PLL Season 6b Q&A


The second half of season 6 is after a 5 year time jump. The girls have all been away from Rosewood, and come home expecting to stay for only a few days. Hanna is engaged to a man named Jordan that she met in Europe. Caleb is still a tech. Spencer was in Washington trying to make it to Capitol Hill. Toby is still a cop in Rosewood. Emily has been in California bartending. Aria is dating someone at the publishing company she works for, but also works with Ezra. Ezra is an alcoholic that is still heartbroken over his last girlfriends death in South America. Alison is a teacher at Rosewood high, and Charlotte is murdered in the first episode back!


PLL 5 Years Forward


Episode 6.11     “Of Late I Think of Rosewood”


What is Dr. Rollins connection to Alison? (Dr. Rollins is Charlotte’s psychiatrist, and they are secretly dating.)

Are the girl’s going to tell the hospital Charlotte should get out? (All the girls do per Alison’s requests, except Aria who tells the truth that she does not want her to get out.)

Who is Toby building a house for? (He is about to ask his fiance Yvonne Phillips to marry him.)

Is Emily going to Pepperdine college? (Emily moved to California and went to school at Pepperdine, but dropped out of college when her dad passed away in the army.)

What is wrong with Emily? (Emily isn’t sick – she is hormonal, because she’s going to be an egg donor.)

Why are Spencer and Caleb so close? (Spencer admits to Hanna that she likes Caleb, but nothing has happened yet.)

Who killed Charlotte? (Charlotte was killed around 4:00 am. Murderer is still a mystery.)

What is wrong with Sara Harvey? (The night Sara and Charlotte tried to blow up Radley, Sara’s hands touched an electrical wire and she was electrocuted. She has burns on her hands.)

Ending: Lorenzo reveals to the four ladies that Charlotte was murdered and says they should not leave Rosewood, while a mysterious person is looking over them.


PLL Season 6b Time Jump
Season 6 Episode 11 – Charlotte Dilaurentis funeral.



Episode 6.12     “Charlotte’s Web”

What is Aria hiding? (Aria left the hotel, to walk around with Ezra talking for a little bit the night of Charlotte’s death. Aria left the hotel at 3:12am, and got back to the hotel alone at 4:28am.)

Did someone read Spencer’s criminology college paper, to try and set her up for Charlotte’s death? (Spencer’s paper is incredibly close to the way Charlotte died.)

Does Emily have cancer? (No. She’s not sick. She is taking injections because she is going to be an egg donor.)

What is Alison insinuating when she says her dinner prayer? (Alison suspects one of her friends may be responsible for Charlotte’s death.)

Are Spencer and Caleb more than just friends? (They are crushing on each other, and hook up soon.)

What do the girls see on the hotel video of Aria? (Ezra came to get Aria, and they left the hotel together.)

What happened the night Aria and Ezra walked around town? (Aria was telling Ezra what happened at the psychiatric hearing. Aria and Ezra see Charlotte walking into the church. Ezra was upset that Charlotte could be walking around when his kind-hearted girlfriend Nicole was kidnapped and killed in South America. Then he told Aria to head back to the hotel. Aria drives away, and Ezra is left standing alone outside of the church.)

Who does Emily see when she’s at her father’s grave? (Sara Harvey visiting Charlotte’s grave.)

Ending: Alison tells Lorenzo she thinks her friends may have had something to do with Charlotte’s murder.


The Radley - Security Footage
Season 6 Episode 12 – Aria leaving Radley in the middle of the night.



Episode 6.13     “The Gloves Are On”

Is Sara Harvey following Emily? 

Why is Sara Harvey staying at The Radley? (After Charlotte’s death she was asked to stay in Rosewood, just like the other girls, but she’s staying at The Radley in the same exact room as Charlotte’s old room when it was the Radley Sanitarium, the room has a secret passage way in and out.)

What friend is Sara saying goodbye too? (Charlotte. Sara lied to the court, and looked at Charlotte as a sister.)

Do the police find out Hanna erased the security footage from Radley?

Does Lucas tell the police he is Hanna and the girls alibi? (Yes.)

Why is Ezra so mad when the girls question him for Charlotte’s murder? (He later says he was upset that his friends could believe he would do that.)

Where did Ezra go after Aria left the night of Charlotte’s murder?  (He says that he talked to a trucker at a diner, and ran into Aria’s parents who asked him not to say anything to Aria, because they hadn’t told her they were back together yet.)

Was Ezra’s unfinished novel about Nicole or Aria? (We believe the novel is about Nicole. His way of saying goodbye to her.)

Was the new chapters that Aria submitted to her publisher written by Aria or Ezra? (Aria.)

