Season 7 picks up immeditaely after the Season 6b finale. No time has passed. Hanna was just abducted by A.D. and the Liars are trying to find her before something happens. Alison is also in trouble after turning herself into her husbands mental hospital. Season 7 is rumored to be the last season of Pretty Little Liars, and will definitely close this storyline of Uber A! (Warning: Possible SPOILERS below.)


PLL season 7 answers
Pretty Little Liars season 7 – Questions and Answers



Episode 7.01     “Tick-Tock Bitches”


Why are the Liars crying and shoveling dirt at the opening? (In episode 7×3 Hanna accidentally runs over Elliott Rollins while trying to save Alison. The Liars then bury his body.)

Why is Mary Drake at the police department? (Reporting a break-in at the Lost Woods Resort, which she now owns.)

Is Hanna the person hanging from the bell tower? (No. It is only a doll.)

Is Hanna dead? (No, but she was tortured.)

Who do the Liars think killed Charlotte? (Most of the Liars think it is Alison, but we do not.)

What are in the bags that Mary Drake is carrying in front of The Lost Woods Resort? 

Is Elliott Rollins helping or hurting Alison? (Elliott is against Alison – which was revealed in the season 6b finale.)

Why is Spencer and Toby searching the room that Hanna was abducted from? (For clues to see who took Hanna.)

Did Spencer and Toby find anything when searching? (A lot of German and French books.)

Why is Caleb acting so weird towards Spencer? (Most likely because Caleb kissed Hanna the night she was abducted.)

Why did Mary Drake go over to Spencer’s house? (She asked for Spencer’s parents acting as if she may have met them in the past.)

Does Mary Drake know Peter and Veronica Hastings?

Did Alison kill Charlotte? (We highly doubt it!)

Who is Mary Drake talking to on the phone when Caleb and Mona are listening in? (A man with an accent in a bar near Hollis college.)

Are Ezra and Aria still in love? (Yes.)

Why was Mary Drake in Radley? (For her connection in a death of a child she was babysitting – which later in 7×02 Mary says it was actually her sisters fault but Jessica blamed it on her.)

Why do the Liars tell A.D. they think Alison killed Hanna? (They think since Alison is in the mental institute that she is currently safe – and they need to hurry before Hanna is possibly murdered.)

Ending: Dr. Rollins goes into Alison’s room at the mental hospital and before shooting her up with drugs he whispers, “I know you killed Charlotte”.

PLL #SaveHanna
PLL season 7 episode 1, Hanna abducted



Episode 7.02     “Bedlam”


Why did Mary Drake pick up Hanna and take her home to her friends? (The Liars think it is because they gave up their idea of who Charlotte’s killer may be – Alison.)

Does Hanna love Caleb still? (Yes, but she feels guilty for her part in possibly hurting Spencer in the end, so we think she is hiding her true feelings.)

Did Dr. Rollins really talk to Ali’s brother Jason? (No. He is lying.)

Where is Jason? (Out of the country, he tells Spencer in 7×3 he didn’t even know Ali got married.)

Why does Liam call Ezra’s book character a “predator”? (Liam knows Aria broke up with him for Ezra, and is upset and actually calling Ezra a predator – he also tells Ezra he wants to protect the authors, speaking about Aria.)

Why does Mary Drake go visit Spencer again? (She says she wanted to check on Hanna, and feels un-easy about not taking her straight to the police.)

Why does Mary Drake want to go to Welby with Emily? (Most likely Mary knows Elliott has Alison on drugs – to make Alison seem crazy.)

Why does Dr. Rollins ask Mary Drake to a private conversation? After Dr. Rollins finds Mary Drake and Emily in Alison’s hospital room he asks Mary to speak in private and Mary is mad that Elliott hasn’t answered her calls for a few days and thinks he is going to far with Alison’s treatment.

What does Emily text to the other Liars? (Emily lets the girls know something is going on between Mary Drake & Dr. Rollins after overhearing their conversation.)

