shana know Ali before her disappearance? (Yes. Shana’s known Ali since she was 3 year’s old, and lived next to Alison’s grandparents in Georgia. Ali asked Shana to come to Rosewood to help her figure out who is after her.)

Is Shana really friend’s with Jenna? (No. She is just trying to get information for Alison, but she does end up hearing Jenna’s side of the story and begins to feel different about Alison.)

Does Toby accept the settlement money from Radley over his mother’s death? (Yes. Even though Spencer does not want him to.)

Is Shana telling the truth that Alison want’s to secretly meet up with Emily? (Yes. Alison trusts Emily the most out of the four girls.)

Why does Spencer follow Emily? (She doesn’t know if they can trust Alison or not.)

Who is the blonde women that Ezra is frustrated with in the car that Jake saw?

Is Peter Hastings hiding something about Radley? (Yes. Jessica Dilaurentis told him she is on the board at Radley and Jason does not know.)

Was Toby’s mom’s death an accident? (No. She was pushed off the roof by a Radley patient named Bethany.)

Who placed sharp knives in Jake’s new punching bag? (A=Cece Drake.)

Why does A burn Shana’s half of the picture with Ali? (She wants to remove her from Ali’s friend list so she will no longer be helping her look for A.)

Ending: “A” slices a picture of a young Alison and Shana in half, then lights the half with Shana’s face on fire.


Episode 4.17     “Bite Your Tongue”

Why was Mona coming out of Aria’s room? (Mona was looking for Ezra’s book.)

Why is Mona hanging around Aria’s little brother Mike? (She is trying to get closer to Aria.)

Who is Andrew Campbell? (A smart guy in Spencer’s debate team at school.)

Why does Ezra want to talk to Mona in class? (Ezra makes a deal with Mona that she will help him with his book in exchange for Ezra removing some of the things she did out of the book.)

Who is Ezra texting from his classroom, “There’s been a set back. Re: Alison”? (His book publisher.)

What pills does Andrew give Spencer? (ADHD medicine, used as a study-aid.)

Does Andrew like Spencer romantically? (He is acting like he does like Spencer romantically, but we much later find out Andrew is an undercover agent.)

Who left the hand print outside of Emily’s window?

Who is the mystery guy Ali met for pie and beer at the pub outside Hollis college called, “The Hart And The Huntsman”? (Ezra Fitz.)

Why is Mike kissing Mona? (He actually likes her.)

What did Ezra order at the pub when Spencer ran into him? (Boysenberry pie, and BoardShorts Ale; the same things that were ordered in Ali’s story.)

Who is scaring Emily at the school? (A= Cece Drake.)

Who drugges Hanna in the dentist chair and stole the pages? (A= Cece Drake.)

What did A do to Hanna’s mouth? (Big A= Cece Drake put a small piece of paper inside her tooth reading: “I told you. Dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking. -A”.)

Ending: ‘A’ shreds Radley’s visiting documents and uses the shredded paper to line Tippi’s cage.


Episode 4.18     “Hot For Teacher”

Why does Ezra pressure Aria to stay with him at the cabin for the weekend? (He doesn’t want her to find out he’s writing a book about Ali’s disappearance, and that he’s been lying to Aria about not knowing Ali, before he can find the right way to tell her himself.)

Whose file is Ezra sneaking from the file cabinet? (Looking at Spencer’s file which reveals she’s taken ADHD medicine in the past.)

Who is taking pictures of Emily and Shana from a parked car?

What does Shana want Emily to get out of Ali’s room? (An envelope from Ali’s room containging $5,000 cash and a note.)

Who is in the backseat of Shana’s car? (Member of the A team.)

Ending: ‘A’ empties an envelope containing prescription pads with Wren’s name and credentials.


Episode 4.19     “Shadow Play”

What paper’s does Mona have when she walks out of Ezra’s classroom? (Mona found out about Ezra’s book and is helping him only to make sure he edits out certain things from his book incriminate her.)

Did ‘A’ plant the diary in Ezra’s desk drawer? (Yes. A is trying to confuse the girls. She also changed stories in the diary.)

Was the black and white stuff just Spencer’s imagination? (Yes. Dreaming on the medication.)

Ending: A message from ‘A’ is shown in the dressing room in Spencer’s dream.


Episode 4.20     “Free Fall”

Did Spencer sleep at the school? (Yes, accidentally. She slept walk.)

Is Ezra A? (No, and he is not on the A team.)

How did Ezra find out that Spencer broke down, and got sent to Radley after she saw Toby’ s helmet and tattoo on a dead body? (He has been researching all events, and people around Ali’s disappearance while secretly writing a book about Ali.)

What is the stack of pages Aria finds in Ezra’s cabin? (Ezra originally came to Rosewood to secretly write a crime/mystery book about Alison’s death.)

Ezra explains to Aria that he dated Alison during his college years for a short time, and he started writing a book about her after she “died”, is Ezra telling the truth? (Yes. Ezra had nothing to do with Ali’s death or diappearance.)

Did Ezra ever love Aria? Is everything a lie? (He didn’t intend to fall in love with Aria but he truly did, but unfortunately decided to keep the book, and that he knew Ali, a big fat lie their whole relationship.)