Spencer admits to Hanna her feelings have been growing for Caleb. Later, Spencer and Caleb kiss. #OMG

Aria gets the first new threatening text of the season: “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk”, signed with a picture of a devil mask.

Ending: We see a lair with a record player and the famous Alison mask. “Big bad” cuts open a container of A’s signature black hoodie and trashes them, but not before going on the internet and searching “uniforms”.


NEW PLL 2016
Pretty Little Liars 6×13 Collage.



Episode 6.14     “New Guys, New Lies”

Do we know the new “Big Bad”?

What is the murder weapon that was used on Charlotte Dilaurentis? (The new “A” says it was a 9 iron golf club, but Detective Tanner says the murder weapon was metal, hollow, and cut with a rectangle in it.)

Does Toby ask Yvonne to marry him? (Toby has a ring and is ready to ask her, but hasn’t yet.)

Where did Ezra go? (Just to get out of town, stayed at a friend’s house in Albany and worked on his book to give to Aria. He returns in episode 6.16.)

Who is in the black car, possibly following Spencer? 

What happened to The Radley’s backup security footage? (The company says they lost the drive but Hanna’s mom Ashley has it.)

Did Byron Montgomery have something to do with Charlotte’s death? 

Whose car is Byron in when he say’s “I think she knows”? (Assuming Ella’s, Byron reveals he and Ella are back together.)

What’s inside the storage room with the garbage bin that Spencer & Caleb finds? (Black hoodies and a cell phone.)

Spencer shows Caleb the new “A” texts, and he try’s to follow the IP address.


Season 6 Episode 14 – Big Bad texting Spencer. “I guess she is better than you. He will never put a ring on your finger.”



Episode 6.15     “Do Not Disturb”     

What is Byron’s secret?
(That he is back together with Aria’s mother, Ella.)

Why is Emily acting so irritable? (Hormones for egg donation.)

Why was Sara Harvey in Alison’s classroom? (She acted like it was to talk about Charlotte, and admits she looked at Charlotte like a sister.)

Was Sara Harvey really in Emily’s hospital room, or was it a hallucination? 

What does Caleb find in Yvonne’s phone? (A file on the Hastings campaign, revealing Veronica Hastings is sick.)

What do Aria and Spencer find in Sara Harvey’s bedroom? (A map of the old Radley Sanitarium floor plan, compared to the new Radley Hotel, so that Sara was able to stay in Charlotte’s old room.)

Why does Sara Harvey have a secret whole in The Radley building? (She can get in and out of her hotel room. It’s also Charlotte’s old room that Sara is staying in, so it might be the same way Charlotte originally got in and out of Radley so easily.)

Where did Aria disappear to? (In Sara Harvey’s hotel room they find a large whole in her closet, Aria went to check it out.)

Sara Harvey admits to Alison that she lied to the courts about Charlotte, and felt Charlotte was like a sister to her.

Ending: The new #BigBad is seen opening his laptop to insert the drive that the liars gave him. A video image of Caleb pops up on the screen, and gives BigBad’s computer a virus! Go, Caleb!


PLL Season 6 Episode 15
Season 6 Episode 15 – Spencer trying to sneak into Sara Harvey’s room at the Radley.



Episode 6.16     “Where Somebody Waits For Me”      


Did Spencer know her mother was sick? (No. She knew she had cancer in the past but not that it came back.)

Who called Alison’s house the night of Charlotte’s murder from The Two Crows Diner? (Mona.)

Who broke into Hollis College and stole or destroyed Emily’s eggs? (Bigbad.)

Did Mona actually give Spencer Yvonne’s phone to be helpful, or set her up? 

What type of sickness does Veronica Hastings have? (Cancer.)

Why does Dr. Rollins want to keep his and Alison’s relationship a secret? (Elliott Rollins is not a good guy, and is setting Alison up – most likely after her money.)

Did Melissa Hastings kill Charlotte? 

Is the missing piece from Melissa’s luggage Charlotte’s murder weapon? (Possible.)

Alison admits to Spencer that she is in a secret relationship with Dr. Rollins, and kept it hidden since he was Charlotte’s doctor, but she doesn’t want to keep it a secret any longer.

In the beginning of the episode in the secret whole in the building at The Radley Spencer and Aria see some type of torture device belonging to Radley Sanitarium, and realize that may be how Charlotte learned her skills.

Ending: At the end of the episode we see someone with medical gloves messing with the torture equipment we saw at the beginning of the episode from Radley. What’s #BigBad up to? 


pll 2016 mona vanderwaal
Season 6 Episode 16 – Mona’s quote this episode to Caleb.



Episode 6.17     “We’ve All Got Baggage” 


What happened to the large whole in Sara Harvey’s hotel room closet? (It has somehow been perfectly closed, as if it never existed.)

