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Season 5 picks up immeditaely after the Season 4 finale. No time has passed. The girls are still secretly in New York, where Ezra has just been shot. The girls are dealing with their new life which includes Alison being very alive, the backlash from what happened with Shana, CeCe is on the run because she is a suspect in Wilden’s death, and everyone finds out that Mrs. Dilaurentis was murdered! (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


Shana shot Ezra
Ezra in the hospital in New York after being shot.

Episode 5.01     
“Escape From New York”

Ezra was shot, is he going to be ok? (Yes. He goes into surgery, and eventually heals.)

Who is in the black hoodie on top of Ezra’s ambulance? (Shana, but she is not on the A team.)

Why is Noel in New York? (Helping Alison.)

What did Melissa want to tell her mother Veronica right before the police showed up? (The truth. That Melissa buried the body of the girl in Ali’s grave.)

“Who does the person in the black hoodie text, “It’s happening. Follow the leader.”?

Who are all the people wearing black hoodies in the park?

How did Ezra know the girls were in New York? (Ezra was trying to find out who A is so he could save Alison, and hopefully that would win Aria back.)

Why is Mona getting a group of people together that includes Melissa, Lucas, and possibly Paige? (Mona was the original person that was threatening Alison before she ran away, even though Alison still hasn’t put that together. Mona is afraid of Alison.)

How did Cece escape custody? (Cece is Big A. She has lots of connections.)

Why was Cece at the theater in New York talking to Alison? (Alison give Cece her passport and some money to help her run from the cops. Ali does not know Cece is Big A.)

Who killed Shana? (Aria.)

Ending: Three police officers arrive at the Theater, and discover Shana’s body.



Episode 5.02     “Whirly Girlie”

Is Shana ‘A’? (No. Shana was never a part of the A team. Shana was after Alison because she is in love with Jenna and seeking revenge.)

Why did Alison lie to the police about what happened during her disappearance? (Alison got a text message right before speaking with Detective Holden.)

Who text Alison saying, “The truth will bury you in a New York minute”? (Mona.)

Why does Jason peer into Alison’s room while she was sleeping? (Jason is in shock that his sister is alive.)

Did Mrs. Dilaurentis find out Alison was alive before she died? (Alison asks Jason “What did Mom say when she found out I was alive?”. Jason says, “She was stunned, what would you expect?”.)

Was Jason in New York? (Jason threw away a bag from a bakery in New York.)

Ending: Alison’s new dog is barking outside her house. Jason, and the girls walk outside to find Mrs. Dilaurentis dead body buried in the garden.


Pretty Little Liars Season 5
Mrs. Dilaurentis body found buried in their front yard.



Episode 5.03     “Surfing the Aftershocks”

Why does Alison’s dad get upset about the dress Ali picks to wear to her mother’s funeral? (It was the same dress that Mrs. D wore to Ali’s funeral.)

What does Sydney the new swimmer want from Emily? (Sydney came to Rosewood because she is friend’s with Jenna, and wants to help Jenna feel safe.)

What does Arnie say at the house in Philly when the girls are following up on Jason? (They learn that the abandoned building is a “dry house” where Jason went to get sober.)

Mrs. Dilaurentis wrote an email the night of her murder that said, “I can’t protect you anymore”, who was the email for? (Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Why shouldn’t Spencer trust her and Jason’s father, Peter Hastings? (Jason feels Peter is untrustful, and knows Peter would protect his daughters under any cost.)

Does Alison still “like” Ezra? (No. She hopes Ezra is able to win Aria over again.)

Ending: Hanna’s at a hair salon, dying her hair. Behind frosted glass, Mona’s seen looking in when the shadow of a woman comes to stand next to her.



Episode 5.04     “Thrown From the Ride”

What secret did Melissa almost tell Spencer, before their dad stopped her? (That Melissa buried the body that is in Alison’s grave.)

How is Mona going to prove to Lucas that Alison’s story of being kidnapped is a lie? (She videotapes Alison being mean to her – but doesn’t show that she provoked Alison first.)

Does Mona know that Aria killed Shana in New York? (Yes.)

How did Alison get the scar on her thigh? (Cyrus Petrillo gave it to her, a guy she met while on the run.)