Aria breaks up with Liam, and Hanna breaks up with Jordan. Afterwards, Hanna signs the papers to co-owning a building with Lucas.

Ending: A nurse, or most likely Dr. Rollins is shown secretly drugging Alison, and possibly taking her somewhere.


PLL 7x2 Alison Welby
PLL season 7 episode 2, Alison at Welby


Episode 7.03     “The Talented Mr. Rollins”


What are the bruises and marks on Hanna’s body and back? (Burn marks from A.D.)

Why does Elliott hate Alison so much? (Originally he seemed to want to stick around Alison to take her inheritance money, as well as find out who killed his real love – Charlotte.)

Does Caleb still have feelings for Hanna? (Yes, but he is feeling confused, and does not want to hurt Spencer.)

What is in Elliott’s locked trunk in Ali’s bedroom? (Syringes, viles of medication, blue eye contacts, and antique surgery tools.)

Why did Alison and Elliott stay at a B&B in Amish Country? (They stayed there for their honeymoon, and the Liars find out that Charlotte and Elliott had also been to that same spot – and seen kissing.)

Is Dr. Rollins really who he says he is? (No. Toby finds out that the name Elliott Rollins was stolen, and actually belongs to a very old man.)

Toby and Yvonne get engaged to be married.

Ending: While trying to save Alison, Hanna accidentally runs over and kills Elliott Rollins.


PLL 7x03
PLL Season 7 episode 3, Alison seeing her husband Elliott dead.



Episode 7.04     “Hit and Run, Run, Run”


Is “Dr. Rollins” actually dead? (YES.)

Does Hanna go to jail for “Dr. Rollins” murder? (We doubt it.)

Did Alison go into the church after Charlotte? (Yes. Alison was the woman in red that Ezra and Aria actually saw the night of Charlotte’s murder. Alison also thought she heard someone as she was leaving the church.)

Who is the guy named Marco that Spencer meets at Radley? (While drinking Spencer ends up making out with Marco, who we later find out is a Police Investigator in charge of Dr. Rollins missing persons case.)

Who took the car that the Liars hid in the woods after running Dr. Rollins over? (Mona.)

How did Mona know the Liars ran over Dr. Rollins? (Mona says she has been following Dr. Rollins because he seemed suspicious.)

Where is Dr. Rollins burner phone? (It is in his car in a hidden compartment.)

Why did Dr. Rollins fake an american accent? (He is not the real Dr. Rollins, his identity is fake. We believe that Rollins is related to Wren Kingston who also has an accent. Rollins is faking his identity.)

Why is Jenna back in town? (She says for Toby’s engagement – but she is lying.)

Why are the police investigating Dr. Rollins? (Toby found out that the real Dr. Rollins was 72 when he died of a stroke, therefore this man is stealing someones identity.)

This episode includes the heartbreaking moment when Caleb explains his and Spencer’s special moments abroad, while Hanna is quietly and sadly listening. Later in the episode Spencer gets wasted and heavily makes out with another guy.

Ending: Mona answers Dr. Rollins secret burner phone, and hears Jenna Marshall on the other line saying Dr. Rollins real name: Archer.


PLL 7x4
PLL Season 7 episode 4, Dr Rollins is a fake identity.


Episode 7.05     “Along Comes Mary”


Why is Mary Drake bringing Alison home? (Welby would only release Alison to family.)

Why does Dr. Rollins have a secret apartment, and a fake head inside? (A secret apartment because he was hiding his identity.)

Does Jenna Marshall and Sara Harvey know each other? (We don’t think Sara has met Jenna before – but they both know of each other, and we think Jenna knows more about Sara.)

This episode plays the song “Little Sparrow” is that a clue? (We seriously think it is an “A” clue, click here to find out more.)

Does Aria say “yes” to Ezra’s proposal? (At first she says she needs to think about it, but eventually, YES!!!)


PLL 7x05 The Rollins Family
PLL season 7 episode 5, Mr. and Mrs. Rollins.



