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Season 6a picks up immediately after the Season 5 finale, no time has passed. After the girls try to escape the dollhouse in the season 5 finale, ‘A’ punished Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Mona, subjecting them to various types of torture. Meanwhile, Alison, Ezra, Caleb, and Toby try to find a way to help find the girls. This season is only 3 weeks in Rosewood time. (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


PLL Season 6 Charles
Season 6 Episode 1 – “Big A” watching the girls at her Dollhouse.


Episode 6.01     “Game On, Charles”

Who is the girl locked in the dollhouse with blonde hair? (Sara Harvey, the girl from the next town who also disappeared the same night Alison did.)

Where does “Big A” take Mona after throwing the gas bomb? (Charles is getting ready for Alison’s arrival, and will no longer need Mona.)

Does “Big A” send morgue like photos to the parents of the girls? (No.)

What surprise does “Big A” have for the girls? (Big A is planning Alison’s arrival.)

Is Charles a “Dilaurentis”? (Yes. Cece Drake= Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Does “Big A” kill Mona? (No.)

How do the girls get out of the dollhouse? (Alison, Ezra, and Caleb make a plan to try and trick Big A and end up seeing smoke and finding the girls.)

Ending: Emily thanks Alison for helping save them and asks Alison who “Charles DiLaurentis” is.


PLL Dollhouse
S6 E1 The girls are drugged in the Dollhouse.



Episode 6.02     “Songs of Innocence”

Is Andrew Charles, or on the A-Team? (He is not Charles, and doesn’t seem to be connected to the A-team.)

What happened in the dollhouse? (Charles made the girls play a game with switches, where they thought their answers would choose which girl would be hurt next. Lots of mind games. Seems like Spencer got the worst of it.)

Why does Kenneth lie to Alison about Charles? (He doesn’t want to tell Alison what happened, and thinks Charles is dead.)

Who is Sara Harvey? (Red Coat, Black Veil, and Big A’s sidekick, and most likely best friend to Charlotte as well. This is revealed in 6×10.)

Is Mona going to be charged for faking her death? (No.)

Ending: The last thing we see is Alison sitting in her room, looking at an old family photo album with some missing photos.


Sara Harvey from the dollhouse
S6 E2 – Sara Harvey


Episode 6.03     “Songs of Experience”

Why are Andrew Campbell’s records sealed? (He is adopted.)

Does (Officer) Lorenzo “like” Alison? (Yes. He is a good guy.)

Why doesn’t Toby want Alison hooking up with Lorenzo? (Toby is worried Alison hasn’t changed and is still playing games, but Alison did truly change a lot from being on the run so long.)

Why does Hanna want all of the girls to go to a therapy session with Dr. Sullivan? (Hanna wants to talk about what happened in the dollhouse.)

Was Charlie just Jason’s imaginary friend? (No. Charles was Jason’s brother.)

Who took the video of Sara Harvey sleeping at Emily’s? (Cece = Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Why does Sara takes so many showers? (Sara knows who Charles is, and has been helping ‘A’ all along, but the reason why she would help is left open to question. Most likely it is because Sara is trying to trick the girls, and possibly reaching out to Big A while she pretends to shower. #ShowerHarvey)

Who is in the photo that was hidden inside a jar of buttons? (Jessica Dilaurentis, with her two sons Jason, and Charles.)

Ending: Alison and Jason confront Kenneth demanding answers about Charles. Kenneth finally gives in and starts telling them something, while a hooded figure watches them from outside.


Jessica, Jason, and Charles Dilaurentis
S6 E3 Dilaurentis Family Photo


Episode 6.04     “Don’t Look Now”

What was Kenneth’s confession? (Charles is 15 months older than Jason. Jessica and Kenneth knew he was troubled, but doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong. By the time Ali was one, they thought it was no longer safe and institutionalized him at Radley.)

Is Charles dead? (No. Jessica told Kenneth that Charles died, but she was lying. Kenneth does not know that Charles is alive.)

When did Radley Sanitarium close? (While the girls were locked in the dollhouse.)

Where are the old Radley files? (Either transferred with current patients, or ex-patient records were taken to River Hill Davis Center to be shredded.)