Why does Spencer’s mom Veronica suspect her husband Peter of murdering Mrs. Dilaurentis? (Veronica said after Ali went missing, Mrs. D told them she thought Spencer did something to Ali and wanted to tell the police. Peter threatened that he’d tell Kenneth about their affair. When Kenneth divorced her, nothing was stopping her to go to the police and so Veronica thinks that Peter may have killed her to keep her quiet.)

Why did Mrs. Dilaurentis think Spencer had something to do with Alison’s disappearance? (Mrs. Dialurentis is lying. She wants to blame Spencer because she knows her own child is the one that hit Ali in the head, and then Mrs. D buried Ali alive. Ali secretly made it out alive.)

Was Mrs. Dilaurentis poisoned the night of her murder? (Jessica Dilaurentis had Losartan in her system which is for high blood pressure, but Jessica had low blood pressure, so Losartan made her heart stop working.)

Does Aria get in trouble for killing Shana? (No. By the time it is revealed the police know it was truly self defense.)

Why is Mona trying to build an army against Alison? (Mona later tells Aria that she’s trying to protect herself from Alison, that’s why she built an army.)

Ending: Alison is once again going through her internet hate page.



Episode 5.05     “Miss Me x 100”

Why is Jenna back in town? (Jenna came back to Rosewood because she is heartbroken over Shana’s death.)

Does Jenna know the girls were involved in Shana’s death? (No.)

Does Alison really want to make ammends with all the people she bullied or hurt? (Yes.)

What did the private investigator that Veronica Hastings hire, discover? (That Peter and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica was killed.)

Has Jenna lost her sight again? (Yes. Her surgery only temporarily helped her sight.)

Is Alison truly sorry for bullying Paige in the past? (Yes.)

Who is Hanna drunk dialing? (Caleb.)

Who follows Alison in a black car when she leaves Emily’s house? (Someone driving Mona.)

Why didn’t Alison tell the girls that she hit Mona back? (Alison was nervous the girls would judge her for hitting Mona back.)

Who was buried alive in Alison’s grave? (Bethany Young. She was a 17 year old patient at the Radley Institution, and ran away from the hospital the night Alison disappeared.)

Who blew up Toby’s house? (Big A= Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Caleb returns from Ravenswood to stay in Rosewood again.

Jenna visits Aria’s house, and talk’s about her heartbreak over Shana’s death.

Ending: A is moving into a new apartment. She listens to a dispatch of emergency crews to an explosion at 47 Serenity Lane, then picks up a blonde doll and sets it in front of a glad wrapped doll house.



Episode 5.06     “Run, Ali, Run”

Is there a connection between Mrs. Dilaurentis and Bethany Young? (Yes. Mrs. D had an affair with Bethany’s father. Bethany was a patient at Radley. Mrs. D was on the board at Radley.)

Where were Melissa and Peter Hastings the night of Mrs. D’s murder? (Peter and Melissa drove to the lake and talked.)

Does Big A want to kill Alison? (Charlotte = BigA doesn’t want to kill Alison, but UberA might.)

Why is Lt. Tanner at Ezra’s door? (Because Shana’s dead body was found at the Fitzgerald Theatre, which belongs to his family.)

Who left a drawing in an envelope on Ezra’s doorstep? (Eddie Lamb who works at Radley. The photo is of Mrs. D in her backyard being killed by a demon, drawn by Bethany Young.)

Who put a rat in Paige’s locker? (Mona’s team.)

Who attached Alison in her living room before Emily broke it up? (A= Cece Drake.)

What is wrong with Caleb? (Caleb was on a spin off tv series called Ravenswood. In the series the town is haunted. Caleb is still dealing with the after effects.)

Ending: A puts a message in an envelope addressed to the parents of Bethany Young that reads, “My Deepest Condolences. -A.”, before attaching it to a large bouquet of flowers.


Episode 5.07     “The Silence of E. Lamb”

Why is Rhonda a patient at Radley, upset? (Rhonda was Bethany’s roommate at Radley. She knows that Bethany drew the pic Aria had.)

What’s in the book that Aria find’s under Rhonda’s bed at Radley? (Bethany’s sketch book.)

Why did Eddie call Ezra? (Ezra told Aria that Eddie called him to set up a meeting but after waiting an hour Ezra left.)

Is the drawing that looks like a woman falling out of a window at Radley, Toby’s mother? (Yes. Bethany is the person who pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh off of the roof to her death.)

