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Wren Kingston “A” Clues

Updated: May 15, 2016 (After PLL Season 6b finale)


Yes, we are another group of Wren is “Uber A” believers! #PLLtheory


We started our list of information on Wren after watching Pretty Little Liars Season 3 episode 1 when Wren was revealed to be working at Radley Sanitarium, which made us incredibly suspicious. This is a full list of information pertaining to Pretty Little Liars character Wren Kingston. This page is updated whenever a new clue or something important is revealed about Wren.



Season 1 Wren Clues

PLL Wren Kingston Season 1


We meet Wren in Season 1 he is a medical student from London and Melissa Hasting’s current fiance, but it doesn’t last long because he comes on to her younger sister Spencer, they end up kissing, and Melissa kicks him out. Sometime after, Wren tells Spencer he thinks he may of fallen for the wrong sister. He comes on to her a few more times through out the season and even shows up at her house drunk but nothing much ends up happening rather than a few kisses.


PLL Wren Kingston and Spencer


S1E1 – Spencer receives a message from “A” referencing Wren and Ian. Wren was in the pilot, and it’s highly likely that Uber A was in the pilot. Ian died off pretty fast, and we saw his body very dead so that leaves Wren as a huge suspect.


S1E4 – Spencer blocks all of the Liars phones from text messages, and that night Wren shows up to her house drunk and breaks in complaining that he was unable to get a hold of her. The Liars end up turning their phone’s back on, allowing A to continue the harassment.


“None of us are perfect, we all come with baggage.” -Wren


PLL 1x6
S1E6 – In this episode we see Spencer and her prom date stop to get their tarot cards read. If you listen to the reading the tarot card reader is warning of a man, who we believe is Wren. The only people Spencer we’re coupling with at this point is the kid from the Tennis Court, and Wren Kingston.
Season 1 tells us a few things about Wren including he cheats in relationships, he drinks in almost all of the episodes he appears in this season, and he likes younger girls.

Could Wren be the person who had a pregnancy scare with Ali before her disappearance?



Season 2 Wren Clues

pll wren clues
S2E3 & S2E4 – We see Wren once again, Melissa asks him for help since he is a medical assistant, and he agrees to give her pain medication for a possibly hurt Ian. In the next episode Wren takes Melissa to meet Ian but they find him dead.


pll a message wren kingston


S2E4Dr. Sullivan finds this “A” message on her wall. In America we spell “nosy”, but the british spell it “nosey”, and Wren is from London. Possible Wren clue.


pll wren clues


S2E8 – Wren tells Spencer he noticed Emily was as the hospital with an ulcer, and later checks up on her in the hospital to tell her she has HGH in her system. We find out “A” put HGH into Emily’s lotion. (Seems like Wren would have easy access to this doesn’t it?)



pll wren clues


S2E17 – Throughout Season 2 Wren continues making small advances towards Spencer, but she reminds him she’s dating Toby. In 2×17 “A” threatens Spencer and Toby’s relationship, and he breaks his arm. When he goes to the hospital Wren just happens to be his attending physician, and he makes it obvious that he and Spencer have a history in front of Toby. Seeing that Toby is now hurt Spencer feels guilty, and while believing “A’s” threats breaks up with Toby to try and protect him. In 2×21 Wren walks into the cafe where Spencer is waiting and Spencer ends up at Wren’s apartment and they drunkenly make out. (Interesting how Wren ends up getting his way after “A” forces Spencer to break up with Toby.)




Season 3 Wren Clues

pll wren kingston clues


S3E1 – We find out Wren is working at Radley Sanitariuum. Now, remember that we found out Mona is “A” in the season 2 finale, and she was then sent to Radley. Wren also mentions to Hanna that his father was also in a mental institution. (I’d say it’s pretty weird that Wren starts working there once Mona the original “A” has to go there for treatment. Also this comment is huge, we know a lot of the PLL story is based around Radley which is a mental institute, and now we know Wren has family history of mental illness.)


Is A Wren in PLL
S3E3 –  Here we see “A” pouring a Vodka Soda. In an earlier episode 1×02, Wren ordered a vodka soda while out for dinner with Melissa, Spencer, and their father.