Why does Spencer have a memory of the dollhouse where she is covered in blood? (Spencer has a flashback of her waking on the floor, panicked that her hands are covered in blood. It was never revealed that Spencer actually did anything, so at this time looks like it was just one of A’s head games to mess with Spencer.)

What’s in Charles Radley file? (Only records found are from age 13-15, nothing past his sixteenth birthday. They saw Charles’ depression medicine dose being increased, and that the only two people to visit Charles were his mother, and great aunt Carol.)

Is Charles living at Aunt Carol’s house? (No, but Charles headstone/grave is found.)

Who locked Aria in the dark room? (A= Cece= Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Why can’t Spencer remember everything that happened at the dollhouse? (Big A would play a buzzer every time she fell asleep so that she was sleep deprived and confused. A also drugged the girls.)

Was there blood on Spencer’s hand’s because she hurt someone? (No. ‘A’ is just playing mind games to torture the girls.)

Was Charles a threat to Alison and Jason as children? (Kenneth tells Ali that one day Charles tried to drown Alison in hot water, later Charles reveals it was an accident.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen having candy, and tracking the liars on a monitor, all the girls are home except Emily who is seen at the community pool.


PLL Season 6 E4
S6 E4 “Don’t Look Now”


Episode 6.05     “She’s No Angel”

What is Spencer remembering in her creepy dream of a room full of bathtubs? (An old room at Radley, with a pair of slippers initialed C.D. for Charles Dilaurentis.)

Is Alison planning revenge on Mona? (No.)

Why is Lesli so upset with Mona? (Mona used Lesli as a piece of her plan to set up Alison for her faked death. Also Lesli went to Radley and is afraid people will find out.)

Who is Clark? (An undercover cop.)

Does Clark have a photo of ‘A’? (Yes. The photo is of a girl’s silhouette in a black hoodie.)

What file does Spencer find of Charles while searching Radley? (A paper saying Charles Dilaurentis organs were donated after his death. The file was a fake, there is no way Charles could have donated organs with all the meds he was on.)

Why was Mona sneaking around Radley? (Trying to steal Lesli’s patient file.)

What does Lesli Stone’s Radley file say? (Lesli was in Radley long enough to know Charles, and that she was Bethany Young’s roommate. Lesli is emotionally unstable.)

Ending: ‘A’ is seen sticking black and pink strands of hair onto a tennis ball, making it look like Aria’s former hairstyle.


PLL Season 6
S6 E5 – Lesli Stone.



Episode 6.06     “No Stone Unturned”

Did Charles send Kenneth that birthday card? (Yes.)

What does Hanna find in Lesli’s car? (Multiple pair’s of the same pair of glasses, and they do not have a presciption.)

What did Lesli Stone tell Mona? (Lesli told Mona she hated Bethany Young and only heard of Charles DiLaurentis one time, the night he and Bethany escaped Radley, the night of Alison’s disappearance.)

Sara and Emily kiss for the first time.

Ending: Kenneth DiLaurentis is digging up Charles’ grave and we see the birthday card, which says, “Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles”.


PLL Charles Dialurentis
S6 E6 – Charles Birthday Card to Kenneth Dilaurentis



Episode 6.07     “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

What is the “Carissimi Group” where Hanna got a scholarship? (Charles bank account that Mrs. Dilaurentis set up for him as a charity so no one knew.)

Who put the red balloon on Jason’s porch? (Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Why does Toby freak out at the arcade? (He unknowingly ate marijuana jelly beans.)

The girls remove their tracking chips that “A” placed in their neck.

Ending: Charles opens a birthday present. It is a picture from the home video shown before.


PLL Mike & Mona
S6 E7 – Mike & Mona. Aww Mike.


Episode 6.08     “FrAmed”

Why is Charles finally a suspect with the police? (The DiLaurentis family gave the home video to the police.)

Who is Red Coat? (A scene shows Red Coat coming to sit next to ‘A’ dressed in all black. Red Coat is Sara Harvey.)

Who is Rhys Matthews? (Just an employee. ‘A’ picked him because he looks so much like the Dilaurentis family.)