Why is Sydney questioning Hanna about the explosion and about Jenna? (Sydney came to Rosewood because she is Jenna’s friend, Jenna said she was scared.)

Does Hanna and Caleb end up back together? (Yes!)

Why is Alison walking past the barn (as seen by Spencer on her security cam)? (To secretly meet up with Cyrus.)

Why did A send all the girls except Hanna this text: “New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth. –A”? (A is upset that Hanna leaked some information while drunk talking to Sydney. She also wanted the girls to be irritated with Hanna.)

Ending: A stole an invitation for Ella & Zack’s engagement party from Emily’s house. ‘A’ takes a photograph, and re-glues the envelope to look as if it was never opened.)


Episode 5.08     “Scream for Me”

Did Sydney hear Hanna mention New York? (Yes. She lies to Alison.)

Why is Eddie no longer working at Radley?

Is Ella’s fiance Zack hitting on Hanna? (Yes.)

Why did Mrs. Dilaurentis take Bethany horse riding? (Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany’s father.)

Why does Zack give Hanna his phone number? (A gave Zack a note pretending to be Hanna.)

Who breaks into Ashley Marin’s home while Alison is there? (Alison asked Noel Kahn to break in to help her credibility with the police.)

Why’s Aria mad when Hanna confesses what happened with Zack? (Aria later tells her it wasn’t so much she didn’t believe her, she just wanted to believe her mom could find someone again and be happy.)

Why is Melissa’s riding helmet at Bethany’s stables? (A= Cece Drake planted.)

Toby joins the Harrisburg Police Academy.

‘A’ ending: A hooded figure walks through Spencer’s room, touch’s the riding helmet and flips up a hidden panel under a couch cushion.


Episode 5.09     “March of Crimes”

Did Noel lock Spencer and Emily in the stables? (No.)

What’s Noel listening to in his car? (A conversation between Alison and Shana.)

Why is Tanner asking about Ezra and Aria? (Because Shana died at the Fitzgerald Theater that Ezra’s family owns and want’s to know if Shana’s murder is connected to Aria and the girls.)

Does Jenna have a twin? (No. Spencer see’s Jenna with a look-alike which is her friend Sydney.)

Is Noel scared of Alison? (It seems like it. He says he has photos of Ali as insurance in case she turns on him.)

How did Noel get the photos of Alison? (Noel says Shana sent the pictures to Jenna, and Noel broke in Jenna’s house to steal the pictures before the house blew up.)

Did the police really catch the person who broke into Hanna’s house? (No. Noel broke in because Alison asked him to stage it, someone else is pretending to be the intruder.)

Jenna returns to Rosewood High.

The police arrest who they thought broke into the Marin House. While in custody, Cyrus Petrillo confesses to allegedly kidnapping Alison.


Episode 5.10     “A Dark Ali”

Did Cyrus Petrillo really kidnap Alison? (No, but Ali does know him from her time on the run.)

Who is the guy that Melissa is talking to in the video Spencer shows Aria?

Why did Mona faint at the choir audition? (Because she has been drawing her own blood each day to try and save up a big amount.)

Why does Mona have Cyrus Petrillo’s mug shot in her purse? (Mona’s trying to find out more info on Cyrus to see who set the fake confession up.)

Does Alison turn in Cyrus Petrillo as her kidnapper? (Yes. Even though the girls don’t want her to, and thinks it is an A setup.)

What does Melissa say in the video she records for Spencer? (Melissa saw Spencer with a shovel arguing with Ali the night she went missing, then Melissa saw the body, and thought Spencer killed Ali with the shovel. Melissa pushed the body into the hole and covered, trying to protect Spencer. Melissa now knows it wasn’t Alison and that she buried Bethany alive.)

Alison, dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, meets Cyrus. Cyrus say’s he barely made it out of jail, and that wasn’t the deal they made. Ali gives him a plane ticket,and remind him that she found him once and he can bet his life she can find him again.

Ending: ‘A’ watches a pet show on television while folding some laundry, including black hoodies and a candy striper dress.


Episode 5.11 “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”

Who messed with the t.v. screens to scare the girls from telling the police the truth? (Big A= Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis)

Why is Melissa going back to London? (Peter want’s her to go home.)

Why does Lt. Tanner want to talk to Aria’s dad Byron? (Lt. Tanner tells Byron the police are interested in Aria and she’s certain Aria is part of the complications)?