S3E8 – Wren tells Hanna that the hospital board is planning on moving Mona away so he asks Hanna to speak with them and help Mona stay. Afterwards, Wren lets Hanna know Mona gets to stay and they end up sharing a kiss. In 3×10 Wren asks Hanna out but she declines. (Why was Wren so worried if Mona stayed at Radley or not? Also, why is Wren now coming on to his second underage girl, and Spencer’s friend? Seems like he wants to stay close to the girls!)


pll season 3 clues - A


S3E10 – We see “A” watching the news, and next to them is a remote control on top of a cardboard box with the word “Hopkins” hand-written on top. Wren is a doctor, and most likely Hopkins is a clue that stands for the Hopkins medical institution.


S3E19Wren comes to talk with Spencer and tells her Mona called him, and that he is concerned with her state of mind which fuels Spencer to go with him for a drive.


PLL Spencer Sauna
S3E20 – Wren tells Spencer, “I think that part of me hoped that, with Toby out of the picture, I finally stood a chance.” They end up making out, and afterwards she see’s “Red Coat” on the street following her but she was unable to see who it was. Later, “A” locks Spencer in the steam room. The error code “307320” on Spencer’s sauna might be a huge clue. Season 3 episode 7 is the first time Cece Drake is introduced “307”, and 3:20 is the exact time into the episode that Cece appears.  This “A” (assuming Cece) leaves a note saying, “Steamy with Wren Steamy with Me -A”.  (Is Cece connected to Wren in some way, and after seeing him make out with Spencer on the street, now punishing her?)


S3E20 – Also, in 3×20 we see “A” looking over Emily’s x-ray, showing possible medical knowledge. (Who would know how to read an x-ray out of the characters on the show? Wren, the medical assistant of course!)


pll eddie lamb wren kingston clues


S3E22 & S3E23Radley employee Eddie Lamb tells Spencer that Wren isn’t trustworthy, and that someone on the staff had been attached to an issue with the badges, which we later find out is Wren Kingston. Eddie also said he always thought Wren was there for the wrong reasons, and he has a bad gut feeling about Wren since the moment he came to Radley.


pll wren kingston clues


S3E23 – Spencer finds a Cece Drake badge that Mona had hidden. The badge says, authorized by: Dr. Wren Kingston. (Why is Wren working at Radley, and what’s the real reason he’s making exceptions for Cece Drake??)


pll wren clues radley


S3E23 – “I’m your Puppet” –  Spencer has a breakdown after she thinks she sees Toby’s dead body and ends up in Radley. Wren visits her. Later Spencer follows Mona’s map to an abandoned wing of the asylum, and Wren shows up when she’s going through the items that Mona hid in a rocking horse. He admits to issuing a visitor pass to Cece Drake to see Mona, even though she wasn’t allowed visitors. He tells her that Cece had gotten kicked out of her university because of a stunt Ali had pulled at a frat party and she desperately wanted to talk to Mona. He also states that Melissa was the one who told Cece about Mona being in Radley. (We think he said these things to confuse Spencer, and cover his tracks so she would suspect Cece and not him).



Season 4 Wren Clues

pll mona and wren


S4E10 – Wren is with Mona at Radley and asks her how she “feels” about the farm photo he shows her, which looks like the photo of Jessica Dilaurentis with Charles that we later see in Season 6a. They talk about the liars and Wilden for a moment then lead into this conversation about trust. (This has still never been explained on Pretty Little Liars, and seems extremely suspicious.)


PLL Wren 4x10


S4E10 – At the end of the episode Wren is shown coloring an image of a family farm #Creepy … Does Wren know about Red Coat? Why did Wren show Mona this picture? How is Wren attached to everything? Did Wren know Cece was Red Coat? (Update: In Season 6A we see an image of the Dilaurentis family almost identical to this drawing. We definitely think Wren knew the complete truth of who Cece Drake was.)


pll wren calling cece?

– Right after Hanna asks Wren about Cece he makes a strange call to an unknown person and sounds incredibly guilty about something. He tells the person, “We have a problem. You take care of your end, and ill take care of mine.” (We think he was calling Cece.)


pll cece and wren

– Cece is calling an unknown person asking where they are and sounds frantic, then in the same episode we find out Wren went home to London. (Why would Wren leave his job suddenly?)


pll shana at wrens house
S4E11 – After Wren leaves to London we see Shana searching his house. (Did Shana know something about Wren?)