Why does Alison steal Lorenzo’s access card for the police station? (She’s tired of being left in the dark, and wants to know what is going on with the case against Charles.)

Who switched Aria’s photo for the image of the girls’s appearing dead? (Big A and Red Coat. Cece Drake= Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis, and Sara Harvey.)

Why is Rhys at an abandoned doll factory? (Charles is using him as a decoy against the liars.)

Why is Clark at the abandoned doll factory that Rhys went into? (Clark is an undercover cop trying to follow things that are happening around the girls.)

Alison and Lorenzo kiss for the first time.

Ending: ‘A’ is putting 6 syringes in the trunk of their car, while Red Coat is seen in the driver’s seat and hands Charles an envelope which contains 2 tickets to the Rosewood High prom.


PLL Charlotte Dilaurentis and Sara Harvey
S6 E8 “Big A” and Red Coat.



Episode 6.09     “Last Dance”

Do the girls go to prom even though they are banned? (The girls start prom at Spencer’s barn, but end up following Alison to the real prom.)

Why is Alison at prom? (Charles sent Ali text messages, to lure her there.)

Who locked the liars mom’s in the basement? (Either ‘A’ or Red Coat.)

Do Hanna and Caleb end up moving to New York? (Yes, but they eventually break up, and sadly are no longer together for the last half of Season 6.)

Does Aria win anything? (Aria wins first prize: money, and an internship in Los Angeles.)

Toby and Lorenzo are fired from Rosewood Police Department.

Ezra is joining the Habitat Group in Thailand with Nicole Gordon.

Ending: Charles kidnaps Alison. Alison say’s “Please. Charles, talk to me.” The person in the hoodie removes their mask. In disbelief, Alison says, “Oh my God.”


Alison Dilaurentis Season 6
S6 E9 – Alison looking like a fairytale princess, at Rosewood Senior Prom.



Episode 6.10     “Game Over, Charles”

Did Charles commit suicide? (No.)

Did Sara call Tanner? (No.)

Is Jason, or Kenneth Dilaurentis dead? (No. “A” drugged them only.)

Who kidnapped Alison from Rosewood High’s prom? (Big A= Cece Drake= Charles/Charlotte Dilaurentis.)

Who killed Toby’s mother? (Bethany Young.)

Why did Charles have a funeral and real head stone? (Mrs. D said she had a funeral for “Charles” to help him transition into “Charlotte”, but Charlotte now knows it was to fool the father into believing Charles was dead.)

Why did Cece/Charlotte date her own brother? (To be closer to her family. She also says that’s why Jason was so upset all the time because he wasn’t getting any.)

Why did Charlotte hit Alison over the head with a rock the night of her disappearance? (She thought Alison was Bethany who snuck out to confront Jessica about her affair with her father, and was wearing Charlotte’s clothes.)

Who killed Bethany? (Mona. Thinking it was Alison. Then she see’s Alison walking on the side of the street the next day and doesn’t know what happened but convinces her to run away.)

Why did Mona tell everything to Charlotte? (She was drugged up and thought Charlotte was Alison.)

Why did Cece/Charlotte want to mess with the girls? (She wanted to find out if Alison was alive, and she thought it was fun playing with her “dolls”. She also became mad at the Liars because Mona told her that the Liars were happy that Alison was gone.)

Why didn’t Charlotte end the game when Alison came home? (She says “When your friends thought they killed A in New York, it was the perfect time to end it. I left the country thinking it was over, but the game is like a drug and I was really good at playing it. It felt good to succeed at something”.)

What happens to Charlotte after the police take her away? (Charlotte was sent to a different hospital and stays there for 5 years of treatment until her sister Alison attempts to get her out 6×11.)

Why do the girls say, it’s not their fault for what happened to Sara Harvey? (At Radley when the bomb was about to go off Sara’s hands were severely burnt. We find this out in the second half of Season 6.)

We hear Charles/Charlotte’s story, and “Big A” is finally revealed as Cece Drake, who is truly Charlotte Dilaurentis.


The liars find out who 'A' is.
S6 E10 “Game Over, Charles”


Big A Reveal
S6 E10 Cece Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis. “Big A” reveal.



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