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Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars Pilot (1×1) Alison Dilaurentis “STILL MISSING”


Rosewood Observer: “What really happened?” The newspaper’s theory is that Ian skipped town. (2×1)


PLL 2x12 Mrs Sullivan
Aria gets a text of a picture of Dr. Sullivan holding the day’s copy of The Rosewood Observer and a note from “A” that says “She’s still alive.” (2×12)


PLL 2x22 Maya Missing
Maya’s photo appears on the front page of the Rosewood Observer with the caption “MISSING GIRL”. (2×22)


PLL 2x23
Hanna finds a newspaper dated August filled with advertisements for events Labor Day weekend. An event in Rosewood is circled in red ink – a concert at the gazebo. (2×23)


Alison in Brookhaven
Rosewood Observer –  (2×23) By reading old newspapers the Liars realized Alison had corresponded with “A” in the classifieds for almost a month during the summer she disappeared.


PLL 2x25
In the Season 2 finale we see Mona’s lair, including these old Rosewood Observer pages about Alison Dilaurentis. (2×24)


PLL Season 3
In Season 3 episode 1 the body in Alison’s grave is dug up, and stolen.



PLL 3x6
In the last scene, we see “A” eating a bowl of ice-cream, reading the news about the dismissal of charges in the DiLaurentis murder case. “A” then circles an ad “Rooms for Rent” in the Classified section, and proceeds to call the number on the ad. (3×6)


PLL Garrett Free 3x12
Garrett Reynolds is set free in Season 3, episode 12, and no longer a suspect in Alison’s murder.


PLL Detective Wilden
Rosewood Observer: Local Detective Slain (4×1)


Alison’s murder trial starts for the alleged murder of Mona Vanderwaal (5×23)



Hello Dolls! What did you think of all the Rosewood Observer newspaper articles? Find any Pretty Little Liars clues? Do you know of any newpaper clippings that we may have missed? Let us know by commenting below!




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