What girl is Lt. Tanner referring to when she tells Byron, “one of the girls came forward to tell the truth”?

Does Spencer turn her sister Melissa in for the video confession? (No.)

Ending: Hanna is at the cabin with Caleb looking out the window as he sleeps, she turns from the window, and footsteps are heard walking away from the cabin.


Episode 5.12     “Taking This One to the Grave”

Is Mona dead? (There’s crime scene tape surrounding the door to the Vanderwaal Residence. A lot of Mona’s blood is found in her home, but she is not dead.)

Why does ‘A’ text the girls saying, “It’s All Your Fault. -A”? (She is saying that what happened to Mona was the girls fault.)

Does Alison pass the lie detector test? (Yes.)

Is Mona truly as scared as she is acting in front of the girls of Alison? (She is scared of Ali, but not as much as she wants the girls to think.)

Who does Mona tell, “Send out a code ‘A’. She’s plotting something big”? (Mona’s army, but only Lucas comes.)

What does Holbrook tell Alison (at her house)?

Who’s Bethany talking about in the recording from August 8th stating, “she really liked me but everything she really said to me was a lie, every word and every visit”? (Jessica Dilaurentis had an affair with Bethany’s father, and pretended to like Bethany.)

Toby gets in a car accident, is he ok? (Broken leg.)

Is Alison building an army of her own? (Alison is trying to get as many “friends” together as she can, as she is truthfully scare of  ‘A’.)

Why is Spencer arrested for Bethany’s murder?

Who is the person in a black hood with blonde hair watching Mona? (A= Cece Drake = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis. Setting up Alison for Mona’s murder.)

Can Mona prove that Alison is A? (Mona knows Alison is not ‘A’, but wants people to believe she is because Mona has her own plan to find out who the real ‘A’ is.)

Is Alison ‘A’? (No.)

We see Mona’s pale dead body, is Mona dead? (No.)

In Mona’s bedroom, a French record plays, and a large collection of dolls sitting on shelves can be seen.

Ending: ‘A’ cuts a picture of the four Liars out and puts it into a snow globe. A seals the bottom and shakes the snow globe before putting it down near the Christmas tree.


Episode 5.13     “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas”

Who sent the liars a letter and map showing the inside of Alison’s house? (Mona.)

Who are the girls that arrive with Alison to the Ice Ball? (Cindy, Mindy, Jenna, and Sydney, who joined Ali in hopes of finding proof that she murdered Mona.)

Who is Alison kissing that is wearing a Santa suit? (Possibly Officer Holbrook.)

Why is Cece at the Ice Ball? (To see Alison.)

What do Hanna and Spencer find at Ali’s house? (Hanna finds another fake passport for Ali along with a letter that Bethany wrote to Alison.)

Who was Ali communicating with in the newspaper’s personal ads?

Why did Alison leave the party early?

Who shows up at Ali’s house with a knife, and then knocks Hanna out? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

This is the Christmas special. Ali has a nightmare where she is visited by the ghost of past, present, and future.

Ending: ‘A’ lights up a Christmas tree outside in the snow, reading “Merry Christmas, Bitches.”


Alison Dilaurentis Bethany Young
Did Alison write a letter to Bethany, or was this planted?


Episode 5.14     “Through a Glass, Darkly”

Did the hidden camera film Mona’s murder? (You can see some stuff that happened on the tape, but only a hoodie and blonde hair, no face.)

Why were the charges dropped against Spencer? (The police connect the death of Bethany Young with Mona’s and drop charges against Spencer.)

Jason tells the police the truth about Alison’s alibi, and Alison is arrested for Mona’s murder.

Ending: ‘A’ sets off fireworks that transform into an “A” message in the sky.


Episode 5.15     “Fresh Meat”

Did Alison kill Mona? (No. Big A is setting Alison up.)

Why is a knife belonging to Toby’s family found in Mona’s backyard? (Big A planted it.)

Do Spencer or Caleb go back for the knife? (Yes. They burn it in a kiln at school.)

Who tried to lock Caleb in the kiln at school? (Big A= Cece= Charlotte/Charles.)

Did ‘A’ mess with Aria’s college applications? (Yes.)

Does Jackie read the letter Aria sends to Talmadge? (Yes.)