Who was the person wearing a mask that was disguised as a maid for The Radley entering Sara Harvey’s hotel room? 

Is Hanna having second thoughts about getting married? (Yes. She is still in love with Caleb.)

Why is the reporter/blogger we met trying to interview Mrs. Hastings campaign now trying to hang out with Emily at Hollis? (Most likely for a story on Veronica Hastings.)

Is Melissa Hastings lying about when she came back to Rosewood? (Caleb is convinced she is lying, still out for question.)

What happened at Ali’s house the night Charlotte came home? (Alison says she stayed up late talking to Charlotte, and admitted to her that she and Dr. Rollins fell in love, but after her admitting that – Charlotte just blankly stared at her.)

Why did someone try to run over Emily? (Possibly to get Emily to touch the murder weapon to ensure her finger prints are there.)

Who tried to run over Emily? 

When did Melissa and Wren break up? 

What happened in Hanna’s flashback from London with Melissa? (Hanna saw Melissa at a fashion event in London, and Melissa was crying that her and Wren broke up after Charlotte called Wren. She was upset Charlotte even had phone allowance at the hospital.)

Does Wren know Bethany Young? 

Why did Melissa say “I want  to talk to my sister” in Hanna’s flashback? 

Did Liam know Ezra and Aria were a couple in the past? (No.)

Who leaked Yvonne’s highschool abortion to the media? (Our guess is BigBad. Caleb did not leak this info, but took the fall to protect Spencer.)

Did Emily touch the murder weapon at the diner? (It sure did look like the piece of Melissa’s luggage.)

Who are the 2 people after the Liars? (Mary Drake, and Dr. Rollins are at least after Alison.)

Alison gets her first text from “BigBad”.

“BigBad” threatens Emily’s eggs, saying “our baby”, and tries to hurt or kill Emily.

Dr. Rollins proposes, and they ask Aria to marry them the same night after Ella & Byron wed.

Ending: We see a universal remote and instructions next to a piece of wedding cake. Was “BigBad” at the wedding?


PLL 6x17
Season 6 Episode 17 – Dr. Rollins proposes to Alison.



Episode 6.18     “Burn This”  


Did Alison and Dr. Elliott Rollins get married? (Yes. Aria married them. Alison is officially Mrs. Rollins.)

Does Aria get back together with Ezra? (Yes. They hook up in the finale.)

Did Melissa really go back to London as Peter said? 

Does Caleb end up staying in Ashley Marin’s guest room?

Why isn’t Caleb telling Toby the truth? (Caleb did not leak Yvonne’s teen pregnancy, but he’s trying to keep Spencer & the Liars safe. If he told Toby the truth Toby would most likely tell the Rosewood Police since he is a police officer.)

Does Toby eventually find out Caleb didn’t leak the Yvonne teen pregnancy info? (Spencer tells him the truth towards the end of this episode.)

Did Mona actually get fired? Is Mona the reason for the leak?

Why is Detective Tanner questioning Aria? (Aria fits the description of a suspect the Rosewood Police are looking for, and has to go in for a police line up.)

Does the employee at the auto repair shop own the black SUV that tried to run over Emily? (She made it seem like it’s possibly her vehicle that she lent to a friend, and acted very sketchy.At the end of the episode we see the same employee getting an envelope full of cash.)

Who is the “her” the auto repair shop employee was referring to when speaking to Emily? 

Was Melissa Hastings being blackmailed? (Peter Hastings reveals to Spencer that Melissa was being blackmailed. Right before Charlotte’s hearing Melissa got threatening messages asking her to confess to burying Bethany or drop money off at a disclosed location. Melissa dropped off the money hoping this issue would just go away but then Charlotte turned up dead. Charlotte was still in hospital lock-down when Melissa made her first payment so the Liars think this clears her of suspect in Charlotte’s murder. This is still out for question things aren’t always as truthful as the characters may want us to believe.)

What happens at Hanna’s bridal shower? (Ashley Marin throws Hanna a bridal shower which they have at Lucas’ apartment, and Mona shows up uninvited and surprises her with a personal gift they made when they were younger.)

Who was the brunette suspect with 2 pink dice on her key chain? (Mona.)

Is Mona the person who called Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner the night of her death? (Yes. Mona called Charlotte the night she was killed and asked her to meet, she then waited for her at the diner for 2 hours, but she never showed up.)

Spencer has a flashback to her sophmore year in college revealing her and Toby had a pregnancy scare, and their #heartbreaking break up. 

Aria gets second degree burns and ends up in the hospital. Aria admits to Ezra that it wasn’t an accident but then quickly says nevermind.

Spencer calls and leaves a voicemail for Yvonne saying how sorry she is for what happened.