Episode 7.06     “Wanted: Dead or Alive”


When Sara Harvey comes into Jenna’s hotel room she says “I called him”, who is she referring to? (We think she is referring to AD.)

Why were Jenna and Charlotte friends? (Jenna says she reached out to her when she was in Welby, and that after Mona told Charlotte all about Jenna – Jenna felt like a celebrity.)

What was Sara trying to tell Emily before Jenna stopped her? (Sara follows Emily out of the hotel room and says “Do not come back here, I’m trying to keep you safe Emily.” “I’m not talking about Jenna, I’m talking about….”. We think Sara was about to tell Emily AD’s real name!!)

What does Alison’s wall say in red – towards the end of the episode? (Honey, I’m home.)

Who is wearing the mask dressed as a police officer? (AD – click here to find out who we think UBER A is!)

Is Archer (Dr. Rollins) still buried in the grave in the woods? (Yes. He is really dead.)

Ending: Sara Harvey is found dead.


PLL 7x06 Sara Harvey dead
PLL season 7 episode 6, Sara Harvey murdered.



Episode 7.07     “Original G’A’ngsters”


Why is Jason Dilaurentis back in Rosewood? (He does not trust Mary Drake, and worried about Alison now that he knows what is going on.)

When were Jason and Aria hooking up? (This episode reveals flashbacks from the 5 year jump that Aria and Jason were seeing each other sometime during that period.)

What’s in Ali’s Aunt Carol’s storm cellar? (Jessica’s “lair”.. a place she had secrets and info about Ali’s disappearance. Jessica knew Alison was alive and was looking for her while she was missing, she also had all of Mary’s medical history.)

What did the Liars find in Mary Drake’s medical history? (Mary had a second child that was the same age as the Liars but no gender disclosed. We later find out in 7×10 that child is Spencer Hastings.)

Is Ezra’s missing ex/girlfriend still alive? (Yes.)

Who torched the storm cellar? (Presumed A.D.)

Ending: The Liars are suddenly locked in Spencer’s car and a computer count down starts – the Liars think the car is going to blow up as their locked inside but instead Aunt Carol’s cellar blows up just outside and someone writes “I see you”, on the car window. We then see AD throwing away Noel’s file and lighting it on fire.


PLL 7x07
PLL Season 7 episode 7, Mary Drake with Alison and Jason.



Episode 7.08    “Exes and OMG’s”


Why is Alison going back to work so soon? (Archer=Elliott stole all her money.)

Does Emily get the swimming coach position at Rosewood high? (Em applies for the job and ends up seeing Paige applying for the same position.)

Why were all the kids in Alison’s class wearing black hoodies? (Class prank.)

Why is Alison puking? (They want us to think it’s stress but she is actually pregnant.)

Why does Mrs. Grunwald visit Hanna? (She had a dream that made her feel unsettled, and saw a darkness around Caleb and Hanna. She is worried about them. Mrs. Grunwald also tells Hanna that many people died at Radley while they were sitting in the Radley hotel lounge.)

Why are Aria and Spencer looking for Dr. Cochran? (He was Mary Drake’s doctor in Radley. Dr. Cochran say’s he delivered both Mary’s babies, first a boy (Charles/Charlotte) who went with Jessica, but he doesn’t remember what happened with the second child (who we later find out is Spencer).)

Why is Alison called into the Principal’s office while teaching a class? (To apologize for the students dressing up in hoodies the previous day and make sure she is okay teaching so soon after being in the mental hospital.)

Why does Hanna break her glass on the floor? (So Mrs. Grunwald could see more about Noel Kahn but she touches Hanna’s hand and sees her flashbacks from being tortured recently.)

Why does Alison break into the Principal’s office after hours? (She wanted to steal Noel Kahn’s old school file – when she opens it there is a note from ‘A’ warning her to stop looking.)

How does Aria react to Ezra waiting to see if the News says Nicole is alive? (Aria trades in her and Ezra’s tickets to Italy, for a ticket for just Ezra to go look for Nicole.)

Who does Hanna call saying “the deal is on”? (Mona.)