Who is Jonny Raymond? (Spencer’s mom is friends with his family, and he is renting their guest house/barn.)
Did Holbrook go on leave to tend to his sick father? (No. Holbrook’s dad doesn’t know where he is. The dad also mistakes Hanna for Ali.)

Who put guts popping out of a teddy bear in Hanna’s car? (Big A= Cece= Charles/Charlotte.)

What is Alison’s real alibi for the night Mona was presumably murdered? (She was waiting for Cyrus, who didn’t show up.)

Ending: Ali receives a mysterious note that reads, “Your friends will see you soon.”


Episode 5.16     “Over a Barrel”

Who printed the letter that Aria wrote to Jackie on a reciept? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

Did Holbrook really text Aria?

Did Jason really hook up with Mrs. Marin? (Yes.)

What is the weird smell coming from the storage?

Who is the blonde girl that rented the storage? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

What’s in the barrel found at the storage?

Does Pastor Ted and Ashley get married? (No.)

Does Talia like Ezra? (No, she likes Emily.)

Who rented the storage unit in Hanna’s name? (Big A= Cece Drake.)

Ending: ‘A’ sneaks into Hoolbrook’s office and hacks into the Rosewood P.D. site on his computer.


Episode 5.17     “The Bin of Sin”

Is Holbrook working for ‘A’?

Who locked Aria and Spencer in a freezer? (Big A= Cece Drake. Emily free’s them.)

What do Tanner and Toby find when they investigate the storage unit? (Drops of blood next to the barrel. The blood belongs to Alison.)

Hanna and Caleb run into Tanner and Toby at the storage unit.

Ending: ‘A’ shines UV lights on the door which leads to an ice cream factory containing Mona’s clothes, looking at the fingerprints for the Liars.


Episode 5.18     “Oh What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

Who will have to testify in Alison’s trial? (Leslie. Jason.)

Who is Leslie Stone? (A friend Mona secretly met at Radley.)

Why is Mike visiting Alison in jail? (Beause he doesn’t believe Mona is dead.)

Does Spencer end up going to college? (Yes.)

Why is Holbrook suspended from the Rosewood PD? (Accused of tampering with Ali’s lie detector test.)

What is hidden in the binding of Mona’s book? (A tape of one of Bethany’s young Radley therapy sessions.)

What is on the hidden tape? (Bethany tells the therapist she’s trying to exert self-defense against an evil bitch, declaring “It’s me or her. She’s not the only one who can make plans.”)

Who is following Hanna?

Why is Mike going into the woods? (To hide Mona’s blood capsule.)

Why does Officer Holbrook pull over Hanna? (Holbrook tells Hanna, that he wasn’t away to help Ali but working with the internal affairs unit on another assignment.)

Ending: ‘A’ is frantic when the tape is missing from the binding in Mona’s book.


Episode 5.19     “Out, Damned Spot”

Why is Mike acting weird at the school’s blood drive?

Is Mike helping ‘A’? (No. He is trying to find out if Mona is alive.)

Is Talia really married? (Yes, to a man who she says is her best friend.)

Is Johnny trying to set Spencer up by doing artwork on the Hollis building? (Johnny is not connected to A, or Alison. He commits vandalism not realizing Spencer’s past.)

Does Andrew like Aria? (He is trying to get close to the girls, because he’s an undercover agent.)

Who does Mike give a package to at the diner? (Cyrus, Alison’s “kidnapper”.)

Why is Mike watching Spencer and Aria?

Ending: ‘A’ drops Hanna’s blood onto the clothes Mona wore when she died.


Episode 5.20     “Pretty isn’t the Point”

Does Hanna win the beauty pageant? (No.)

Is Hanna’s step sister Kate also entering the beauty pageant? (No. Big A is messing with Hanna.)

Why is Toby keeping his space from Spencer? (Toby is trying to protect Spencer, and does not want to get close to Spencer because of Tanner.)

Does Talia’s husband Eric care if Talia dates other people? (He doesn’t care if Talia experiments, but doesn’t see it as a real thing.)

Whose blood is Mike hiding? (Mona’s blood.)

Is Mona alive? (Yes. Mona faked her death to set up Alison for murder for Big A, in attempts of finding out who “Big A” is.)

Ending: ‘A’ walks into Mike’s room and starts lifting the gym equipment as exercise.