We find out Alison is alive, and  in the previous episode Wren supposably rushed back to London for an unknown reason. (Pretty suspicious that Wren has not been back on PLL since Alison’s return! What is Wren running, or hiding from?)

S4E18 –
Someone leaves a note for Shana reading, “You’re now leaving Rosewood. Don’t come back again.” Looks like “A” wants to get rid of Shana fast. (Is this because she was searching Wren’s house recently? Is she getting to close to the truth?)


PLL Season 4 Finale


S4E24 – Jessica Dilaurentis is murdered right before her daughter Alison turns herself into the Rosewood Police. (This question has yet to be answered, but we think Wren is the most likely killer.)



Season 5 Wren Clues


S5E25 – The “Love Thy Neighbor” photo in the dollhouse room, is very similar to the photo we saw at Wren’s flat when Spencer stayed the night previously. Both photos below:


PLL Charles Dilaurentis
Season 5 Episode 25 – Welcome to the Dollhouse



PLL Wren Kingston
Wren Kingston’s apartment. Love Thy Neighbor.


PLL 5x25 Campbells Farm
Campbell Farm – Another “bird” clue? #WrenKingston 5×25



I. Marlene King tweet from March 2015 with an image of young Charles holding an apple, “One more from the finale. An apple a day does not keep A away.This goes back to the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Which of course makes everyone think of the only doctor we know on the show being Wren Kingston.


I.Marlene King tweet from May 2015 (right before Season 6 started) this clue: “Hush little baby don’t say a word. Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.” This song lyric is an anagram for, “Wren Kingston is A”, and “Charles Kingston”, although there are a few letters left over. Also, Wren is a type of bird, so mockingbird can be referring to Wren! Charles Kingston could be a clue that Charlotte is in love with Wren.



Season 6 Wren Clues


PLL Sara Harvey BirdCage Wren Clue
S6E5 – Sara and Emily both get tattoo’s. Sara gets a tattoo of a bird cage showing a bird being set free, symbolic of her release from the Dollhouse. It sure does seem like we see a lot of bird references or clues, could this be a Wren clue?


S6E17 – Melissa has a flashback to when she was in London and Wren had just dumped her after speaking with Charlotte on the phone (video below). Melissa was upset Charlotte would even be able to call him from the hospital she was in.
PLL 6b Melissa Hastings


S6E20 – Wren and Allison’s secretly evil husband Elliott Rollins are both British, and possibly related.


S6E20 – Now that we know Jessica Dilaurentis has a twin sister Mary, it is possible that Wren was drawing Mary in this farm image instead of Jessica… What do you think, #PLLarmy?


PLL Wren 4x10



Season 6 Wren Clues


S7E5 – There is a song that is played, “Little Sparrow” feat. Andrea Parker by the Pretty Little Liars Cast. We think they played this song for the bird reference – Wren is a bird, and the song is called Little Sparrow.





Pretty Little Liars Episodes featuring Wren:


Season 1 – Pilot – The Jenna Thing – To Kill a Mocking Girl – Can You Hear Me Now?


Season 2 – My Name Is Trouble – Blind Dates – Save the Date – Over My Dead Body – The Blond Leading the Blind – Breaking the Code – Eye of the Beholder


Season 3 – It Happened ‘That Night’ – Blood Is The New Black – Birds of a Feather – Stolen Kisses – What Lies Beneath – What Becomes of the BrokenHearted – Hot Water – I’m Your Puppet


Season 4  – The Mirror Has Three Faces (Once Alison comes back to Rosewood Wren disappears, and has not been on an actual episode of PLL again, yet!)



Hello Dolls! What do you think of the Wren Kingston theory? Do you have any Wren clues to add to our list? Are you on the same track, or do you have a different theory or guess? Let us know by commenting below!



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  1. So in season 2 ep.4 Wren is wearing a khaki or greenish (can’t tell 100% in the dark) jacket. Then, at the end of season 6 ep. 16, Uber A is cleaning the weird electroshock machine and the sleeves of the jacket look like they could be the same.

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