PLL Who is A?

PLL: Who is “A”?

Updated: August 13, 2015 – Updated after the Charles “A” reveal!


Pretty Little Liars Answers


The first and original “A” is Mona Vanderwaal.

Mona (played by Janel Parrish) was harassing Alison before her disappearance. Mona threatened to kill Alison the night of her disappearance but when Mona got to Alison’s house she ended up hitting a girl named Bethany Young who looked similar while dressed in Alison’s clothes. She thought she had killed Alison, until later that night when she see’s Alison walking on the side of the road covered in dirt. She picks Alison up, takes her to the Lost Resort Inn and convinces Alison to fake her death and run away in fear of “A”. One year after Alison’s disappearance a body is found and Mona starts harassing again, but this time chooses Alison’s four best friends: Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. In the #PLL episode “unmAsked” (S2E25) we find out Mona is “A”. After, she is sent to Radley Sanitarium for psychological evaluation and treatment. While in Radley, Charlotte Dilaurentis steals the game from Mona by having her tell her everything she had done, and all about the girls while Mona was all drugged up. Charlotte stops visiting Mona once they start to ween her off her medication to ensure Mona doesn’t know her identity. Mona officially stopped working for A by the beginning of Season 4 when “Big A” turns against Mona and steals her lair.


PLL Who is A?
Mona Vanderwaal is “A”


The second “A” also known as “Big A” is Charlotte Dilaurentis.

Here is an article from Alloy Entertainment: 15 Reasons CeCe Drake is Big A on Pretty Little Liarswhich came out February 6, 2015 months before the #BigAreveal we all awaited. Definitely a great read pointing out all the reasons Cece is “Big A”. Charlotte Dilaurentis was born as Charles Dilaurentis and we first knew her as Cece Drake (played by Vanessa Ray). Charlotte is Alison’s oldest sibling that was sent away as a child, while Jason and Alison were brainwashed to forget by their parents. In the #PLL episode “Game Over, Charles” (S6E10) we find out Cece Drake = Charlotte Dilaurentis is “Big A”. After, she is sent to a different hospital, and tried to become a normal person again while accepting visits from her brother and sister. The series immediately jumps 5 years forward and Charlotte is found murdered (S6E11) after only being released from the hospital that same day.


Cece Drake is BigA and Charlotte Dilaurentis
Charlotte Dilaurentis is “Big A”


The third “A” which is currently being called #BigBad and #UberA is not yet revealed.

The name BigBad was introduced in Season 6b after the 5 year time jump. The first text we see from the new #BigBad is sent to Aria Montgomery (S6E13). The new “A” is rumored to be after the girls for the revenge of Charlotte’s death. This time around the BigBad will be a man instead of a woman like previously, and it most likely will be someone we already know from the series. We should know who the BigBad is by the end of Season 7!

We think #UberA is Wren Kingston, check our clues here!


PLL 5 years forward
First text from the new #BigBad



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