Episode 5.21     “Bloody Hell”

Does Alison tell her lawyer about Mike? (Yes, but the lawyer doesn’t believe her.)

Why does Spencer go to Melissa & Wren’s house in London? (She has an interview at Oxford near by. Also, Veronica wants Spencer out of Rosewood for protection.)

Why is Cyrus in the burn unit at the hospital? (Big A.)

Who is Varjack? (Cyrus gives the name Varjack which leads to Big A.)

How does “Big A” send Alison notes in jail? (She tends to pay random people off to secretly help out. Big A has lots of money.)

Who put the blood vial in Spencer’s bag? (Big A= Cece = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Did ‘A’ try to kill Aria’s brother Mike? (Yes. At the ending of the last episode ‘A’ is seen in Mike’s room messing with his equipment. Big A= Cece= Charles/Charlotte Dialaurentis.)

Why does Veronica want Spencer to stay in London? (Spencer’s mom is nervous that Alison is going to name Spencer as her accomplice.)

Ending: ‘A’ places a $20 bill in each of the bibles at Chester Women’s Correctional Facility.


Episode 5.22     “To Plea or Not to Plea”

Why did Mona’s lawyer, James Nielan, go to a guarded house in the woods? (The liars find a Varjack reciept at the house.)

Did Alison have anything to do with Hanna getting arrested? (No. Alison does not take the plea. Hanna’s blood was found on the clothes Mona last wore, which was planted by “Big A”.)

Hanna is arrested as Alison’s possible accomplice.

Ending: Alison decides her friends mean more than her freedom, and tells her lawyer that she won’t be taking the plea.


Episode 5.23     “The Melody Lingers On”

Did Hanna’s mom Ashley convince Jason to change his story about Alison’s alibi the night Mona disappeared? (No.)

Does the phone number for “Varjack” really belong to ‘A’? (Yes.)

When are the personal ads from at Ali’s house that has the same phone number as Varjak’s? (The messages started after Mrs. Dilaurentis’ body was found.)

Who called Aria from the Varjak phone number? (Cece Drake, she played a French song over the phone, which was one of Mona’s favorite songs.)

What was ‘A’ looking for at Mona’s house? (Anything leading back to who she is.)

Alison’s trial begins.

Ending: ‘A’ shreds Paul Varjak’s documents, and uses the shredded paper to line Tippi’s birdcage.


Episode 5.24      “I’m a Good Girl, I am”

Who attacks Mike in the woods? (Big A= Cece Drake. Possibly helped by Red Coat.)

Why does Lesli testify against the girls? (Leslie believes Mona is dead.)

Why are all the girls arrested after Alison is declared guilty? (Accessory to murder.)

Alison is found guilty in the final verdict in Mona’s murder case, and all the liars are arrested.

Ending: ‘A’ plays with dolls in a jail car, placing the dolls in the prison.


PLL Season 5 E24
Hanna and Alison in jail. “I’m a Good Girl, I Am.”


Episode 5.25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

What does “Big A” shoot into the police van? (Sleeping gas.)

Where is the dollhouse? (Underground.)

Why is Mona pretending to be Alison? (Big A is forcing Mona.)

What do the four chimes mean at the dollhouse? (Game time.)

Does “Big A” bring the liars boyfriend’s to the dollhouse? (No.)

What do the loud sirens mean at the dollhouse? (Go back to your room.)

Does Spencer really know “Big A’s” real name? (Yes. Charles Dilaurentis.)

Why does “Big A” want the liars to recreate an old prom? (It would of been Charles prom also as he and Jason were only a year apart.)

Is “Charles” at the fake prom? (Yes.)

Who’s in the video of Mrs. DiLaurentis with the two toddler boys at Campbell Farm? (Jason and Charles Dilaurentis, both are Jessica’s sons. Charles is 15 months older than Jason.)

Do the liars escape the dollhouse using the materials from prom? (Yes, but when they get outside they realize they’re surrounded by an electric fence in the woods.)

The girls are sent to jail, but instead wake up locked in A’s “dollhouse”.

Mona is alive, and has been locked in A’s dollhouse.

Alison tells Veronica and Peter Hastings the truth about ‘A’.

Ending: The girls finally make it outside, but realize that they’re still trapped by an electric fence in the middle of nowhere.


#PLL Charles is Big A.
In Spencer’s room at the dollhouse, she finds blocks spelling out “Charles”.


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