Season 7b picks up only one week after the last finale. In the season 7a finale Spencer kisses Toby goodbye, Nicole is found alive in Columbia and seen kissing Ezra, and Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall lured the Liars to an abandoned school for the blind and attempts to murder the Liars – unsuccessfully! In the end Noel Kahn dies, Spencer is shot, and Jenna is kidnapped by A.D. 




PLL 7x11 Playtime

PLL Episode 7.11     “Playtime” 


Is Mary Drake really Spencer’s birth mother? Yes. Spencer’s father had relations with Mary Drake thinking she was Jessica.

Is Toby’s fiancee Yvonne alright? She is in a medically induced coma after the car crash.

Are Aria and Ezra still together? Yes, but Nicole drama may play out this season.

Is Mona helping Hanna or scamming her? TBD.

Who shot Spencer in the last episode? TBD – but it looks as though it was not Jenna. The Rosewood PD confirms Jenna’s gun was not the gun that shot Spencer.

Where is Jenna Marshall and Mary Drake? Rosewood PD confirms both are missing. Jenna was taken by A.D, but we do not yet know where Mary Drake disappeared to.

Why is Paige at Rosewood High? Emily is appointed coach of the varsity swimming team and Paige is made an athletics supervisor at Rosewood high.

What is inside A.D.’s new present to the Liars? An interactive board game by Uber A which shows the area of notable places of rosewood and figurines of the liars.

Why did Spencer play the game without the Liars? Spencer is still in shock about her birth mother.

What is Spencer’s reward for playing the game? Spencer gets a puzzle piece and a letter from Mary.

Why do the Liars keep the game? A.D. knows they killed Dr. Rollins.

Ending: A.D. has Jenna in a dark room without her glasses. She’s drinking a cup of tea and asks Uber A for the game where they chuck a notepad on her lap with holes, where Jenna mutters “end game”.



PLL 7x12


PLL Episode 7.12     “These Boots Were Made for Stalking”


Is student Addison against the Liars? She definitely seems like a trouble starter, and has it out for new Coach Emily. (It has been rumoured that Addison may get a spin-off series.)

Why doesn’t Hanna want Mona to take dresses from her closet for Hanna’s new client? Because some of the dresses arn’t completely Hanna’s – some dresses she designed while still working for her old boss, Claudia.

Why does Addison go to Paige with false claims about Emily? Because she is trying to set Emily up – possibly because she got in trouble by Emily while on swim team.

Why does Jenna turn herself into the Police? She is pretending that everything that happened at the hospital for the blind was Noel’s plan, and that Noel wanted to kill her also. She is lying, and most likely helping A.D.

How did Jenna get the white dress that’s the same as Hanna’s dress design? Most likely from A.D. but it is possible that Hanna’s old boss Claudia ended up using the design while Hanna worked for her.

Who locked Hanna in the shoe repair shop? Most likely A.D. – although she was lead by Jenna.

Why did Emily receive a puzzle piece in an envelope? It’s all a part of the game. A.D. will give them puzzle pieces until they have a full picture (most likely of a map).

Ending: The Liars receive a puzzle piece for the game and realize A.D. is giving them a map.




PLL Episode 7.13     “Hold Your Piece”

PLL Episode 7.14     “Power Play”

PLL Episode 7.15     “In the Eye Abides the Heart”

PLL Episode 7.16     “The Glove that Rocks the Cradle”

PLL Episode 7.17      “Driving Miss Crazy”

PLL Episode 7.18     “Choose or Lose”

PLL Episode 7.19     “Farewell, My Lovely”

PLL Episode 7.20     “Till DeAth Do Us Part”