Does Ezra and Aria end up getting married? (TBD.)

Why is Hanna taping the windows up in the hotel she goes to? (She is going to kidnap Noel Kahn, and thinks he is ‘AD’, but Noel isn’t – although he seems to be on the A-Team.)

Ending: Spencer is looking through her family photo albums, and then we see Hanna taping up her motel windows all part of her plan to kidnap Noel. 


PLL Season 7 episode 8, Spencer and Aria go see Dr. Cochran.



Episode 7.09     “The Wrath of Kahn”


Where is Hanna? (She didn’t go to New York. She went to kidnap Noel Kahn hoping to end the game because Hanna wrongly thinks that Noel is AD. She wants to videotape him admitting everything.)

Does Aria find out anything when she goes to the Court? (She brings Jason to find info on Mary’s other baby and who adopted him/her. She finds out Noel Kahn’s dad was the Judge name on Mary Drake’s second child’s adoption letter.)

What did Noel throw away in the dumpster? (Sarah Harvey’s cell phone).

What is Hanna buying from the guy in the car? (Sleeping pills to try and put Noel Kahn out.)

Whose house is Emily and Spencer breaking into? (Noel Kahn’s cabin. They find a computer file with all the Liars names separately, and had photos of each Liar while in the dollhouse. It also proved Noel was at the dollhouse when he’s seen on video.)

Who is Hanna secretly meeting at the bar? (Noel Kahn. She messaged him saying she had Sarah Harvey’s cell phone, and not realizing he was meeting Hanna – agreed to meet.)

Did someone break into Spencer’s house during the storm? (Yes. Someone broke in to steal the flashdrive with pictures of the Dollhouse on it.)

Ending: Aria and Jason receive the court files for Mary Drakes second adoption, and then we see Noel being hit in the back of the head by Hanna – as she says, “It’s over bitch”. 


PLL 7x09
PLL Season 7 Episode 9, Hanna about to kidnap Noel Kahn.



Episode 7.10     “The DArkest Knight”


Why does Hanna cut Noel on the leg? (She uses his blood to check his DNA to find out if he is a Dilaurentis, but he is not a match – and definitely not Mary Drake’s son.)

Does Caleb want Hanna back? (Yes. He tells her they are meant for each other and doesn’t want to spend another day without her.)

Who is the father of Alison’s baby? (Ali announces she is pregnant – presumably by her husband Elliott/Archer, but we think when Emily’s eggs were stolen they were inserted into Alison while she was in Welby.)

Why did Alison kiss Emily? (Emily first thinks because she is vulnerable being alone and pregnant, but Alison loves Emily.)

Why doesn’t Ezra come home on time from Columbia? (Nicole is found after presumably being kidnapped previously, and Aria see’s them hugging on tv.)

Why does Spencer ask to kiss Toby? (Duh, she still loves him.)

What is at 1465 Elm Street? (The Liars are sent a text to go to that address to swap the thumbdrive for Hanna’s camera. The address leads to an old abandoned hospital for the blind, and Jenna is there waiting.)

Who is waiting for the Liars at the abandoned hospital? (Jenna and Noel hoping to kill the Liars. In the scuffle Noel Kahn dies, and someone shoots Spencer. Mary Drake is then seen going to hold Spencer in her arms.)

Why is Mary Drake at the abandoned hospital? (She is trying to protect her daughter, who is revealed to be Spencer.)

Is Spencer going to die? (No. She is alive and will be in the next season.)

Does Toby and Yvonne survive their car crash? (We assume A.D. set up Toby’s car crash, and we do think he will be okay – but not sure about Yvonne.)

Who takes Jenna away is an ambulance? (A.D. – who it seems even Jenna doesn’t know who AD really is.)

Ending: We see Toby and fiancee Yvonne got in a car crash, and then the scene cuts to Jenna asking, “Who are you”, “Did you shoot Spencer”? Then once she realizes who it is – she whispers frightened – “You’re A.D.”.

PLL Season 7 Episode 10, Season 7A finale episode. Spencer is shot.