Who was the mysterious blonde at Ambrose Pavilion? (Ali?)

Is there anything special about the “S” necklace that Toby gives Spencer? (The “S” is on a scrabble tile, which is a reference to the time they played scrabble together shortly before their first kiss.)

Ending: ‘A’ collects the pages of Ezra’s book.


Episode 4.21     “She’s Come Undone”

Why is Ezra not in his classroom when Aria storms in? (He is in New York speaking with his book publisher.)

Is Hanna starting to like Detective Holden more than just friends? (She kissed him.)

Did Peter & Veronica Hastings hire the private invesitgator to investigate Melissa or Spencer? (They lied and said Melissa, but it was actually for Spencer.)

Does Spencer’s parents think she may have been involved in Alison’s murder? (Yes.)

Is Ezra going forward with publishing his book? (No. He is trying to pause the book.)

Does Aria tell the principal about Ezra? (No.)

Did Spencer try to kill Alison? (No. She had an argument with Ali that night but blacked out most of the memory because she was taking the ADHD pills.)

Does Aria leave Rosewood? (Yes. She stays in a hotel by Hollis College.)

Ending: ‘A’ reads Ezra’s story by a fireplace.


Episode 4.22     “Cover For Me”

Is the flashback of Spencer and Alison having an argument real? (Yes. The night Ali disappeared they got into an argument and Spencer threatened to hit Ali with a shovel but didn’t. Instead Spencer goes back to the barn to sleep.)

Who sent the letter stating Alison is alive to Holbrook and Tanner? (Paige.)

Why did Mona dump Mike? (She felt guilty that she started dating Mike just to get closer to Aria, and realized Mike is actually a good guy.)

Who does Ezra think A is, according to his book? (Alison’s mom, Jessica Dilaurentis.)

Spencer looks out her window before bed, and Mrs. DiLaurentis appears behind her briefly but disappears when Veronica comes into the room.

Ending: ‘A’ cuts a loose string on a wedding dress.


Episode 4.23     “Unbridled”

Who is Spencer following in the woods (Spencer is wearing a wedding dress)? (Alison’s mom Mrs. Dilaurentis was in the woods handing Cece Drake=Charlotte Dilaurentis some clothes.)

Is Ali’s mother, Jessica Dilaurentis ‘A’? (No. She truly believes Alison is dead because she saw her hit over the head with her own eyes while looking out her living room window.)

Why does Jason ignore Spencer and Emily? (Jason is trying to stay away from Spencer because of the way his mother feels about Spencer.)

Who put a long picture that said: “You know me, Spencer. You killed me.”, in Spencer’s car? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

Is Paige seeking revenge for when Alison use to bully her in school? (No. Paige is worried about Emily’s safety.)

Why doesn’t Mrs. Dilaurentis want Alison’s body exhumed? (Mrs. D thinks it really is Ali in the grave and doesn’t want anything leading to people findout out who she thinks really “killed” Alison.)

Why is there brand new clothes in a shopping bag in Alison’s room? (Ali’s mom Jessica Dilaurentis bought the clothes for Cece Drake.)

Why is Mrs. Dilaurentis staring at Spencer through the window?

Was Jason really in rehab? (No, the rehab facility Jason said he had been attending has been closed for two years.)

Whose bones were inside the waist of Spencer’s dress? (Big A= Cece Drake put the bones in Spencer’s dress.)

Who is Spencer talking to when she ask’s, “what are you doing here?” ?

Who is hiding at Red Finch Inn in room 87? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

Ending: A team member is renting a room at a hotel. She takes the hotel guestbook and searches for CeCe’s name to confirm she’s there, then calls the Rosewood Police Department.


Episode 4.24     “A is for Answers”

Does Cece confess to murdering Wilden? (No, but she’s guilty.)

What does Cece tell the police? (That she knows who killed the girl the police thought was Alison. She says it’s the same person who is still trying to hurt Alison, whom she can prove is alive.)

What proof does Cece give to the police? (A photo of Alison and all 4 girls in Ravenswood.)

Why is Melissa back in Rosewood?

Are the girls in Philly with Alison? (No. They are all in New York.)

Who buried Alison alive? (Her mother Jessica Dilaurentis buried her daughter but truly thought she was dead.)

Why does Mrs. Dilaurentis keep repeating “what have you done” as she buried Alison’s body? (She saw her child Cece Drake=Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis hit Alison over the head with a rock which they thought killed her.)

Who suggested Alison should run away, and help Alison run away? (Mona.)

What does Melissa whisper into her father Peter’s ear? (That she is the one who buried the body that was previously believed to be Alison’s.)

Who is in the black hoodie with a gun that try’s shooting at the girls? (Shana.)

Who shoots Ezra? (Shana.)

Who killed Alison’s mom, Jessica Dilaurentis? (This information still has not been released as of 1/2016, but we think Wren killed Jessica Dilaurentis.)

Ending: A body is seen being dragged along some grass. It’s Jessica Dilaurentis. She is then placed into a hole, and is buried.


PLL Season 4 Finale
Jessica Dilaurentis Murdered – Season 4 Finale


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