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Pretty Little Liars Season 6B features #BIGBAD = UberA as the Liars main fear of the season, but is this BigBad a new fear, or has it been the original puppet master all along? The Liars have determined that there are currently 2 people they need to fear, and this page will follow all suspicious activity for Season 6b.  I. Marlene King said that “BigBad” is a man who is possibly related to one of the 5 girls. It is rumored that the new “Big Bad” is seeking revenge after Charlotte’s death (meaning we’re looking for BigBad, and Charlotte’s killer). We should know who this person is by the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 7.


PLL Season 6b UberA Messages
Pretty Little Liars Season 6b – BigBad’s Messages to the Liars


6×11 – The time jump kicks off with the girls just coming home to Rosewood after being “A” free for 5 whole years. In episode “Of Late I Think of Rosewood” Charlotte Dilaurentis is released from the hospital into her sister Alison’s care, but that night she is found murdered, and the Liars are asked to stay in town during the investigation. We know that Charlotte was thrown from the Bell Tower, and was found with purple roses petals in her hand (seen below). Looks like the same rose petals from Alison’s house where she was before her death. Both Alison and Dr. Rollins were at her house that day. Is this a clue?

6x11 Charlotte Roses Clue


6×12 – I believe we first get a glimpse of the new “Big Bad” at the end of the episode after Charlotte’s funeral in “Charlotte’s Web”. It looks to be a man leaving a grave (presumably Charlotte’s) to get into a black car, and the driver says, “Sorry for your loss, sir”.


PLL 6x12 BigBad's car



“You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.” – BigBad 6.13


6×13 – In “The Gloves Are On” we see the first text from “Big Bad”. He text’s Aria saying, “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.” Also, at the end of this episode we see a lair with a record player and the famous Alison mask. “Big bad” cuts open a container of A’s signature black hoodie’s and trashes them, but not before going on the internet and searching “uniforms”. (Hmmm… I wonder what the new BigBad will wear? Any ideas?)


PLL Season 6b


“I found what they’re looking for [golf club]. Tell me who it belongs to.”
– Bigbad to all the Liars 6.14


Pretty Little Clues


“I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight.”
– BigBad to Spencer 6.14


6×14 – In “New Guys, New Lies” we see a hotel bell-hop dressed as an older man with glasses (who had previously been watching Emily from a window #creepy) is seen getting into a black car and takes off the glasses and the “old man” mask. Is this the new “Big Bad”, or is it just a decoy. It sure does look like someone small doesn’t it?


PLL Season 6 Bell Hop Mask
PLL Season 6 Episode 14


“Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.”
– BigBad to Emily 6.15


6×15 – In “Do Not Disturb” Emily goes to the hospital to have her eggs removed, but while Emily is under medication she freaks out and possibly see’s Sara Harvey coming into her room dressed as a nurse. Alison say’s she was right outside the whole time, but BigBad keeps threatening that he has Emily’s eggs.


PLL 6x15


“Leave my present in the alley off of 7th and Cook. Brown trash can.”
– BigBad to Hanna 6.15


6×15 – Below Hanna is shown dropping off the fake security drive for BigBad after he threatens that he must have it. When Hanna is walking away we see the mysterious black car pull up that we know has been following the Liars in the past few episodes but Hanna does not notice. Later, we see BigBad insert the drive into his computer, we find out Caleb tricked him and gave his computer a virus! Caleb: 1. BigBad: 0.


PLL 6x15 BigBad Clues


-BigBad to Hanna 6.16


6×16 – In “Where Somebody Waits For Me” we see Team Sparia at The Radley investigating “The Whole” in Sara Harvey’s closet in her hotel room, which just happens to be the same exact room Charlotte would of stayed in when it was still the Radley Sanitarium vs The Radley Hotel.


PLL 6x16 Sparia at The Radley



“Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your house that night?  I do.”
– BigBad to Ali 6.17


6×17 – In “We’ve All Got Baggage” we see a masked person disguised as a Radley Hotel maid enter Sara Harvey’s room after she left. Is this Sara Harvey disguised? Is Sara Harvey working for Uber A?




“You need to start talking before our baby does.”
– BigBad to Emily 6.17


PLL 6x17 Mask



6×19 – In “Did You Miss Me”,  Alison is sent to the hospital after falling down the stairs. Did Alison’s new husband Dr. Rollins push her? She receives dozens of sets of flowers mostly from her him, but among the flowers is the same shade of purple roses that we originally saw Charlotte holding, and a note presumably from “BigBad” showing how he’s knocking the Liars off his list one by one! Is Elliott Rollins the clue we’re looking for?


PLL 6x19




6×20 – In “Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars” Hanna is kidnapped by Uber A who leaves the initials A.D. We find out Jessica Dilaurentis had a twin sister named Mary Drake who is Charlotte’s birth mother, and Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins are working together. We do not think Mary or Dr. Rollins are Uber A, but we do think they are working for Uber A. We also find out Dr. Rollins is in love with Charlotte and only married Alison to get control of the Carissimi money that was left to her after Charlotte’s murder.


What we found out in the PLL Season 6b finale: 

  • Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin sister, Mary Drake.
  • Mary Drake is Charlotte Dilaurentis’ (Cece Drake) birth mother.
  • Mary Drake was in Radley when she had Charles/Charlotte.
  • Jessica & Kenneth Dilaurentis adopted Charles/Charlotte.
  • Dr. Elliot Rollins is in love with Charlotte.
  • Alison’s husband, Dr. Rollins, is most likely drugging her.
  • Alison checked herself into Dr. Rollins hospital thinking she’s crazy.
  • Mary Drake and Dr. Rollins want the money that Alison inherited.
  • Mary Drake wants revenge for Charlotte’s death.
  • Hanna wrongly confessed to Charlotte’s murder.
  • Hanna was kidnapped by Uber A, leaving the initials A.D.
  • The initials A.D. belong to Uber A.


Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. – A.D. to the Liars


PLL Uber A


Now we haven’t seen Wren Kingston since season 4. He just so happened to go back to London when Alison comes home, which is also around the same time Mrs. D was murdered. We think Wren may have killed Jessica Dilaurentis, and that he and Charlotte were previously working together until Charlotte decided to change the game, and got sent away. We believe Wren is the puppet master, and in the end possibly got Mona and Charlotte to do things that he wanted, without letting them realize it was his game all along. Do you want to see our complete list of Wren Kingston clues


pll wren calling cece? S4E11
S4E11 – After Hanna asks Wren about Cece he makes a suspicious call and says, “We have a problem. You take care of your end, and i’ll take care of mine.”



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We are so excited about the 5 year time jump, and can’t wait for all the new secrets and mystery! What do YOU guys think of  “Big Bad”? What do you think of the mysterious masked bell hop? Do you really think Ezra could of killed Charlotte as the show is making it seem, or do you think that is just their usual decoy to confuse us? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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