Ending: The auto repair employee looks under the wrecked SUV tire to find an envelope of cash.


PLL 6x18 Pretty Little Liars
Season 6 Episode 18 – Aria’s in a police line up at Rosewood Police Department.




Episode 6.19     “Did You Miss Me?” 


Why is Lucas back in town? (He says he came back to buy some business property near by, and then later in the episode offers the property to Hanna to whatever her heart desires.)

What made Alison fall down the stairs? (It looked as though her shoe may have been tampered with. Most likely Dr. Rollins is at fault, who was standing right next to her at the time.)

Why is Mona talking to Sara’s driver?

What did Sara’s driver have in the long tube he was carrying? (Radley floor plan, similar to what we saw in Sara’s room.)

Did Hanna really kill Charlotte? (No. It is just a plan to try and trick BigBad.)

Is Jessica Dilaurentis alive? (We see Jessica in Alison’s hospital room, and she looked very alive – not like a dream, but in the next episode we find out Jessica has a twin sister named Mary Drake who is messing with Alison.)

We see the same purple roses in Alison’s hospital room containing a card from BigBad. Elliott was at Alison’s house the night Charlotte was murdered, and in Ali’s hospital room – is this a clue?

Ending: Hanna send’s BigBad a text saying “I killed Charlotte. Leave my friends alone.” We see an unknown person receive the message wearing hospital gloves, and their laptop has an image of the Hastings campaign.


PLL 6.19 Jessica Dilaurentis Alive




Episode 6.20     “Hush Hush, Sweet Liars”      March 15, 2016


Does Dr. Rollins really have to leave town for a conference? (He says he is leaving to catch a plane, but he is lying to Alison.)

How does Caleb know how to build an electric fence? (He googled it.)

Why does Ezra seem upset after finishing his book? (He finally came to terms that Nicole is truly gone, the book was a way of saying goodybe, and he is thankful that Aria helped him overcome the hard place he was in.)

Is Alison going crazy? (No. Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake is setting Alison up in hopes she will admit herself to the hospital.)

Did Alison see Mrs. Dilaurentis when she was looking at her music box? (No. She saw Mary Drake, her mother’s twin sister that she doesn’t know about.)

Who called Alison and said, “Did you miss me?”? (Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister Mary Drake.)

Who was watching Alison and Emily through Ali’s window? (Dr. Rollins.)

Why is Mona randomly showing up to help Spencer? (She says she wants to help Veronica’s campaign, now that she has been fired. She assures Spencer she is no longer the enemy. Still out to question what Mona’s true intentions are!)

Why did Liam and Aria break up? (When Liam read Aria’s new pages for her and Ezra’s book, he could tell that Aria is still in love with Ezra.)

Did Alison really see Detective Wilden? (No. Dr. Rollins is setting Alison up, he is wearing a mask pretending to be Wilden and most likely drugging Alison.)

Was Charlotte really adopted? (Yes. Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister named Mary Drake is Charlotte’s birth mother, but Mary was in Radley Mental Institute so Jessica and Kenneth secretly adopted Charles/Charlotte.)

Why does Alison’s husband Dr. Rollins, and Jessica’s twin sister Mary Drake, want Alison to admit herself to the hospial? (So they have control of Alison, and all Alison’s inheritance money from Charlotte’s death.)

Why did Caleb and Hanna originally break up? (We see a flashback of their breakup in New York. Hanna was incredibly busy with work and Caleb was feeling alone and ready to go to Europe. Caleb begged Hanna to go with him but assuming everything would work out Hanna left their apartment, and Caleb left. Hanna reveals that she came right back to the apartment for him – to let him know he was right and she loved him, but he was already gone!)

Does Hanna regret her and Caleb’s breakup? (Yes. She tells him she went back for him, and she never stopped loving him!)

What do Toby and Spencer find when they search the Radley building? (They find out that Charlotte was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth! The birth mother is Mary Drake, another patient at Radley, and also Jessica Dilaurentis’ twin sister.)

Does Hanna and Caleb’s plan work? (No. Someone does get through Caleb’s electric fence, and from security footage is later revealed to be Mrs. Dilaurentis – which only the viewers currently know is her twin sister Mary Drake. Hanna is taken and currently missing.)

Who is Mary Drake? (Jessica Dilaurentis twin sister. She was in Radley when she got pregnant with Charlotte, so Jessica secretly adopted Charlotte from Mary.)

Is Hanna going to die? (No. We have already seen Hanna in the Season 7 promo where her and the Liars go into Alison’s classroom to let her know “he’s here”.)

Who is A.D.? (It looks like A.D. may be the person who killed Charlotte, and Dr. Rollins and Mary Drake are the ones trying to avenge her murder. Still out to question.)


PLL 6x20 Finale



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